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 Mist being stolen from the infirmary

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Mist being stolen from the infirmary Empty
PostSubject: Mist being stolen from the infirmary   Mist being stolen from the infirmary Icon_minitimeMon Nov 30, 2015 1:41 pm

Lavender Snow was wandering to the infirmary with a small frown on her muzzle. She'd herd about an incident... and wanted to come here and confirm it herself! Something about Luna, a book, and the 'daemon'... The thought of that creature made her fur brustle and she wanted to skewer something! But she was trying to be nice! She wasn't a merc anymore, right?! Her hooves were fairly quiet on the stone floor as she walked along. Probably one of the most stealthy guards unintentionally. With a sigh she came to a stop at the infirmary door and pushed it open, stepping in and looking for her pegasus friend!

Mist Feather was laying in one of the further infirmary beds, staring at the ceiling as the early evening brought in the sounds of a Canterlot nightlife starting up, her headaches had become less by now and her eyes were no longer bloodshot, she however did not hear the unicorn mare enter the infirmary.

Lavender Snow caught sight of Mist and had to repress a bit of a wince as she saw her staring up at the infirmary ceiling. Oh Heart that had to be boooooring! She walked down the rows of beds until she came to Mists and offered a smile. "So how is my favorite pegasus doing?" she asked in a cheerful tone of voice. She didn't want to come in appearing angry, the pegasus looked to be in somewhat bad enough shape!

Mist Feather perked her ears at the sound of her roommate's voice and turned her head to look at the Unicorn. "Like I've been hit in the head by an ursa major, and how are you my dear unicorn?" smiling at her even if she knew that Lavender had undoubtly heard the news and would chew her out in not too long a time.

Lavender Snow sat at Mist's bedside and nodded. "I imagine so... Dark books can be rather... ah... volatile perhaps?" She knew that from experience. Enchanted books can be really, really problematic! "I suppose everypony under the sun has already been by to repremand you already, no?" sh'd ask with a curious expression. "Mind if I ask what happened? All I know is hear-say..."

Mist Feather flicked her ears back and pondered a moment, then sighed and decided she wouldn't lie to Lavender.. never to this unicorn. "Through trickery I got my hooves on a book called the knights of the moon, it grants a pegasus the knowledge of slaying any living being at the cost of a constant drain on your health, I tried to kill Discord with it since I'm deathly afraid of him, but princess Luna convinced me to give up, then the backlash hit me and I ended up here, memories of the tome still haunting me."

Lavender Snow whistled as she heard the title of the book. She knew several ponies that would kill for the book the pegasus had in her hooves ever so briefly! The knowledge to slay any living being? It was useful in deposing tyrants, and slaying immortals like the 'daemon'. Of course there was the issue that the same book could be turned upon those far more kind like the princesses and the innocent... The book was a double-edged sword. "I'm... glad you are okay. Books like that are usually very difficult to resist.. The magic in them influences a pony." she leaned down and gave Mist a nudge.

Mist Feather cringed as she was nudged but then blinked. "Wait.. aren't you mad at me Lavender? I thought you would be livid.." then nudged her back lovingly before she could decide to still be angry at her in hindsight, laying back in the infirmary bed as she still felt a light sting in her cranium, not surprising ofcourse.

Lavender Snow raised an eyebrow. "I...was mad, but then I asked myself. What was I angry for? I doubt you wanted the book for any ill intentions. Knowing you, you probably wanted it to try to protect everyone. I'm fairly sure I'm right... How could I get mad at you for that? Other ponies do far worse for the sake of power, and for far less noble causes. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't think things through more. I mean, what if the damned thing drained you dry? Even still, I won't hold it against you. I come from a dark lineage in what could be thought of as ancient times to the civilized world, Mist... magic is simply magic to me. I don't care about these... modern labels. I do wish I would have got a chance to see the book though."

Mist Feather nodded lightly rolling onto her side to get more comfortable. "Princess Luna took the book away to the palace and probably has it under lock and key now Dear, I don't know if you'll get a chance to look at it, but I'm happy you came to see me, are you managing it alone in our home?" she looked at the crystal unicorn with a warm gaze though her eyes lidded some with the mild pain still present.

Lavender Snow sat back and hummed. "Too quiet..It is dreadfully dull to go through the Everfree patrol as a recruit alone... I mean, nothing happens?! I suppose that is somewhat of a good thing though since it means that the creatures ae staying away." The 'merecenary' looked down at Mist and sighed some. "So what has the doc' said? I mean, how long until you are free to be out of this dull old place!? I'd go mad holed up in here."

Mist Feather smiled leaning up to nose her. "Aw is somepony missing me?" she would tease the unicorn as she glanced at her and thought a second. "Technically spoken I am allowed to leave the infirmary today if I take it easy, the nurse said I need a lot of water and food to replenish my energy though."

Lavender Snow perks up, pointedly ignoring the quip since it was probably rather obvious! But then Mist said she might be able to go home today! "Oh really? Wonderful! I could take you home then and I wouldn't be by myself anymore! The crystal unicorn was eccstatic by that idea! The merc headquarters had always been busy; it was unnerving to be in silence. It made her feel uneasy and isolated. Like when on an assassination job...

Mist Feather snorted playfully as the unicorn totally ignored her quip and sat up a little, pouting cutely at the crystal mare. "Wow nice save there Lavender, for a second I thought you didn't love me at all ignoring my teasing like that." then smiled as she brought her hooves around Lavender's neck for some stability as she tried to climb out of bed, wings flapping meekly.

Lavender Snow raised an eyebrow and gave a somewhat 'wicked' but playful grin. "What, and lose my favorite subjct to tease? For shame!" she stuck her tongue out playfully and let Mist wrap her hooves around her neck for stability climbing out of bed. Deciding to err on the side of caution the crystal unicorn simply decided to levitate Mist out of the bed so that she didn't inadvertantly hurt herself somehow.

Mist Feather bleated softly at the sudden levitation but didn't struggle, setting her hooves down the moment she touched the ground and smiled at the helpful crystal unicorn. "Thank you dear you startled me a little there, I hadn't expected you to levitate me like that."

Lavender Snow smiled and bowed her head. "It makes things easier on you. I'm pretty sure you're all drugged up still." the crystal mare chuckles some and stepped back. They'd likely just be taking the train back. Lavender was going to need to buy another ticket to Ponyville for Mist so she could ride along with her.

Mist Feather flapped her wings trying to hover but failed miserably practically crashing right down as she wheezed. "Alrighty flying is not an option yet." stupid wings why aren't you cooperating? it's the head that's damaged not you girls, staggering some as she leaned into Lavender.

Lavender Snow managed to hold back the quiet laugh that threatned to spill forth. "It seems so." the crystal uncorn leaned to nuzzle Mist and then sihifted so that the pegasus would have an easier time leaning against her side. "Shall we go?" And with that, unless they were stopped, she'd make every attempt to sneak from the infirmary with Mist in tow!

Mist Feather snuck out with Lavender not being as stealthy as the Unicorn with her wobbling and all, leaning against her for added support as she guessed that she would follow the crystal pony to the Canterlot station to get herself a ticket.

Lavender Snow was quite happy to sneak Mist out of the dull purgatory that was an infirmary! She walked as fast or as slow as the pegasus needed since it was all about not letting Mist topple over. Soon eough they were out and on the streets.... And unless stopped they'd make it to the station as well! Once there Lavender was more than happy to buy a ticket while Mist wobbled nearby. The train wasn't due for a small while yet, but the two fo them had time to wait.

Mist Feather smiled and let Lavender buy the ticket without complaining about it, sitting on a nearby bench as she flicked her wings a few times, giving the unicorn a grateful look in the knowledge that her companion did indeed care about her.

Lavender Snow made her way to the bench and joined Mist to wait for the train once she slid the small bag of bits she carried back into her armor for safe keeping! "I wonder if they'll notice you snuck out." she grins some, imagination running amok!

Mist Feather nodded thinking they would discover her missing at the first following meal or cleaning of her bedsheets, then again technically she was allowed to leave as is so all might just be well. "I think they'll discover that soon enough Lavender."

Lavender Snow nods and lets out a bit of a yawn. It was true that she was probably more than able to leave, but it still let her think in mischevious ways! In any case, time passed and eventually the train slid into station letting ponies on board slip off and those at the station begin to board for the trip back.

Mist Feather boarded the train with Lavender now eager to get home with her and relax more in the safety of her own bed or on her trusty old sofa, for now she would lean back in a passenger seat and take a small nap on the trip back to Ponyville, still tiring quite easily.

Lavender Snow hopped up onto the seat in the compartment and yawned again. She glanced to Mist whom had leaned back in a seat to take a small nap. The merc flicked an ear and stared out the window to watch the countryside eventually start to pass by. The trip to Ponyville thankfully wasn't long, but she was dozing by the time they arrived! Jolted to conciousness by the movement of ponies outside the compartment Laventer yawned. "Oh, we're here." she nudged Mist if she hadn't already 'woke' if she'd fell asleep."

Mist Feather woke with a small start and muffled yelp, but recovered quickly as she got up to get off the train with Lavender, looking around a moment to see if she saw anypony she knew, seeing none she started to make way for home waiting now and then to stay near the crystal unicorn.

Lavender Snow hopped off of the chair and flicked an ear as she looked back and foth in the empty copartment hall. Most ponies had made their way out and some were making their way on. She led the way off of the train, helping Mist whenever need be! Thus the duo were on their way home, and eventually they arrived. Lavender got the door open, let Mist in, and then closed the door up.

Mist Feather let out a soft sigh and made her way to the sofa with a smile, flopping onto the old yet cozy thing nuzzling into it's fabric, then went wide eyed. "Oh sweet Luna was mr Bubbles fed?" yep barely home and the pegasus was already worried about her fish.

Lavender Snow couldn't help but laugh that the first place Mist went was to crash on the sofa. Then again Lavender couldn't really blame her; the sofa was quite comfortable! "I figured out how to feed him, yes. I never had to take care of a fish before, but I managed to figure it out." she smiled somewhat proud of herself.

Mist Feather breathed a sigh of relief and smiled warmly at the crystal unicorn. "Oh thank you Lavender I'm in your debt for taking care of my poor fish." she cared a lot for her fish and the few plants she had, beckoning Lavender over with her wing to recline on the sofa as well.

Lavender Snow dips her head. "I just did what I could... Wouldn't be nice of me to let your fish starve. I've watched you feed him once before so I was thankfully able to imitate what you did. I think his water may need cleaning soon though." The crystal unicorn walked over to the couch and hopped up next to mist, settling down.

Mist Feather smiled and nestled against the crystal unicorn. laying her head against the mare's chest as she relaxed and closed her eyes, the makeshift unicorn pillow a lot to her liking.

Lavender Snow chuckled some and yawned, resting her head down on her forelegs. She had Mist back home, so all was well in the world once again. No more having to deal with an empty house when there should be another there!

Mist Feather rested against Lavender and had dozed off in the warm safety of her home and unicorn pillow, sleep would surely aid in a quicker recovery for the pegasus mare.

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Mist being stolen from the infirmary
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