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 In a Canterlot Café

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PostSubject: In a Canterlot Café   In a Canterlot Café Icon_minitimeSun Nov 29, 2015 4:55 pm

Azure Rain sat in the cafe that she and Luna often frequented, sipping slowly from a nice cup of rosepetal tea seeing as it was afternoon and princess Luna wasn't up yet, her paperwork was up to date so life was good.

Gallant Gloom had just been cleared to leave his post a couple hours ago, and was wandering the town, familiarizing himself with...well...nothing, because his player hasn't found referance yet. Gloompone doesn't have a perfect memory, though. Anyway, he's been wandering the streets ever since, exploring and looking for something to eat. Just so happens he stumbled upon somepone...vaguely familiar as he stepped into the cafe. Unarmored now, Gloomy was clothed only in his cloak, and whatever was hidden beneath. Quietly aproaching the counter, he'd offer a nod of his head in greeting if the tea-sipping pone noticed him, and spread a menu before the pone at the counter to point out his request.

Azure Rain blinked looking up as she saw that dark wanderer that had visited Luna that day, still wondering how he had snuck into the palace so well that time and why he had left his weapon behind, something about Gallant felt off to her as she had never met a pony quite like him before, giving a somewhat stiff nod backgolden eyes not leaving him for a second as she took another sip.

Bygone Specter sat outside his cart in the marketplace attempting to etch a new rune-set he'd found in a book. He had no real idea what the effects were, but... it seemed to have something to do with light? However.... as he put some magic into the crystal it sizzled and sparked. Recognizing the effects the little changeling in disguise could only 'eep' and toss up a quick shield to diminish the clow blow. The crystal detonated just bout in his face, but the shield protected him. That didn't stop the force, though! The litte 'unicorn' went sailing through the market and tumbled through the open doors of a cafe, narrowly missing a few ponies as he skidded to a stop. His fur was blackened a little, but he hopped up and quickly shook his head. That was fun! Then he realized there were ponies staring his way. "Uhhhhh... nothing to see here" he squeaked and scuttled to the counter-top. He could buy himself a snack before heading back to the cart, yes?

Gallant Gloom perked a brow at the way Scribepone seemed to stare at him, staring right back, even as he scrolled the tip of his hoof along the menu to find what he wanted. Indeed he didn't have a perfect memory, but he'd only read the list a second ago! The scribe, though, he couldn't recall her name... Did she even introduce herself,or speake at all, or just throw papers back and forth and threaghten him with needles? Oh, he could remember that much, he must have made a bad impression with her. He'd mistaken suspicion with displeasure, and almost wrote it off as none of his concern, but a warmer part of him convinced him to try and redeem himself. Once his order was complete, he'd aproach Scribepone's table and pause before an adjacent seat, meeting her eyes with an inquisitive gaze before glancing down at the seat itself, a single hoof moving to rest there for emphasis. His attention turned away from the cushion though when the doors flung open and something came flying inside. The moment the crashed reached his ears, he was jumping to attention and reaching under his cloak, but paused as he came to recognise what seemed to be a mostly harmless foal. How cute! Settling down easily, Gloompone let a quiet giggle slip as the hoof came to rest on the cushion again, and he looked into Azure's eyes.

Azure Rain had not threatened him with the needles persay but when somepony slips past the guards and then enters the throneroom with a giant sword that tended to unnerve the unicorn scribe, watching him come to her table though she set down her teacup and tilted her head at Gallant, but just as she was about to ask him if she could help him Bygone crashed through the doors alerting her, and when Gallant reached inside his cloak her horn burst into a humming glow just in preparation staring back into the dark pony's eyes. "Yes?"

Gallant Gloom's eyes were on the colt when he reached under his cloak! Although he could clearly see Scribepone in his peripherals, she was only right to be just as startled. Taking notice to the glow of magic, he'd give a faint smirk as he waited for an answer. She'd catch on eventually. Smiling more warmly now, but only for a moment, he'd take her question as an answer, and move to make himself comfy on the seat in front of her. A little flourish of his hoof, and a casual bow as gesture a gesture of gratefulness, though of course he knew that wasn't what she meant. Gloomy glanced off to the counter again, anticipating his tea while eyes followed the curious colt out the door. Back to Scribepone now, staring softly, but intently. He knew she had something to say to him. It'd come out sooner or later. If not he'd help her with a little roll of his hoof, as if to say, " Get on with it." 'course, he never actually spoke.

Azure Rain covered up by picking her teacup up in her telekinesis taking a sip from the delicious rose flavored liquid. "Can I.. help you? mister.. Gallant Gloom was it?" staring at him carefully, why was everypony else always so large? she always had to look up to them as she adressed them, hooves scuffling a bit as she readjusted her armored robes, trying not to look too agressive towards the possible innocent stallion.

Gallant Gloom sat up straight and tall, with his forehooves resting on the cushion beneath him, watching steadily, waiting for her to say something, well, the wrong thing. He's played this game enough times to know it wouldn't be easy. Nodding in reply, he'd lift that hoof again to point at her, then poke at his temple once or twice. Tail swishing slow and idle while he played charades with Scribepone, making a gesture indicate flowing from his lips. Speech. Duh. He knew something was on her mind, and wanted her to tell of it.

Azure Rain sighed and flicked her ears back. "I asked you if I could help you.. mister.. Gallant Gloom?" she finished her tea as she stared at the stallion, setting her teacup down slowly while her own tail gave a hard flick against the back of her seat, she clearly still mistrusted him a little and wondered what he was up to.

Gallant Gloom is trying to convey something! He'd frown at Scribepone's frustration, letting out a little sigh as he took a moment to let his own melt away before he'd continue. Just nodding before repeating the gesture slowly and more precisely to help bring his message across. Eyes wandering toward the counter again. He could smell sweet Bergamot and soon noticed a waiter coming their way with a serving of tea, and a small arrangement of cheesy pastries! Sighing again, though this time he sounded relieved. Holdingout his hoof toward Scribepone "Well?". Watching expectantly.

Azure Rain looked at his hoof and slowly extended a hoof of her own, keeping her eyes on him as she was obviously confused did he want to shake hooves or what? "Well what mister Gloom?" the glow of her horn still bright though, humming lowly into the vicinity.

Gallant Gloom breathed in slow and deep through his nose when she reached out a hoof toward his own, the other moving to press to his brow as he gave a gentle, but firm little shake. Not what he wanted, but it was only polite, they hadn't met properly before, afterall...had they? Tail lightly thumping the floor at a steady rhythem, following thoughtfull tapping of his hoof on the table. It'd have to move when his dinner came, though, and he'd look toward the water with a smile before he left the treats and wandered off. " Mn...." Thoughtful noises as he coxed a spoon to stand on the dish, and carefully puressed 'till it wedged it between his hoof and shoe, to pick up couple sugarcubes to mix into his tea. " Something's wrong..." He'd finally break, and speak so that only she could hear. " What is it? "

Azure Rain blinked wrong? the only thing wrong was him acting as strange as he did and the fact that she didn't trust him at all. "I don't trust you.. that's the only wrong." she nearly hissed the words guessing that is what he was fishing for, tail flicking once more in thought, what if he tried anything right there?

Gallant Gloom tilted his head when she finally came out with it. Though he wondered what he'd done to earn her suspicion, it didn't seem to bother him, other than sparking more curiousity. " Heh...." Gloomy would smile and give a nod before dislodging the spoon and gently setting it down so he could lift the hot tea to his lips. " Mm~" Scribepone had every right to feel that way, because she didn't know anything about him. He wondered if she cared to, though, that's why he's still here making her uncomfortable. Sipsip~ He was watching the little drops of oil fload around the black liquid, distracted while he sipped, but amethyst eyes set 'pon Scribepone's once he let the teacup back down. Hoof beginning to tap again, slow, steady. He didn't want to all, but by now he was sure he couldn't communicate anything to this pone without using his voice. " Of course you don't. You don't know me....What are your concerns? "

Azure Rain mulled it over to atleast explain it in a fair way. "The way you snuck past our guards, the manner in which you approached princess Luna, you come over as a mercenary or something similar and I'm fairly sure that you didn't drag along a sword the size you did without some reason or another, and no I don't know you besides having heard what I suspect is your name." then she scowled at him. "Secondly I didn't like the way you brushed me off when talking to you in the throne room mister."

Gallant Gloom's eyes narrowed slightly at Scribepone as she spilled the beans for him. The beginning of a grin forming at the corners of his mouth, but never quite showing teeth, because maybe he shouldn't be so amused with this.... Gloomy almost wanted to laugh, though. Instead, he'd just have a sip or two. " Oh, I see. " Gloomy spoke over the cup of tea as he moved it toward the plate it was resting on before. " That thing never left my side before I gave it to the princess. I have a new one now, though. " Hoof running along the edge of his cloak, pulling it up just enough to show off the hilt hiding beneath the fabric. It was hugged pretty close to his waist, so it poked out little as possible. It was fairl similar to the one before, but this one was etched with an RG insignia. Letting the fabric fall naturally into place, he paused to have another sip of tea, and let his hoofs rest on the cup once he set it down again....

Azure Rain snorted seeing the insigna on the blade's hilt. "So you joined our royal guard?" that basically meant that she either had misjudged him or he pulled the wool over everypony's eyes and had advanced his agenda. "That is.. somewhat surprising, I'm Azure Rain and I guess I'll be doing some of your paperwork then mister Gloom.."

Gallant Gloom's eyes flickered along Scribepone, searching her poise and expression for clues to what was going on in her mind. Azure didn't seem any more at ease with him than she was the first time they met, but Gloomy felt he was making at least some progress. He didn't aim to make her a devoted friend, just thought it'd be nice if she didn't think he was trying to do something devious. " Seems so..." Gloomy thought back to the night he'd met Azure and the princess in her throneroom. The mention of paperwork brought him back there- there was lots of pencil-pushy stuff going on.... " Was I disrespectful to her highness? " Sadly he still couldn't recall a great deal of their interactions that night.

Azure Rain shook her head slightly. "No the reason I'm not too fond of you is because you cut me off while talking to you that night, it didn't really help put you in a better daylight when it comes to me personally, I was just trying to help, aside from the fact that you look kind of dangerous." she wouldn't mince her words and simply tell him things as they were.

Gallant Gloom nodded, listening attentively, though his eyes began to wander across the cafe, dividing his attention for a moment to wave over the waiter. " I was rude to you, then..." Gloomy murmured, a bit more softly than he usualy would, trying to hide the shame in his tone. When the waiter came over he'd reach into his cloak and meet eyes with the waiter, catching their attention with a soft " Psst!", guiding them along with a simple series of secret glances. Waiter was puzzled for a moment, but when he followed Gloomy's eyes across the table, seemed to have it figured it out! " Ah! Yes, yes sure. " Whatever Gloomy was holding beneath the table, the waiter took it and went about his business. Looking back toward Azure, smirking so the root of a fang showed, " Oh, but I am. Not as much as you seem to believe, though. "

Azure Rain sat back and nodded slowly not really sure what to say or do in response to that. "Well as long as you use that ability in service of Equestria and not against it I have no qualms about it I suppose mister Gloom." always the formal filly, ears perking again by now though and no longer kept flat, her tail the eternal betrayer it was still flicked lightly in thought.

Gallant Gloom looked down over his treats. Tea was almost gone by now, but he had enough left to wash down those pastries if he could refrain from sipping 'till he was finished! He wasn't thirsty enough to bother the waiter again, though, so he picked up the spoon similarly to when he did before, and used it to scoop one of those cheesy treats into his face, taking his sweet time chewing. He'd pick up another, and slide the plate toward Azure to offer one. Sweet danishes with jam! Looking a tad incredulous toward Scribepone as she warned him against opposing the country. As if he had any such intentions. Frown.

Azure Rain used her horn and wrapped a danish inher telekinesis, bringing it to her lips to take a thoughtful bite deciding that she would trust the dark warrior and stop worrying about it for the moment. "Welcome to the royal forces then I guess, I hope we come to hear good things about you mister Gloom and sorry I was so snappy."

Gallant Gloom left the plate laying in the middle of the table, balancing the pastry carefully on the end of the spoon. They were small enough to eat whole without looking like a schmuck, but still big enough to nibble! Gloomy wanted to take his time with this one, because the jam looked like it was made of all his favorite berries! " Thanks. " Said with a smile before having a bite." Mmm~ Not an issue. " Nibblenibble~.

Azure Rain relaxed a little and chewed on the danish not having eaten much in the way of such snacks in her life so she would enjoy it, wondering if she could allow herself another day at the spa sometime this month, preferable before hearth warming's eve. "Hm these are tasty I must say."

Gallant Gloom finished up his snack and reached for another, just popping this one away and pretty much scarfing it down, followed by the rest of the tea." Uhm..." Gloom murmured, but paused to lick his lips and reach for a napkin to dab across them. " If I is the princess? " He wondered, looking up at Scribepone again, his tail swishing contently.

Azure Rain snapped out of daydreams about warm spas and massaging hooves to look at him again, swallowing before answering. "Princess Luna is doing well and as far as I know is content."

Gallant Gloom gave a nod and slipped away from his cushion to rise onto his hooves. Taking one more treat, somehow managing a smile while chewing at the same time, he'd give Scribepone a nod, and bow out. First though, he'd head to the counter to make sure everything was sorted out with the waiter. He'd already paid for both of them, but had to guess the value of Scribepone's things, and wanted to see if there was adequate tipping monies left out of the change! Just a few bits, he'd leave them in that little folder bills tend to come in and be on his way!

Azure Rain nodded in return and resumed chewing thoughtfully on a remaining danish, maybe she had been mistaken in the dark warrior's nature and perhaps he would actually prove to be beneficial in the future somehow, surely the princesses knew what they were doing by hiring him.

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In a Canterlot Café
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