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 Tiny Crab Application

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PostSubject: Tiny Crab Application   Sun Nov 29, 2015 2:09 am

Full (furcadia) Name: Tiny Crab

Alias/Nickname: Tiny

Name of alts we may know you as:Mirage Moon, Fluttershi, The Great and P0werful Trixie

Why do you want this character?: To be truthful mostly did it as a joke in the beginning, but then I started rping with Discord and Bygone an began to develop him and realized I liked him.

How often are you online?: All the time

Gender:  Male

Species: Foal Earth Pony

Age: About six
If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background: Mother Wave Sphere Father is Marine Viper both parents abandoned him and left him as an orphan.

Cutie Mark:  Blank Flank

Generation:  4

Special Somepony: too young to have one
Pet: A pet hermit crab named crabby
Residence: Homeless

Workplace: No

Occupation: No

Short Introduction: I am Tiiiiny! And I like to have times I cause trouble or get up to no good, but I really don't mean nothing by it! I really am sowwie.

Backstory: Tiny was born in a village close to the ocean with his mom and dad. His parents were poor ponies as they struggled just to get by and they couldn't even have food enough to feed all three of them so they ended up throwing Tiny away and forgetting all about him. Tiny wanders always looking for friends and also food to eat. He eventually found his self in Ponyville which he hides out in and then steals food from the dumpsters to eat as he doesn't realy have any family or friends to look after him.

Apearance: He is a mix matched colors or green with a brow patch on his left eye and light green freckles. His mane is a bright orange in color that seem to match his eye color.

Personality: Tiny is very currious in most things like how most young foals are he is out going and normally gets his self into trouble all the while just enjoying life.

Job: None

Equestria RP Alts: Shadling, Mirage Moon, Glacial mist, The Great and P0werful Trixie, Fluttershi

Ref Image: None currently maybe after he develops more.

Sample Post: Tiny Crab sniffs some more as the strange creature gave him some sort of Superduper tonic! He took it in his small hooves and smiled, "Gee thanks, Mister!" He said, before sipping it or rather downing the full thing as he held it to his muzzle and fell backwards onto his back. The drink was downed and tossed aside in mere seconds as he rolled back to his hooves, "Oh...gee that tastes funky...what kind of to..." He started, but soon his eyes turned super big and he got a funny grin apon his muzzle. He began to bounce around the draconequus and shake violently. The grin widened as he looked around and saw that a cart had pulled up and now some blue mare was being noisy and demanding and well gave him a head pounding! He didn't like the head pounding, but he started dashing around the place, before rushing up to the mare and greeting her, "Hi! Hi! Hi! I am Tiny! Please to meet you! You loud obnoxious one!" He said with a grin and ran off by Discord's side again jumping up and down, "Oh! Oh!Oh! Give me more...more...please!" He begged jumping up and down. [Sample post from the rp I did with Discord.]
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Tiny Crab Application
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