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 Tropical Storm Application

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PostSubject: Tropical Storm Application   Fri Nov 27, 2015 7:44 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Tropical Storm

Alias/Nickname: Storm, Stormy,

Name of alts we may know you as: Big McIntosh, Cheese Sandwich,

Why do you want this character?: This character I had put a lot more thought into than any of my previous creations. I feel that she would add to the diversity of the dream and her role as a weather pony possesses importance in a thriving society of colorful ponies.

How often are you online?: As often as I can be, but school does like to intervene.

Gender:  Female

Species: Pegasus Pony

Age: 17

Cutie Mark: [[Vector is still in works, will post when completed]]

Generation: G4

Special Somepony: None.

Pet: None.

Residence: Ponyville

Workplace: Ponyville Skies

Occupation: Weather Pony

Short Introduction: A bitter pegasus with a sense of humor and fabulous mane.

Backstory: Stormy was raised in Griffonstone by her adoptive mother. She was assigned the name 'Tropical Storm' because of how destructive her nature was. During her fillyhood she was constantly getting into things and causing accidental damage. She was homeschooled by her griffon mother that wasn't able to have children of her own due to medical issues.

Storm had managed to create a large storm cloud that had been able to cause colossal damage to their home's structure. Of course she never intended for this to happen, but the situation had also led to the appearance of her cutie mark. Due to the no longer stable condition of their house they had to collect their belongings and relocate to Cloudsdale where she could interact with more ponies like herself.

Once old enough Stormy moved to Ponyville to experience more Equestrian diversity than where she had originally came from. She knew of the other pony types, but she was still fascinated with their abilities that were different from her own. Storm found her place in society as a weather pony that had others around to help control her destructive weather from causing any real damage.

Appearance: Tropical Storm has a light-orange coat and vibrant mane composed of three colors. Her irises are light pink at the top and yellow near the bottom portion.

Personality: Storm loves to make jokes and complain about anything that displeases her. She is pessimistic and an extrovert. Every now and then she can be seen causing mischief of some sort and disturbing the peace. She is very skeptical when it comes to romance and displays of affection between others. A lot of the time it provokes a disgusted response out of her.

Job: She's a weather pony that specializes in destructive weather and often needs the help of other pegasi in order to maintain from causing a disaster.

Equestria RP Alts: Big McIntosh

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Tropical Storm raised her head off of the arm of her recliner. Strands of her mane hung out of place and her eyes were still mostly closed. Letting loose a yawn she muttered to herself, "How long have I been asleep..?" Taking a moment she stretched out her limbs before standing up on all fours. Looking out a nearby window she realized the sun had already fallen and night had taken its course. Missing her usual dinner time she decided to go out and get a few Hayburgers to tie her over until morning. Glancing at one of her clocks she acknowledged that the food joint was already closed. Her plan now ruined she grumbled, "Looks like I'm going to have to make my own food." Stormy wasn't skilled in the slightest when it came to cooking, in fact she could only whip up basic things on her own. Once in her kitchen she slipped on an apron and with a determined grin she declared to herself, "It's time to get messy."
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Tropical Storm Application
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