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 11/23/15; Back to Work

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: 11/23/15; Back to Work   11/23/15; Back to Work Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 7:23 pm

Azure Rain galloped into the throne room with a gleeful laugh, dashing straight to the ruler of the night, then stoop up against her with her front hooves and lay her head to the princess's shoulder in respect. "Thank you my princess.. thank you."

Princess Luna for once chose not to seat herself on the throne, as she had nothing particularly important to tend to. Who'd even want to constantly sit on it anyway? She'd instead chosen to stand by one of the stained glass windows, peering up at it, lost in thought. The princess came to when the gleeful laugh and sound of galloping hooves reached her ears. Luna'd hardly begun to turn towards her scribe before she felt her head against her shoulder. "Azure! A pleasure to see you again, my dear. I take it your day off went well?"

Azure Rain nodded and looked simply marvelous even in her armored scribe robes, her mane now sleek and washed as was her coat and tail, even her face looked like it had a mud treatment, looking up at the princess with big golden eyes before she realized what exactly she was doing and those huge happy pupils turned to pinpricks. "Um."

Princess Luna smiled back at the mare, noting how.. refreshed she looked. She must have gotten a proper night of sleep for once, or perhaps some form of relaxation. The moonbringer voiced a gentle laugh in response to Azure's change in expression and reached a hoof out for her shoulder. "At ease, my scribe. So tell me, how did your day off go? You certainly seem quite happy; happier than I have yet seen you." Luna prompted, hoping to coax her into speech.

Azure Rain slowly started smiling again and spoke up with enthusiasm, still standing up and using Luna as a support though. "Oh.. oh yes! I went to Ponyville and visited the spa two earth pony twins run there and took a full treatment, it felt so very divine and was so refreshing I can barely tell you how it feels." the unicorn gushed as she kept looking up at the alicorn with more joy than ever before.

Princess Luna's smile widened as Azure enthused about her day. It lifted her heart to see her scribe so happy, and her joy was almost infectious. "I am so very glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. A trip to the spa does sound quite wonderful, and no doubt very relaxing." The princess replied with a chuckle. "It seems such a day off has done you a lot of good."

Azure Rain nodded and stopped using the princess as a leaning pole, giving her mane a shake just to show it off and smoothed out her new scribe's robes hoping her princess would approve of the small changes Azure had made to them by having small armor plates attached along with a clasp depicting a crescent moon. "I admit this day off is something I should take time for more often, your wisdom was on the spot your highness."

Princess Luna adjusted her stance again once Azure ceased leaning on her, and had a better view of the changes made to her appearance. The robes were also a pleasant addition. She brought a hoof to cover her mouth as she voiced another soft laugh. "It was, was it not? It does not hurt to give yourself a break every so often. I can personally attest to how stress can weigh you down after too long." Luna replied, dropping her hoof. "Your mane looks quite lovely after a spa treatment."

Azure Rain smiled and blushed lightly having thought of adding some glitter to her coat but had decided against it. "Why thank you kindly Princess, it was not too expensive either so I had bits left to visit a Canterlotian armorer and jeweler, maybe you know him his shop is on Mane street." she then sat down on her usual pillow keeping her gaze on the alicorn. "Have you been awake long your highness?"

Princess Luna merely nodded in response to the thanks, smiling serenely. "I may know of him. Jewelry making is a highly appreciated craft in Canterlot, among other such artistry." The lunar diarch turned to the window at the question, peering out at the moon to judge the time. "I have not been awake long, no. My energy is fresh." Luna replied, turning back towards Azure and stepping lightly over to where she sat on her cushion.

Azure Rain looked up as the alicorn princess stepped over and for once didn't show signs of intimidation, just those of respect for her benevolent diarch. "Yes majesty?" she inquired thinking Luna stepped over to her to ask her something or tell her something.

Princess Luna hadn't had anything on her mind to say; she'd only approached to join Azure where she was sitting. The princess smiled, a little embarrassed. "Oh, it is nothing. I suppose I can say that we have little paperwork to worry about tonight. In your absence, I have made sure to deal with it on my own." Luna informed her. "This night will be a lax one for the both of us, at least in the matter of documents. I will still have to handle such things as dreams."

Azure Rain gave a soft nod smiling up at her and visibly relaxed no longer standing at attention as Luna said they could be somewhat lax tonight. "I haven't suffered that nightmare anymore since you last intervened your highness, so my sleeping has gone better than it has done since those days." she re=adjusted her armor some still getting used to the slightly heavier weight.

Princess Luna decided to move over to the carpet that ran the length of the room and seated herself there while Azure talked. "It pleases me to hear that the nightmare no longer troubles you. For somepony who works so hard at her job, you are in definite need of the rest." The princess replied truthfully. "How does your new armor fare?" Luna chose to ask, curious. She knew it never hurt to be prepared, but it still puzzled her such a peaceful nation would be so nervous about potential fights.

Azure Rain gave the robe a shake, basically her chest, shoulders, barrel and flank was plated the rest was fabric. "It is a little heavier than normal your highness, but in case of another invasion or monster attack I will be more safe, and thank you for caring about my amount of sleep your highness."

Princess Luna responded with a nod and her usual smile before she went on to speak. "The weight of armor will take some getting used to. Your muscles will eventually adjust to the new weight, and its notice will begin to escape you. Armor is a useful thing to have, indeed. I do not think I will wear any anytime soon, since I have never had a need for armor."

Azure Rain nodded as she inclined her head in a soft bow. "That is not very surprising your majesty, you are after all an alicorn and ruler of the night." But I am far more fragile than you and I'd hope to work with you for a long time yet.

Princess Luna's smile widened a little and she waved her hoof a little dismissively. "It is true that I possess great magical strength to protect me, but I would hardly allow harm to come to you. I could not stand idly by and watch you get attacked by something you could not handle. Were I to do so, I would think it time that I gave up my title as a guardian of Equestria." Luna said. "I do not think anything dangerous would come to pass, so we will indeed continue to work together for as long as you may live."

Azure Rain was actually flattered by her princess's noble words and gave her a bright affectionate smile, actions like that reminding Azure every day exactly why she had started working for the diarch of the night. "Thank you Princess Luna, your words touch my soul and I will forever be loyal."

Princess Luna chuckled lightly and dipped her head to the scribe. "And I to you, and to the rest of Equestria. It is my duty and my joy." She rolled her shoulder in a shrug that was half dismissive, half awkward. "We do have most of the night to spend, though I may not stray far from my duties. I would guess we could get through with what little paperwork remains today." Luna decided, deciding to move on from the subject.

Azure Rain nodded, only too willing to help her ruler with the job she was partially hired for, though being a listening ear and conversational partner were just as important, she'd show Kibitz that she could do for Luna what he did for Celestia. "That sounds like a sound plan your highness, which parts have you already done and with which papers can I yet help?"

Princess Luna hummed thoughtfully, peering up at her throne. She was sure she'd brought some of it out from her office- yes, she had. A faded blue glow enveloped her horn as she levitated a small pile down to them. "This is what I have not yet finished. It should not take long for us, no?" Luna chuckled lightly. It was a change of pace to not have to sit upon that throne while working- and it did make her feel a little more lighthearted about the whole thing.

Azure Rain looked at the pile and laughed softly, she was born for this stuff, taking the papers into her own magic as a soft hum came from her horn, multiple quills already going to the various papers as she looked them over with the princess of the night. "Your highness you worked hard, there is barely any left and this won't take very long I think."

Princess Luna tittered and nodded. "Oh yes. The every day, or shall I say, night, jobs of princesses can be quite tiring.. My sister goes through a lot worse than I do during the day, but I have tried to push myself on dealing with this paperwork. I get little in the way of such work, but it seemed only kind to shoulder my sister's burden."

Azure Rain gazed over the papers keeping her ears perked at the princess, yet happy memories clouded her face a moment and a renewed smile found it's way yet on her snout again, finishing paper after paper. "Mmm yes princess you are most right, unburden Princess Celestia is kind."

Princess Luna offered another little nod again, unfolding one of her forelegs to rest her chin upon one, silver-shod hoof. It was a more comfortable position from which to watch her scribe work. "After a thousand years of such a job on her own, it is only right." The moonbringer replied, her voice a little quieter this time; she didn't want to disturb Azure's concentration too much.

Azure Rain wasn't easily disturbed by her diarch of choice it was nice to not only have someone near who appreciated your work but also kept you conversational company, the paperwork on it's own even if it had volume was simply not hard, unicorn school had educated her well and she had graduated top of her class when it came to precision administration and social graces towards a host. "That is very amiable your highness Luna and I am very happy to lighten your load."

Princess Luna made an amused noise in her throat and relaxed her back legs off to the side into a more comfortable position. "Many thanks. So tell me, how did your spa treatment go? I daresay I should find some time off to take a visit myself.. though we do have such masseuses within the castle should we need them. But where is the fun in that?" Luna spoke up again, looking thoughtful.

Azure Rain flushed a bit at the change in topic and more direct question. "It was a very interesting learning experience princess, the twins are very hooves on and spend good personal time and care to their clientele." the powder blue mare looked very positive about the place yet was still flustered slightly.

Princess Luna tilted her head a little on the perch of her hoof when Azure spoke, but she'd noticed the familiar flustered display. "Oh? It sounds like it is quite pleasant!" The princess responded, clearly interested. When was the last time she'd gone to a spa, if at all? They didn't exactly exist a thousand years ago.. "Is there something amiss?"

Azure Rain squeaked looking at the princess. "Amiss? n-no.. nooo ofcourse not, I'd tell you such princess, it's just um I never went to a spa and Earth Ponies literally use their hooves and mouths for everything highness, it was a unique experience." there we didn't lie to the princess and maybe evaded embarrassment.

Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at the brief stutter, but she let it pass. "This is true. Massages are a very hooves on job. I do pity earth ponies for having to manipulate and pick things up with their teeth, but through their lack of magic they have become quite adept and seem to do without." The diarch observed idly, her tone gentle as though to tell Azure that there was nothing to fear. She wasn't going to push her if there was something she wasn't telling. And why should she? It wasn't her business.

Azure Rain was a terrible liar and couldn't do it to save her life, besides red hues caused by embarrassment really tended to stand out through powder blue coats and the fact that she was literally grinning at the princess was a dead give away. "D-did you know princess that a body has many nerves that are very sensitive when manipulated? l-let's just say that I made noises during the massage because I'm not used to physical manipulation and it was deeply embarrassing."

Princess Luna hadn't expected to receive any sort of sudden confession, but there must have been something about her tone? The princess's eyes widened slightly and she covered her mouth with her free hoof, partially to hide her brief amusement. "Oh! I am sure that is bound to happen on occasion. I can understand why." Luna replied sympathetically.

Azure Rain deadpanned at the amusement of her princess. "Do you Princess Luna? here you are laying on a table enjoying nice firm hooves kneading the kinks and soreness out of your back, you're nearly dozing off and all of a sudden hooves on your hind legs and flanks, it woke me straight up." now looked slightly embarrassed again smiling meekly.

Princess Luna let loose a chuckle this time and shook her head. "Goodness, no. I have never received much more than a back massage, and that in itself is rare." She replied, dropping her hoof from her muzzle a little. "I merely mean to express my knowledge of the nerves, and how they are more sensitive in some places than others." Luna rectified, smiling. "I imagine that did come as quite a shock."

Azure Rain nodded quickly. "The worst part Princess it felt great, as if all the tension in your calves and hips melt away, all the stiffness from sitting most of the day was simply gone, luckily the spa ponies were professional enough not to laugh at me, one of them Aloe Blossom even showed me pity by consoling me telling such reactions of surprise are normal."

Princess Luna dropped her free hoof back to the carpet as she continued to listen to Azure. Her eyes were still a little wide in surprise at what she was hearing, but it was all just mare's talk! "They sound quite patient and kind, they certainly must deal with it on occasion." The princess commented. "That is their job, however, to massage and relax the muscles to ease out the tension of life's every day stresses."

Azure Rain nodded and found that casually talking with one of the rulers of your nation didn't seem so impossible as she might have thought at first. "Princess am I not being far too familiar with you at this moment? what would the palace gossips say in the shower if ever they caught wind of me talking with you like this?"

Princess Luna arched an eyebrow and her face relaxed again into an amused smile. "There is no such thing as being too familiar, and no harm in being familiar with one's princess. After all, you are my scribe, it would behoove us to be familiar with each other if we are to work in harmony. I daresay those palace gossips and staff would be jealous.. though I can only hope they will not be. Jealousy is a destructive emotion." Luna replied with a little wave of her hoof.

Azure Rain nodded agreeing on that. "Jealousy destroyed a lot of things and seeing as we're alone I dare ask that you would know much about that emotion my princess?" she gave Luna an understanding and forgiving smile, knowing that the princess was alright now and once more their beloved diarch.

Princess Luna turned her smile onto Azure and, for a moment, a ghost of sadness flitted across her face. "I would indeed. It was only worse for me as an alicorn, twisting me into something that I was not." She replied, widening her smile in a reassuring way. She didn't want Azure to think she'd upset her princess- in fact, she had not. "It is in the past now, thankfully, and we can all look forward to a brighter future."

Azure Rain nodded knowing in her heart that Luna would not leave her ponies again, leaning into the ruler of the night to nuzzle her shoulder. "You were always a good mare your highness, you were just misguided and too hurt in your feelings, now you are a benevolent ruler of our nights."

Princess Luna lifted her chin from the hoof she'd been leaning it on to briefly rest it on Azure's head, behind her horn, when the unicorn moved in to nuzzle. "Indeed I am, but I would not say misguided. I knew exactly what I was doing at the time. I.. was rash, and acted on my worst desires, but I have since learned and grown from it. It does not matter anymore." Luna replied with a little shrug. "Let us not dwell."

Azure Rain nodded gently she would not accept either of her rulers were acting darkly on purpose she just couldn't. "We shall not, I'm sorry for bringing it up my princess." it was good to have a quiet night with the princess, in her opinion every pony deserved somepony in their corner, she would be in Luna's corner.

Princess Luna unfurled one of her wings to gesture with it, a dismissive wave. "You need not apologize. Many ponies are curious to hear of my personal account of what happened those thousand years ago. It is something I do not mind entertaining, every now and again, if it assuages their fears of me." Luna refolded her wing and rolled her shoulders. "Is there anything you would like to talk about while you work?"

Azure Rain chuckled warmly at the dark coated alicorn. "Actually let's pretend you're not a princess and I'm not a scribe, is there anything Luna would like to talk about?"

Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow and put a hoof to her chin in thought. What was there that she could talk about casually? She never usually had such a chance to speak freely, save for with her sister.. The princess rubbed at her cheek idly, frowning. "We could talk about.. stories. I have a great love of storytelling. When I have nothing to do, and a little free time, I do try to get some reading in. Art thou a reader, or do you have other preferred hobbies?"

Azure Rain giggled and pointed a hoof at the floating papers. "Gee Luna do I look like I enjoy reading with a job like mine? hm you enjoy story telling? what kind of stories or books interest you?" she would still work on papers but looked at Luna doing so.

Princess Luna let a laugh escape and realized she hadn't really considered Azure's job. "Oh, that is very understandable. It must get tiring for you.." She replied. "I find I do like one modern storyteller who's writing is steadily growing on me. His stories are sometimes dark, but always have an element of horror, mystery or fantasy to them. There is one particular series he has written I have taken quite a shine to.." Luna enthused, smiling.

Azure Rain had an inkling which writer the princess was talking about and nodded, she herself owned a few books written by A.K Yearling and from a writer known as C.W. "I only know one stallion that wrote books of that genre but his name escapes me for the moment, and actually no Luna I love my job it doesn't get boring."

Princess Luna chuckled lightly. "I am glad to hear that, and I was by no means implying it is boring. I imagine reading all of those documents does dull the desire to read for fun." She attempted to clear up what she meant before she went on. "His name is ah.. Stephen Canter I believe." The princess put a hoof to her chin, brow furrowing as she cast her mind back to make sure. "Yes, I believe so, something like that. So what hobbies do you have outside of your job?"

Azure Rain. "Well I enjoy reading a lot especially my favorite book from C.W, aside from that I enjoy walks around Canterlot and now and then visit a teahouse or hang out with the few friends I have."

Princess Luna dropped her hoof to cross them in front of her chest, ears perked as she listened curiously. "Those sound like pleasant ways to pass the time. I do remember that teahouse, and I feel I ought to go again. Sometime, perhaps." Luna said. "I would suggest taking a walk through the Canterlot gardens, the flora is beautiful out there and rather exotic. It makes me wonder where my sister found some of them, and the animals."

Azure Rain always had loved at teahouse, Blossom had done a great job managing all of it. "If you need some fresh air then we could go walk some if you desired."

Princess Luna looked intrigued by the idea and nodded. "We may, of course. It always does one good to streth your legs.. Of course, I suppose we should finish the paperwork if you have not finished it already." A slightly teasing tone entered her voice by the time she was finished speaking and she smiled at Azure. "I do not suppose there is anything important that needs my signature?"

Azure Rain snorted and finished the papers in no time.. "No your highness with these last papers your work for this night is done. You could go if you desired such."

Princess Luna chuckled in response and gathered her legs beneath her, standing while Azure finished the last of the documents. "Thank you Azure. I believe I shall, and you may join me if you wish. A pleasant walk through the moonlit gardens, and perhaps I shall find a place to rest while I look into Equestria's dreams. If I do not, their nightmares will never be tended to."

Azure Rain nodded and stood up, robes jingling a bit as she had to balance a second smiling sheepishly. "My physical prowess really needs some work however, then let us retreat to the gardens in your beautiful night your highness." Her horn aglow and humming with a golden sheen as the papers found their proper ways into awaiting trays on her desk.

Princess Luna dipped her head to Azure and turned to lead the way out of the throne room. It was.. getting tiring to look at anyway. "This is true. The walk will do us both well." She replied teasingly, and henceforth fell silent. It wouldn't take them long to reach the garden, it wasn't too far from the throne, and the decorative wooden doors opened to Luna's touch. The night was cool, but it bothered her little on the walk.

Azure Rain nodded and trotted after the princess into the garden, her new robes feeling more familiar the more she walked and exercised with it, the cool night only made the walk more relaxing to her and besides she'd walk with the pony she trusted the most so all was well.

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11/23/15; Back to Work
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