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PostSubject: Explosions?!   Explosions?! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 25, 2015 2:19 pm

(22:27:38) Bygone Specter flicked an ear as he sat outside his cart. He'd taken to living in the crumbling structure Ever since Squirrel had moved in. She wasn't comfortable around ponies, and he wasn't comfortable leaving his cart out in the middle of the old forest. Thus the ancient castle was a lovely compromise! The cart was hidden a little, at the very least, in the maze of corridors. What was he doing now? Well, he was doing some rather careful etching onto some cheap emerald he'd managed to get ahold of during his last visit to Canterlot! Some noble just wanting to get rid of things. Emerald was rather nice gem to enchant, he'd found. It was a very delicate procedure that... (Boom!) The crystal blew up in a ball of magical fire and sent the changeling in disguise tumbling across the large room until he came to a skidding stop. His muzzle and front were blackened but he just groaned and sat up. "Try - Try again...." He grinned wide.

(22:33:00) Discord Draconequus wasn't one for wandering around, but finding new places to stir up mischief always livened things up. He had found himself at the old structure. The pony, tho a mangled mixture of many monsters: clopped along silently. His serpentine body was strange in how it moved: neither dragon nor pony in its movements. Hearing a small boom the draconequus pricked forward their ears and arched a brow as they curled their foreclaw in their beard. "Ho, who could be making a nuisance of themselves, without inviting moi~!?" He shot forward like a viper: vanishing as he reappeared "standing" with his hinds against the ceiling and the male dangling down over the rabble rousing pony. "You know you could really wake up a few spooks with noise like that." He barked out a cackle.

(22:41:03) Bygone Specter laid out on his back and stared up at the Draconequus with a sheepish grin. "It isn't exactly intentional you know!" The foal rolled over and stat himself up. Okay, nothing seemed to be overly damaged save for his pride and a little singed fur and soot down his disguise's front. Soon enough Bygone stood upright as he looked towards Discord with a half-hiden wince. One hoof reached up to rub at the spot where, in his base form the cracks spreading from the chaos core were located. He could almost feel it searing.. "What brings you out here, Mister Discord!?" he asked as cheerfully as he could muster, bouncing back towards the spot where his project had once rest. It was nothing but a blackened spot and some emerald dust now, sadly...

(22:43:55) Discord Draconequus floated rightside up, his hind legs crossed over one another as he sat in a thoughtful pose. The little foal seemed up to something, but what? Oh he did enjoy a good secret -- or three. "Oh, you know, the usual mayhem. You get a bit curious when there's a ruckus where there usually isn't." It wasn't like the draconequus went stalking at night making crunches in the night to spook otherponies -- no, hardly! Perish the thought, "But what's a little foal like you doing in a place like this! Mayhem is best shared, in a large group." Where you'd get the most laughs,

(22:52:32) Bygone Specter quirked his head to the side. Dare he tell Discord what he was up to? Well, it couldn't really hurt could it? It isn't like it was anything dangerous! (in his own 'professional' opinion, of course!) "W-well.. I'm trying to, well, come up with something new to sell in the shop. Unfortunately all I seem to be coming up with are different types of bombs.... Nothing seems to work, or perhaps the chaos laced in my magic makes it so! It can be reeeeeally fickle sometimes!" he'd giggle at the thought of one particular blast a few hours ago. He'd bounced! If it weren't for the chaos core and his true form's chitin he'd probably be a lot more hurt than he was. "Just... trying to keep my mind off of some recent events. Y-you know, getting stoned by a chicken- watching a crazy unicorn kill herself with an arcane spear - that sort of thing." he'd shiver.

(22:56:42) Discord Draconequus rubbed at his chin, giving a shift glance away. Not that anyone would know what he did with the cockatrices -- but you always have to crack a few eggs to make an omellete. He coughed into his paw before clapping his foreclaws together. "Well see, no wonder you're not havinga fun time. Working on such things alone is not only veeeery dangerous, but it's no fun!" He threw out his arms. "Explosions, rattling buildings to their foundations -- all these sort of things are better in the company of freiiiends~!" He vanished in a puff of smoke, appearing right behind the young foal, chuckling. "I mean I can assure you I am the premier expert in chaos." He stood proudly with a graduation cap on his head and his claw against his feathered chest.

(23:05:26) Bygone Specter couldn't help but smile some at the quite strange mix of creatures. "Hehe, you should see my marbles. Just the right amount of magic poured into a small glass sphere! I toss them at something and they explode! Meanwhile I can say that I 'lost my marbles' without telling a lie!" he giggled only to jump nearly a foot in the air with a 'eep' and come down hard on his bum. Suddenly teleporting like that had startled him! It didn't help that the burning from the core got worse! Then something the chaos spirit said a few phrases back gave him pause. "Friends?" he asked with a somewhat confused but vaguely hopeful tone. Sure the draconequus was probably just talking, but at the same time the little changeling loved making new friends! Being so quick to make friends with anypony was going to get him seriously hurt one day....naive little foal that he was, all considering.

(23:09:39) Discord Draconequus parted his muzzle a bit, index claw pointing. He snapped it closed nad glanced upward in thought before nodding. "Causing chaos in a pair is certainly more fun than doing it alone in this drab dreary place. I mean the decor is horrendous!" He threw his hands out, bifocals over his nose with flags of colorful fabric dangling behind him. It all vanished in a flash before he would wiggle his fingers and cause the foal's beakers and baubles to move around. "If you really want to make a boom, you have to take it outside -- I know just the pile of leaves you can test it on.... friend." The snaky draconequus grinned. He wasn't being dishonest, but any stirring of chaos lit a flame under his tail. He got excited easily!

(23:17:42) Bygone Specter lit up with a bright smile as Discord used the word 'friend' once again! How he loved that word so! "The cart can stay, I have everything I need iiiin my hat." The now bouncing foal told the spirit of chaos. "Just point me at these leaves and we can make a reeeeeeally big boom!" he smiled a grin of cheshire proportions! If there was one thing the foal liked as much as having friends, it was explosions.... and chaos to a lesser degree. Granted most of his love of 'chaos' was derived from the influence of the chaos core, but even still! At this point the foal would happily blow things up with a friend at his side! Better hope it wasn't anything important, or something.... Otherwise his agreement to not make trouble was going to be broken!

(23:26:50) Discord Draconequus hooted in glee and let SPecter's baubles float safely back down before he vanishes and reappeared with luggage looking as if he was ready to go on a trip. "Well what are we waiting for! There's fun to be had!" the luggage vanished in ap uff of smoke leaving the spirit with a tiny red flag in paw. "Okay, follow me!" He waggled the guide flag and fluttered off, keeping up a speed letting the foal's shorter legs keep up. The troublemaking spirt soon led the foal to an opening where there were several piles of leaves piled several more feet high! This mess was likely the spirit's own doing who did enjoy piling leaves in inappropriate places, strangely very close to the schoolhouse: where they would never stay piled up for long with foals around... ho ho!

(23:31:26) Bygone Specter quickly pushed his hat up so that it didn't block his gaze as the little foal quickly ran after the chaos spirit! He had too much pride to request for him to slow down, but thankfully that wasn't needed since Discord seemed to be keeping a pace that he could keep up with! Soon enough they'd be leaving the forest and... entering Ponyville? The foal was, admittedly, a little unnerved that the location he was going to be using explosives at was Ponyville... in the dead of night! This was going to cause one tartarus of a panic! But... he didn't want to disappoint his new friend! He stared at the massive piles of leaves, resisting the urge to jump into them. "Blow them up?" he asked with a crooked grin.

(23:34:34) Discord Draconequus rubbed his paws together as he settled on the ground upon his haunches. "Now, now, theres an art to this sort of task. You can't just go about it willy nilly!" He neighed with a blowing of his lips. He floated around the leaf piles till he floated in the center and two large washing basin's appeared in his foreclaws. "If we hide your lovely noise makers down here -- it'll give us a louder bang with the bonus of erupting the leaves in a fantastic storm of wooosh!" He set the basins down and floated up, coiling about excitedly. "This will be wonderful!" Oh the noise it will make in the middle of the night, rolling ponies out of the hay and into action!

(23:42:59) Bygone Specter stared at the Draconequus and couldn't help but actually cackle a little at the idea. "All the leaves will go 'whooosh'! And rain down on ponyville. Mmmm.. Perhaps I could rig up several to explode at once?" he asked as he looked at the mischievous chaos spirit with a devilish grin of his own. "We should move these around town! Set them off in a wider area!" he brought a small hoof up and rubbed his chin. "Oh!... " he mused to himself as he took his hat off and began to pull crystals out. A few simple etchings to store power and a good helping of magic... Nothing elegant, but it worked like a charm. He was reeeeally good at making explosives. Not that he normally had any need for them!

(23:46:07) Discord Draconequus clasped his paws together, eyes becoming tear. A foal after his own heart -- or maybe job. He floated up and moved to pull the foal against him with his lion's paw and smirked. "Now that is pure genius. Imagine all those leaves and all those colors making everyone happy!" Sometimes Ponyville needed a little help getting excited. "I'll lend you a hoof." If he had successfully pulled Bygone close he would drop him and float off the ground. The spirit snapped his claws and made the leaf piles appear in various corners along the road. It was pure genius! "Good thing I thought of this... imagine everyone's faces when they come out to see it raining leaves~?!" Pish posh the noise, the leaves alone would be compensation enough for rousing ponies from their slumber!

(23:52:55) Bygone Specter was rather easy to pull as he'd not dodged. He even made a rather amusing squeaking sound when he was squeezed! Where he had been doubtful whether or not this was a good idea, Discord did mention that all the leaves and colors would make ponies happy! How could he find fault in making ponies happy? The draconequus wouldn't lead him astray... riiiiiight? Of course, he was Bygone's friend! A few runes and some unstable magic later and the crude explosives were ready! "I'm ready!" he grinned, levitating one gemstone to each pile of leaves that he saw! Now even he was excited to see the end-results of this master plan!

(23:55:47) Discord Draconequus couldn't wait himself! Now will the draconequus did not have any malice in his goading of the foal, neither was he without knowledge of the fluster the noise would cause. Sometimes it was just more fun to see excitement rather than lazy old boring ness that turned everything a drab gray. The serpentine hodgepodge of beasts leapt behind a sefty rock and snapped on a pair of safety goggles. With a snap of his fingers he would place a pair on the foal. "Safety first!"

(00:03:21) Bygone Specter was all but bouncing by the time that Bygone had a pair of safety goggles placed on his face. With that smile, the goggles, and his hat he just needed an old lab coat to look the part of some crazy scientist pony who was doing something veeeery suspicious! Joining Discord behind a good rock as they were Bygone sent out a pulse of magic, and thankfully most ponies were asleep to not feel it. The end result was the gemstones crackled and glowed in their wash basins. Then with a loud 'BOOOM' explosions rattled out around the town and leaves went flying everywhere! "Oops... I may have put too much magic." he'd blush. Lights were coming on everywhere as ponies were scared silly from what was formerly a peaceful sleep!

(00:09:44) Discord Draconequus was at amazement of the disaster this caused. So -- you could cause disharmony without involving others (mad scientist foals aside). He hooted and fluttered into the air. "Quick, quick, now comes the best part!" He dropped to all fours. "Running through the leaves and getting away as fast as you can!" It had to be part of the game right? Like neigh, neigh ditch! The awkwardly coiled draconequus sprang through the raining leaves, It was probably best they got moving fast. If they were caught they could be blamed!

(00:13:12) Bygone Specter was watching the colorful leaves scatter only to hear Discord speak again. "Huh-wha?" he'd ask only to recognize what the draconequus was saying when he raced away! The foal 'eeped' and quickly ran after the fleeing mis-matched being! A running they will go, a running they will go! Of course By was a good deal slower due to his small size, and he nearly had a close call when a door opened not too far behind him, but... He was going to make it right?!

(00:20:50) Discord Draconequus spread his wings to a greater size than they appeared and flapped them to kick up his speed, but in doing so he swirled a tiny tornado of leaves behind him causing the too-close call to be caught up in a curtain of leaves, which would hopefully give Bygone the leeway he needed to escape to the safety of the little apply tree in the clearing far from their troublemaking center.

(00:24:31) Bygone Specter eeped and dodged the small tornado of leaves! The bright side was that gave him more than enough leeway to escape! The foal continued running all the way to the apple tree before he quite simply collapsed on and began to giggle. "Hehehe- That was great!" he'd not be able to help himself as the laughing came along! His hear was a-pumping and the foal was quite happy to have helped so many ponies! Yeah... 'helped'.. The chaos core in his chest burned, but oddly enough it didn't hurt as much as it normally did. Oh well, he'd never even think about asking why - Perhaps if he's around Discord enough he'll figure out? Who knows! Ponyville was in a state of pandemonium though as panicked ponies tried to figure out what was going on only to be buffeted by the leaves which... oddly enough... there seemed to be more falling leaves than there should be!

(00:45:49) Discord Draconequus laughed joyously, rolling around in the dying grass, rubbing at his feathered belly. "That was fantastically cataclysmic! I must say you are a most excellent maker of -- uh, leaf storms." No no, chaos was such a harsh word for what was a simple game. He pushed to his feet, safety goggles vanishing from them both. "Well foal, I have to head on out. You should probably sleep too! You'll sleep well knowing you brought joy to all the ponies tonight!" He knew he would be sleeping soundly amongst all the pandemonium that leaked into his realm!

(00:51:06) Bygone Specter raised his head and tried to force back the giggles lest he never be able to talk! They just kept bubbling up from the chaos core! Soon enough he was under control and he gave a quiet sigh. "Awww.. okay! Perhaps we can do something like this again sometime! I like to help ponies!" he smiled wide and dare-it-be-said innocently at the draconequus! "I gotta head home... A long walk it is!" Unless stopped the foal began to bounce his way back towards the dark Everfree forest! It was a good ways back to the crumbling castle and his 'sanctuary'! Hopefully Squirrel wasn't worried or something!
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