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PostSubject: cuckoo chickens   cuckoo chickens Icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2015 12:25 pm

(18:10:16) Discord Draconequus had popped in for a bit, quite literally, popped in with a rather dull burst of light and a few soap bubbles sprinkling behind his wings. "Ho ho, there doesn't seem to be anyone around." Which was usually unexpected at this time of day. Putting a paw to his brow he focused what now appeared to be binoculars in his claws as he sat back on his haunches. "Fall always has such lovely colors -- reminds me of rock candy!" As he said this a bag of black rock candy appeared in his paw and he began to munch away. "Now all I need are a few ponies today to make the evening a little less boring~" He crunched away at his snack, the end of his crooked tail whipping about against the leaf-covered ground: inducing the most annoying crunch sounds. He had a knack for making a nuisance of himself even when alone.

(18:22:25) Los Pollos Loco had become quite irate since he met that little yellow pegasus inside the Everfree forest! The leader of the Los Pollos Loco had cracked his sunglasses! And no mater how much he tried to forget them he remembered those eyes.... Those horrible, horrible eyes! To make matters worse, he ran into another pony whom made him feel rather strange! He'd been knocked out and now he was... larger? And there was some strange collar thing he couldn't get off! Collared by a pony?! Los Pollos Locos was irrationally livid! Thus the almost mantacore-sized cockatrice stumbled from the treeline and leapt towards the quaint town that was not far from the edge of his own home. His cracked triangular sunglasses were still upon his beak and he still somehow wore his (now jumbo sized) eye watering hot pink and lime green sombrero/poncho combo! How? Magic! He wanted some ponies! Mmmm.. how did ponies taste?! The more he thought, the more hungry he felt!.... Mmm...

(18:35:24) Squirrel Feather continued to mutter to herself as she trailed behind Bygone. The 'unicorn' was insane. She should've stayed in the cart! Wait, what was that? Ears leapt forward as she reared back, balancing on her hind legs. Neck stained, her muzzle tilting into the air as her Father scrambled up her face to sit on her nose. Silence was loud in Everfree, as loud as a screech of murder. "Something's wrong." Scamper turned and gave a sudden shrill chitter, the last sound to escape him before an ugly crackling rose from his body as he turned to stone. "Papa!" Forelegs lashed out to catch the squirrel as he fell from her nose, her mouth falling open as her ears fell back in utter terror. Emeralds filled with tears, then slammed shut. "COCKATRICE!" She screamed suddenly, her eyes locking shut. Tucking her dadstatue
(18:35:40) Squirrel Feather into her chest, she tore blindly for Ponyville, screaming over and over.

(19:02:14) Bygone Specter was still leading Squirrel on for the visit only to start to feel that something was off. It was.... quiet? And then there was suddenly a scream from behind him! Squirrel?! He spun only to see her grab ahold of something and take off past him! Unfortunately this left him looking at the edge of the woods and.... well, that was kinda-sorta the last thing he'd see before the world would go grey as he focused upon a pair of rather large red eyes. The statue-that-was-a-Bygone was standing with one hoof up and a rather goofy startled look on his hat-wearing head....

(20:17:46) * Gallant Gloom was somewhere near his home, carrying back and forth carts full of stones and pails of mortar to begin building his fireplace. He'd dropped the cart in surprise when the vaguely familiar voice rattled through the trees, crying out the name of a dangerous mythical beast! Right away Gloomy ran toward his home to tuck away in the cellar and hide! Cellar wasn't built yet, though, so instead, he'd grab his helm and rush toward the sounds of screaming, that amulet 'round his neck tossed away into a corner just before he made it out the door! Wings spanning free from their magical viel, him stuck in the doorway. Awesome...

(19:30:02) Discord Draconequus arched up at the sound of a rabble behind him. "What's huh?" He lowered his head to look behind him from beneath his right arm, feathers ruffling a bit in the process and his bag of rock candy vanishing. Someone was a hootin' and a hollerin' -- and he wasn't at the center of it! That was certainly disconcerting! Poofing out of existence, before appearing back in, and facing the opposite direction (binoculars fully focused once again in his foreclaws (and paw) the hodgepodge of a pony inspected the horizon. Of course all he saw was the flash and flutter of a squirrely little pony. "Whoa!" He tossed up his binoculars, trying to catch them as they fell back down, only for the instrument to poof out in a puff of smoke. With his ears pointed up and mismatched eyes wide the male pulled up his hoofed leg to spring out of the way of the shouting, panicked pony.
(19:30:03) Discord Draconequus gave a disgruntled huff as he stamped his hoof down. "How rude, I was floating here!" He chuckled as he fluttered off the ground. "Cockatrice?" He looked around, floating upside down as he caught sight of what looked to be a rather tawdry looking explosion of party colors. Stepping his hoof and claw against the underside of a treelimg: there he "stood', completely upsidedown. Scratching at his chin in a sagely manner the chaotic, chimeric, caboodle of a creature pondered. "Now what's all this chaos going around, not that I can't appreciate a good fluster, I'd rather not have the show stolen." He dropped down with a noisy clap and stomp on his hoof and claw. "Okay, okay, everyone just calm down!" He held up his paw, waving a red flag, calling home foul!

(19:38:12) Fluttershi pants as she tried chasing that sunglasses wearing sombreo weilding Cockatrice, but she lost him some where in the forest. Fluttershy tripped over an uprised root and landed chin first on the ground as she slid a bit in the dirt. She whined not from the fall or the little bit of pain she felt, but from all the critters that was still turned to stone. She nearly had the Cockatrice, but he managed to get away as she pulled her self up to all four hooves again; limbs shaking as she managed to keep her self standing. Flutter looked around for the chicken, but so far all she could see was little stone critters all about. She huffed and shed a few tears for them, "...oh...d-don't...worry...little...ones...I shall...m-make this better..." She told all the stone critters around her.[c]
(19:41:20) Fluttershi was wandering the forest for what seemed like hours as she finally made it out of the forest; following the stone trail of critters. She stopped part of the way out as she came across alittle foal statue, " foals too..." She said saddly as she got close she reconized it as Bygone how could she forget that little foal and the hat and that grin! She hugged the statue, "...Oh, little Bygone...I am sorry.,..i-if only I stopped of this would...of happened..." She sobbed, but then turned around and started to head out towards the village.[e]

(19:47:48) Lady Rarity was galloping off from Ponyville as fast as her delicate hooves could take her. The white unicorn mare wasn't paying much attention when she slammed right into her yellow, pegasus friend. "Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry, but you see, I'm in a bit of a hurry..." The unicorn trailed off after seeing who she bumped into. "Oh, Fluttershy! Thank goodness! My poor Opal's become a statue, and while I love her newfound good behaviour..." She trailed off again as she saw the foal statue. "Ohmy. I see the culprit was here. Fluttershy, is there anything we can do to stop this?"
(19:47:53) Lady Rarity: [e]

(19:56:51) Los Pollos Loco had his gaze drawn to a really noisy pony who... almost reminded him of a Squirrel! He loved squirrels, they tasted so nice! The manticore-sized cockatrice let out an echoing 'b'kaw' and lumbered after Squirrel right in the direction of Ponyville proper! Other ponies were ignored, with most of them being turned to stone with varying degrees of shock! The giant cockatrice was carving a path of destruction and confusion through the wanna-be peaceful town! So much chaos happened there the peace was only fleeting. There was a fruit wagon that had been in his way once. He tried to fly up to hop over the cart, but the flimsy wood crumbled under Los Pollos Loco's massive form! The end result was the cockatrice tumbled and rolled for a few feet but he scambled onto his talons once again and scrambled after the Squirrely pony!

(20:01:54) Squirrel Feather barely heard the commotion around her for all the commotion she was busy causing. She had learned of the vile chicken demons from her Father, as well as some of the other monsters the Everfree held in waiting. It was the first time she had the encountered one! Hearing a voice, her eyes popped open long enough to spot a.. what the tree bark?! She stumbled at the sight of Discord, and then he was gone! Vanished! She staggered, clinging tighter to her dadtue as she looked around. It had not occurred to her that the monsterous birdlizard was hunting her, and she wasted valuable seconds in freaking out over a vanishing hodgepodge of animal parts. She turned as the cart was crushed and screamed again, closing her eyes as she fled - right into a mailbox! CLANG! Face hit metal and down she went, with little cockatrices tweeting around her head.

(20:21:14) Discord Draconequus blinked, letting his ears fold back against his skull. He watched as poor Squirrel met the mail end of a post box and took herself out when he started poofing around like some sentient cloud. He put his paws on his hips and gave a confident huff through his nose. "Now that's more like it!" He bellowed out, brushing his tongue over his snagletooth. He turned his head so it twisted back. He looked over his shoulder toward the mad-bird. "Alright, it looks like it's time to pull up my sleeves!" He threw out his forearms, letting the sleeves of his black-biker jacket billow out before he pulled each one up. With a pair of sunglasses on the end of his muzzle. He padded forward before he stood before the massive beast. He curled up his lip, the draconequus chewing on a piece of wheat and a gallon hand now tipped over his face.
(20:21:16) Discord Draconequus wiggled his fingers at either side of his hip where hung a holster. "You've come into the wrong neighborhood pal. Chaos isn't big enough for the both of us." He reach down into his holsters and quick drew a pair of bubble guns. "Draw." The mix-and-match spirit squeezed the trigger which would than squirt out paint toward the Cockatrice.

(20:47:59) Fluttershi oofs as she is knocked down onto her flank by a sudden blur. She shook her head as her eyes rolled in her skull, "...uh...?" She muttered her ears beeped and she shook her head once more to clear it. She looked up and saw Rarity there as she applolgized to her, "'s fine, Rarity..." She said as she was helped up by her. She listened to her and caught her question, "...oh...y-yes...I know what done...this.,...i-it was a I failed to the forest..." She said saddly looking down dissapointed in her self. Soon she heard a scream off in the distance towards Ponyville's town square, "...w-what was that...?" She asked; knees buckling on all four legs as she leaned on rarity to keep from falling down. She shooked her head and stood up trying to gain some composure.[c]
(20:50:11) Fluttershi bit her lip and stomped her hoof as she remembered all the critters, "'t...a-a...time to be...afraid..." She stuttered as she grabbed Rarity, "...W=we have to stop that thing...w-with Twilight out of town and the others gone...w-we can't...have the whole town turn to stone...when she gets back..." She cried as she raced off with Rarity towards the Giant Chocobo....Cockatrice.[e]

(20:54:43) Lady Rarity allowed her friend to lean against her for support. "You're right, Fluttershy. Let's go get that monster chicken!" As she raced off towards Ponyville, the cry from before made her fearful for her younger sister's well-being. "I hope she's staying indoors." She muttered herself. "Fluttershy, is there anything we can do?" She looked toward the creature-friendly pony in hopes.

(21:05:38) Los Pollos Loco was in luck! The squirrely pony ran into something and seemed to have knocked herself out! The 'chicken' ba-kaws and steps towards his prospective meal only for... what the ba-kaw is that! The creature's large beady red eyes narrow, his head tilts, and... the new creature pulls out a pair of objects. What are they? Los Pollos Loco cried out as a sudden blast of liquid erupted at him! The creature was shocked and... blasted with paint! If it were possible the creature's red eyes would have turned even more red! That creature ruined his poncho! And got paint on his glorious sombrero! With now glowing eyes and a crackling sound coming from the collar the giant 'chicken' wore he spun, swinging his large tail at the strange mix of creatures! Now he was mad!

(21:18:01) Discord Draconequus hummed and let the paint guns vanish from his paws. "Maybe that wasn't that best idea..." Or -- maybe it was the best idea! He pressed his paw and claw tips together as he looked over his muzzle with his bifocals. "Hmm you appear to be very mad," he analyzed. "Well we can't have that!" He jumped off the ground and fluttered in the air, his smaller wings beating frantically to keep the dragonequus off the ground. "Can't we just get along?" He grinned and pulled his hindtoes into his forepaws. "Greetings! I can see you're new in toooown." He cocked his head to the side along the length of the vowel before spinning upside down and vanishing. After a moment he reappeared perched ontop of the mailbox. "I gotta say I like your style..." He pointed his paw at the big bird. "All of the colors too, but you seem to be causing a little -- chaos..." And he didn't much like being out of the loop!

(21:27:31) Fluttershi listened to Rarity as she came to a stop; slidding in the dirt path. Before her was Discord and a now giant Cockatrice...with anow colorful well more colorful sombreo. Fluttershy eeped as she hid under a nearby turned over wagon and looked up at the creature, " now..." She cried out through teary eyes. She looked to rarity and pulled her under with her as she held her close, " don't know...per-perhaps...we...c-could ask it nicely to quit destroying...Pon-Ponyville and...turn...everything back" She suggested as she looked towards Discord and started to inch away abit, "...w-well...I think...Di-Discord can handle...t-this..." She said as she hit her head on the cart coming out and it made a loud crash; flipping over. She froze as she held her head, "...o-ow..."

(21:32:23) Lady Rarity flinched as the cart crashed then started straight at the crazy chicken. "Fluttershy, you're the creature pony. If you ask it to stop, will it?"

(21:42:47) Los Pollos Loco was increasingly frustrated as he tried to hit the mismatched thing only to miss each time! He was brought to a stop, though, whenever the creature began to speak once again. Admittedly Los Pollos Loco was interested in this being! Such a strange but glorious mis-match of animal parts. He idly wondered if each limb tasted like the animal it came from!... However the brief calm was disturbed by a crash from nearby. He turned, and thus the former calm cockatrice saw the bane of his existence! A strange 'zapping' sound started to come form the collar, and only seeming to make him more angry....That pegasus was the reason his sunglasses were cracked! His eyes quickly returned to glowing and he crowed loudly, bum-rushing in the direction of the yellow pegasus!

(21:44:07) Squirrel Feather blinked slowly. Oh, what happened? She closed her eyes, giving a shake of the head. A nice red mark was left from the mailbox on her face, leaving her with a lingering blush. The shake rattled her brain a bit, sending the images of tiny birdlizards scattering to all corners of the Earth. Bringing a hoof up, she rubbed at her skull. In her haze, she was almost positive she had seen some sort of.. cowboy? Stepping in to save her. Wait, save her from what? THE COCKATRICE! She snapped her head up, the world growing clear. The feeling of stone digging into her assured her that she had not shattered her Father when she fell, and she quickly opened the mailbox to stick him inside just a heartbeat before Discord appeared on it. Almost instantly, she dove behind him for protection. At least the Cockatrice had found a new form of prey.

(21:54:10) Discord Draconequus flinched back at the disasterrific sound of Fluttershy bash-bumping into something, but with the big-bodied-birb in the way it was hard to spy who it had been. When the bird turned away the male noticed a splash of yellow and pink, causing him to jump a bit. His ears folded back before they shot forward and he narrowed his eyes. "Hey, I'm talking here, what am I a wall?!" The draconequus folded his ears and dove backwards off the mailbox, vanishing into the ground before moving to attempt and reappear in front of the angry doodler in the shape of a brick wall. Hoping it worked, and even if it didn't, he would let out a laugh and hope to reform and land on the bird's sombrero in miniature size. "Gotta say I've never seen a chicken more on fire than it is now!"

(22:17:06) Fluttershi turned her head towards the Caw, " you...don't...stop right now...m-mister...and turn every creature back this instant..." She tried to act threatening, but failed as her legs trembled and she shook. It was then she saw Discord get in front of them as the wall went up and she attempted to sneak away.

(22:25:35) Squirrel Feather lifted her head as her cover vanished. Again. This popping in and out was going to get annoying. She was grateful there was a distraction, at least. She continued to cower behind the mailbox, ears pulled back as she watched Discord attempt to stop the birdlizard from attacking the next pony. On fire was an understatement! Wait, that was it! She leapt to her feet and darted to the fruit cart, swiftly digging through the fruit. "C'mon, c'mon!" Aha! Grasping an orange, she sank her teeth into the skin and tore it free. Snatching a rock up, she shoved it into the center of the orange. Taking a broken piece of wood, she set it between her forelegs and rolled it back and forth. Friction caused a spark, then a flame lifted. She stuck the burning orange onto another piece of wood and made her way over, attempting to slip under
(22:25:43) Squirrel Feather the Cockatrice and put the fire under his toes Bugs Bunny style.

(22:29:43) Los Pollos Loco had tunnel vision where the pegasus was concerned. Anything she said was.... well... ignored! The giant cockatrice suddenly found his way barred by a wall, however, and he crashed right into it! The wall more than likely crumbled due to the sheer mass of the creature whom was now stunned and staggering back and forth. Oh tartarus his head hurt! With a shake of his head he focused back to find but an empty road! No! Where did she go?! Ugh! The cockatrice winced as a pulse of pain shot through his head. The cockatrice crowed loudly.... And in the distance one would hear crowed replies! Then... there was a burning coming from his foot! Owww! The cockatrice yelped and toppled, collapsed on the ground with a resounding crash... only for the crowing to be growing closer! There was a small flock of seven cockatrice with similar absurdly colored garments racing that way!

(22:41:53) Discord Draconequus was bumped into and, boy was he sent rolling. He landed on his chin and his rump falling right atop his muzzle. Muffling protests escaped the disharmony spewing pony before he slithered back into a proper position and sat himself on his haunches. "Whoa, that really took me for a spin." He shook his head, not at all enjoying being the one spun into confusion. His ears flicked forward. "Just who do you think your are?!" He put his hands on his hips only for the dangerous sounding crow noises to surround them. "Well I suppose when you start a barbecue, uninvited guests sometimes show up." He folded his ears back, placing his paw over his lips in a worried motion. "Well -- look at the time?" He turned his wrist, displaying a watch before he backed up, holding up his paws defensively.

(22:51:14) Los Pollos Loco was in pandemonium! The giant cockatrice was unconscious and laying on the ground while the group quickly swarmed the position. The first thing they saw was Discord seemingly standing over their fallen boss! That was not acceptable! The group of cockatrice were completely focused on the spirit of disharmony! And... well, with Fluttershy seemingly gone it seemed Discord and Squirrel were now the two that would have to save Ponyville! Uh-oh! Was Ponyville doomed? Or would the two come through!?

(22:59:23) Squirrel Feather darted back as the massive birdlizard fell, to avoid being entirely crushed by it. Despite running, she was grinning from ear to ear. It worked! Her blood Father had taught her a good few skills after all! The crows of the approaching hoard sent her stumbling to a stop, a chill running down her spine. She had to get out of here! This wasn't her fight! Emeralds flickered around wildly, landing on the mailbox. Speaking of Fathers.. She narrowed her eyes. No, this was her fight. It had become her fight the instant that giant beast attacked Scamper! She glanced back at the approaching gang and snorted. With the creatures all focused on Discord, it gave her a chance to tiptoe back over to the ruined fruit cart. Taking a large piece of wood, she flung it over a wheel and loaded down one side with the fruit. Diving onto the other side, the fruit was sent hurling down at the gang of Cockadoos.

(23:07:32) Discord Draconequus backed up a bit as the doodle birds began to surround him. "Now, now, we can talk about this. Ummm..." He put on a pair of bifocals, seemingly out of nowhere, and a book in hand. He drew down the page with his finger. "Ahh...cluck--buck-bawk? No, no -- cluck peck squawk?" He hummed and tossed his glasses and book. "Eh, that's for the birds anyway." He pursed his lips, snaggletooth pointing outward. He wasn't keen on all these critters causing chaos that was rightfully his! He blinked with it suddenly began raining fruit? That gave him an idea. "Ho, ho! I guess that's why they call it fall. We can hammer out an agreement." he raised his paws, a mallet appearing in his grip and a scarf over his neck with matching false, black hair. He smashed the fruit that fell too far from the birds, letting the citrusy insides erupt everywhere!

(23:12:59) Los Pollos Locos:_ The group of foul fowl stared in a confused manner at Discord. What was he... saying? The bird off to the far side made a face. That was not appropriate! Just as they began to approach the creature it was suddenly raining fruit! Noooo, not fruit! Anything but fruit! The group of cockatrice were dodging this way and that only to find fruit suddenly being smashed at them from Discord! This was a really..... odd.... way to fight cockatrice! But remarkably effective. It was chaos - One was hit by a solid smack from a rogue fruit and toppled to the ground, out cold. A second turned towards Squirrel and began to advance at the pegasus's sheltered position! The rest were busy trying to avoid the falling fruit."

(23:28:25) Squirrel Feather reloaded her fruit catapult again and again, until the cart's supply was almost out. She would have her revenge! Brilliant grin had settled on her muzzle and was going nowhere fast as she stomped her hindlegs hard onto the wood, sending muddy apples raining down on the birds. She was almost too focused on reloading to notice one of them had turned toward her, moving from banana to catapult and back again. She paused, turning her head as ears rose toward the approaching beast. Emeralds closed quickly, her wing rising to cover her face. "You want to dance, chickenlegs?" She spun, turning her back to him. Hindlegs spread out as she dug her forehooves into the ground. "Let's dance!" Digging furiously, she sent clods of dirt and chunks of wood flying up as she burrowed deep into the ground.

(23:42:12) Discord Draconequus wiped some fruit off his face, toting the mallet over his shoulder. He seemed proud of his mess, unwilling to be outdone. He looked around, making sure all the bird brains were KOd. As he slowly turned, left ear pricking up. One of the doodlers was going after the squirrelly foal, great. He rolled his eyes but jumped in surprise when nothing but a dirt tornado blasted out from where she stood. "Well, that's one way to beat out the rug." He vanished before reappearing perched on the cart. He threw up his paws and smirked. "Let's finish off these turkeys, the old fashion way." A pilgrim's cap appeared on his head before he moved to toss out a rope in attempt to tie up the fallen birds.

(23:48:33) Los Pollos Locos:_The last of the reptilian poultry approached the cart, totally unaware that the last of his friends had been knocked unconscious by the storm of fruit. The last of the cockatrice continued to approach the pegasus only for her to.... burrow?! Several of the dirt chunks hit the cockatrice, but a lucky piece of wood flew up and smacked him right in the head. With a weak 'caw' the creature fell unconscious with a thud. Now it was a matter of Discord binding each of the birds with his rope(s)!"

(23:53:19) Squirrel Feather had dug a nice sized burrow by the time she stopped, only her tail left sticking out. She popped her head up from the hole and glanced back over her shoulder toward the cockatrice, making sure it was no longer coming at her. Seeing it was unconscious, she drew her hoof up and pointed. "Ha!" Tongue stuck out and nose wrinkling in victory. She leapt from the burrow and shook off, cloud of dirt rising off her. No one messed with the Squirrel Queen! She glanced at Discord as he suddenly appeared, the poofing and reappearing less startling now. "Get 'em, Cowboy!" She reared back, standing on her hind legs and actually staying on them as she watched the birdlizards get tied up. Now it was just a matter of figuring out how to turn everyone back to normal.

(23:58:09) Discord Draconequus laughed. "Ho, ho! I can see why cowpoking is so much fun! Though I guess it is more chicken poking." He laughed before fluttering off the cart like a proud fisherpony with his catch. "So -- what's going on anyway, is it my birthday?" He squealed, holding onto the rope with his paw, fluttering high off the ground. He prodded at his snaggletooth, ears folded back in thought. Wait -- no his birthday was last year.

(00:07:44) Squirrel Feather shook her head as the birds were gathered, strolling her way over to the mailbox that had so willfully intervened with her attempt to flee to the hills and never return. "I don't know. I was with a friend near Everfree, we were going to visit some pony he knew that lived in a cabin nearby when these things attacked." She opened the mailbox and pulled out the stone statue that was her father. She set it on her flank, his favorite spot when he wasn't.. well, stone. "They came out of nowhere and hit my dad, and Bygon-" She gasped suddenly. "Oh my sweet acorns! Bygone!" She snatched one of the streamers from the cart and used it to tie Scamper onto her back. "I'm sorry, I have to go!" She called to Discord, taking off back the way she came. "I'm a horrible guardian!"

(00:19:03) Discord Draconequus blinked in confusion. "Oh, well this is awkward." He pressed his clawed finger to his lip and looked down at the chickens. "I suppose I can start an egg farm, get Applejack's tethers in a knot, ho ho!" He supposed all he could do was take them along to the Realm of Chaos until somepony figured out what to do with them. They were pretty good at starting chaos... he supposed they could be helpful later... Since no responsible adults were around to tell Discord no -- it must be a-okay!
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