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 Canon Application Form

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PostSubject: Canon Application Form   Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:36 am

Canon character application form:

It has come to me that players maybe signing up for more then one forum account and/applying for more then one Main Canon I need to let it be known this is not allowed that this Forum does tell me the IP address of Everypony who is logged in. I do copy and save the ones that tip my attion and if it is found that you have more then one Forum account and/or by the banish check had more then one Main Canon within the dream your IP will be blocked on the Forum and you will be banished from the dream.. This is to allow others to be able to play a Main and or have the name on the Forum they want.. So don't be a greedy pony and let others have a chance to...

Note: Being a canon character is a big undertaking, in a lot of ways it like being staff. Not only will you have different duties around the dream (pinkie pie is expected to maintain a job at the Sugarcube Corner, Fluttershy is expected to sell pets at her cottage etc.) but you will have to make sure you can attend certain events for dream-wide plot, parties, etc.

When posting your app please make it a poll for staff to vote on include Approve, Denied, & Undesided
NOTE: All questions are Required!!

Once you apply please add this to your desc
 <a href=Your App link here>Cannon App Pending</a> At  <a href=furc://equestria/>Equestria</a>
When approved change that to
 <a href=your app link here>Approved Cannon RPer</a> At  <a href=furc://equestria/>Equestria</a>

[b]Canon Name:[/b] 

[b]Furcaida Name:[/b] 

[b]Name of alts we may know you as:[/b]

[b]Why do you want this character?:[/b] Explain to us why you are choosing this character. 3-5 line preferred. 

[b]How often are you online?:[/b] Being a canon can be a lot of responsibility. In many ways it's like being staff.

[b]Gender:[/b]  Are you a Male or Female

[b]Species:[/b] What Species are you?

[b]Cutie Mark:[/b] What is your Cutie Mark?

[b]Generation:[/b] What Gen Are you?

[b]Special Somepony:[/b] Do you have a Special Somepony if so who?

[b]Pet:[/b] Do you have a pet if so what is there name?

[b]Residence:[/b] Where do you live?

[b]Workplace:[/b] Do you have a job if so where do you work?

[b]Occupation:[/b] If you have a job what is your Job Title?

[b]Short Introduction:[/b] If you where to met me randomly what would you want me to know about your pony the most?

[b]Backstory:[/b] Where does your pony come from what was there past like?

[b]Apearance:[/b] What does your pony look like?

[b]Personality:[/b] Show us your knowledge of the character.

[b]Job:[/b] Tell me all about your ponies job?

[b]Equestria RP Alts:[/b] Do you RP other ponies in the dream please list there names here.

[b]Ref Image:[/b] A pic of your pony

[b]Sample Post:[/b] This better be your best work, as it's the most important part of the application. 4 line Min in Furc main chat screen
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Canon Application Form
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