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 11/21/15; Those Busy Canterlot Streets

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Princess Luna

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11/21/15; Those Busy Canterlot Streets Empty
PostSubject: 11/21/15; Those Busy Canterlot Streets   11/21/15; Those Busy Canterlot Streets Icon_minitimeSun Nov 22, 2015 9:50 pm

Sunset Glow. It looked to be another sunny autumn day, one she was glad she had off. There had been whisperings amongst the day guard that had her worried. Something about her sister, and probably involving Princess Luna? Whatever the case was, she intended to find out. The unicorn made her way through the sparkling streets of Canterlot, with a lack of her armor for once, towards her parents. If her sister was there, of course- it was the first place that popped into her mind.

Mist Feather was actually just done visiting their parents after discussing the bedsheet mishap and exited the door to their parental home slightly flustered. "No sweat indeed mom will you keep teasing me with that?" Then kicked the door shut with one of her hind legs and fluttered her wings.

Sunset Glow seemed to have been correct in assuming that Mist was at their parents' place. She'd no sooner reached the street it was on when the pegasus stepped out of the house. The mare quickened her pace, navigating around a few passing civilians, and called out to her sibling. "Mist! Hey, Mist!" Sunset, hoping she'd earned Mist's attention, which she probably had with all the yelling, quickly reached her. "Do you have a moment? I've been hearing some.. things."

Mist Feather perked up at hearing a familiar voice yell out her name and turned her head towards the sound. "Sunny?" Then saw the unicorn close in and blinked seeing her without her golden armor on, was she having a day of leave? "Um hey Sunset, how nice to see you big sis I just visited mom and dad, what can I do you for?"

Sunset Glow's lips quirked up in a smile at the nickname and she briefly glanced towards the house. Her gaze re-centered on the pegasus and she scuffed a hoof against the cobbled street. "Well, I'd heard some of the guard talking lately.. I'm not sure if it's like some sort of rumor, or what, but it worried me. I thought I'd come by and ask if everything was okay? They said you almost 'went rogue'... or whatever."

Mist Feather splayed her ears back and her wings out as she withered under her big sister's question not looking at her. "I.. Sunny I you um know I like mares yes? I um felt feelings for somepony unattainable to be, and when I was confronted I flew into a rage and nearly cut down the bearer of Honesty.."

Sunset Glow lifted an eyebrow in response and nodded briefly to the question. What came on the heels of it, however, surprised her quite a bit- it showed easily on her face. "Oh, wow. The Bearer of Honesty?" The mare echoed, aghast- although she couldn't be upset with her sister. It was.. probably heartbreaking. Sun frowned a little and moved in to hug Mist. "Yeesh. What exactly happened? Are you doing okay? You.. didn't lose your job over it did you?" Concerned sister mode activated!

Mist Feather shook her head as she hugged her older sibling in return. "No Sunny I'm not relieved from duty, before I could cut Applejack down Princess Luna swept in and stopped me from doing so, I relented seeing her wisdom in it and she gently broke my heart by telling me I could at best be her good friend."

Sunset Glow pulled back a little and froze with one comforting foreleg still slung over the pegasus's shoulders. "Whoa, whoa, wait. Are you telling me you had a crush on Princess Luna?" It seemed those whisperings were right. "I'm glad you didn't get fired over it, but I never knew you were that close with the princess of the night!" Sun replied with a quizzical look. "Well, I mean, she's probably busy enough that a relationship isn't possible.. Still. Are you doing okay after that?"

Mist Feather sunk onto her belly laying her wings in the dust as a typical sign of defeat and acceptance of such. "No Sunny we aren't that close it was foolish infatuation maybe even obsession on my part, I'm very lucky my contract wasn't terminated or that I even wasn't jailed, the fact that her majesty told me we could be good friends only proves her benevolence in the face of my stupidity." She sighed, at least she had found some solace in the hooves of a friend, yet was it such a sin to love an alicorn?

Sunset Glow's foreleg slid away from Mist's shoulders as her little sister sank down onto the cobbles. It worried her to see her sister upset, but there wasn't much anypony could do about a broken heart. "Oh, that's a shame. It's good that Princess Luna was so forgiving.. but you're definitely not stupid. Stuff like that happens to other ponies all the time.. although probably not with the Princesses." Sun said, sitting down by Mist with a frown. "Nopony could blame you, really. Not even me. She is pretty."

Mist Feather nodded some resting her head on her hooves. "I understand why it won't work just something told me I had to try, don't alicorns get lonely all those hundreds of years they live? Don't they deserve special someponies for them to be loved by? So yes I tried and feel no remorse but I accept that she will just be my good friend Luna."

Gallant Gloom is currently a background pone, just sitting somewhere in vague view of the camera, curled up in his dark cloak with a book balanced on his hooves, and his face hiding behind the cover. Though he's somewhat close by, he's much too wrapped up in his reading to overhear Misty's yammering on about her broken heart.

Sunset Glow put a hoof to her chin in thought, her frown fainter now. "The point is that you tried your best. It probably does get lonely, but at least the princesses have each other, even if they don't have a special somepony." She finally replied, and reached out her hoof for Mist's shoulder in comfort. "A friend is good enough, yeah? You'll still be able to keep her company." Sunset offered optimistically. "Now why don't you get up? You're gonna get all dirty if you lay there for too long."

Mist Feather shrugged and got to her hooves again. "I have been behaving dirty towards Applejack, think she'll let me apologize to her if I sincerely mean it?" She gave Sunset a look over and tilted her head. "Are you off duty today Sunny?"

Gallant Gloom is still a background pone, and not doing much more than reading his book. At some point he does take notice to the other two pones in the distance, and lowers the book to wave a hoof at them before quietly continuing to read.

Sunset Glow gave a 'hmm' in response before she spoke properly. "I'm not sure who Applejack is, unless she's that Bearer of Honesty you mentioned, but.. I'd say go for it. I'm sure she'll be as forgiving since you're being, well, honest." She replied. The question gave her a start, as she'd been so focused on her sister's wellbeing. "Oh, yes, I am. I thought I'd use the day to come and check on you while I had the chance.." Sun replied and trailed off, catching movement. There was a pony nearby, and he'd waved at.. them? Sun looked around for a brief moment before she bothered to wave back, seeing as there weren't any other ponies in their vicinity. Odd.. Did they know him?

Mist Feather did know him and grinned broadly up to some mischief now. "Oh hey! that's the stallion that hit me between the hind legs with his sword!" Yes chaos I am your agent, let the winds of protective old sister crush my non-existing enemies.

Gallant Gloom wiggles in place and turns a page in his book. Lips can be seen moving as he read aloud, though too softly for words to be heard. Something small and insignificant burst into flames in the distance and disappeared. Total coincidence, probably. Book lowered, Gloompone would examine the ground before him, looking rather disappointed to see nothing had changed.

Sunset Glow's head jerked back towards Mist when she'd heard that- the matter of Mist apologizing to an Applejack was forgotten entirely, and evidently by both of them. "Wait, you know him, and he did what?" Her voice raised a little towards the latter half of her question and she struggled to keep it contained. "He could have caused you some serious damage there!" Sun said in a strangled sort of whisper. The unicorn turned back towards the odd stallion across the street and she narrowed her eyes- not that he'd notice, considering he seemed focused on his book.

Mist Feather chuckled horribly but didn't want Sunny and Gallant at it in the streets, so she wrapped a wing around her sister and nudged her neck soothingly. "It was a sparring match Sister, he overheard me and one thing led to another and during a roll to dodge him he accidentally nicked my armor there with his.. sweihander I believe those giant swords are called, he meant me no harm." Chuckling, she stared at Gallant wondering what exactly he was reading and doing.

Gallant Gloom is reading something black and bound in leather, with an creepy looking pattern like wrinkled skin, or something. Still being a background pone and pretty much only paying attention to his book.

Mirage Moon was in his library when suddenly a loud explosion went off and moments later he was sent expelled from his library and into the rail post of his up stairs. Mira groaned slightly as he pushed himself back up onto all fours; trembling legs as he struggled to keep from collapsing. The book he was attempting to crack right beside his left hind hoof. His head turned to the library as his horn glowed a dim crimson; it seemed his magic was waning slightly. The magic engulfed the opening in the wall that led to his library then out of nowhere a solid wall appeared in it's place as the magic lock and mirage went back onto it. He shook his head as the magic faded and he let out a sigh; ears drooped as he lowered his head towards the ground exhausted.
Mirage Moon was in there for about a day and still the book secrets were locked the last page why can't I understand it!?! He thought to himself as he kicked the floor by his book. There has to be a way to do it to understand that language, "Mmmm wait...isn't Discord older than the sisters?" He wondered out loud as he looked to the book. He did not know where Discord was though or even if he would talk to him about anything really...they never really did get along. Mira horn lit up and surrounded the book with the familiar crimson aura as his satchel opened up and the book floated inside of it. He closed the satchel and made his way down stairs. It was enough using his magic for the day he would need rest soon so he doesn't over do it especially with that explosion. He thought as he wobbled down the stairs and to the door; barely keeping his balance as he nearly crashed into the door. His right fore leg extended and hoof pressed against the door to stop the collision. Mirage Moon shook his head and opened the door as he made his way out. He had to get a grip on himself, perhaps his mentor could shine some light on Discord's whereabouts. He nodded and started to walk off down the streets towards the castle.

Sunset Glow started a little when she felt her sister's wing suddenly wrap around her, and allowed Mist to soothe her. "Oh, just a spar? Well... okay I suppose. If you spar with him again, though, you should warn him to be careful. Or, you know.. repay him in kind!" The guardmare raised her voice a little, hoping that the busily reading stallion might hear the warning. Not that he seemed to be paying attention at all, with that book of his- speaking of, it was an eerie looking tome. Sunset eyed it suspiciously, but didn't make any comment on it yet.

Mist Feather nodded and was glad she had defused her older sibling a little it was good to see her again after having been stationed in Ponyville to protect a princess she had only seen once in her whole life, then muttered to herself. "What was I thinking? Should have joined the nightcourt's houseguard." Oh well no sense crying over spilled sarsaparilla.

Gallant Gloom fades out of the background like a baby into the night. Actually, he just got up and walked off.

Mirage Moon horn glowed as he pulled out the book from his satchel again to read the parts he translated while he walked. Moments later a guard pony passed him, be he didn't both to pay him much mind as he was most likely a nopony. He moved on and approached a commotion from up ahead as he lowered the book to see two guardmares talking. He recognized one as he placed his book back inside his satchel and called out to her as he approached the pair cause that would be the polite thing to do instead of ignoring a pony you knew, "Holla, Mist!" He called out as he approached them; attempting to give a faint smile through his exhaustion.

Sunset Glow eyed the black and violet stallion a moment longer, but he still didn't seem to show any sign he'd heard. Well that was a waste- he could go read his weird book somewhere else. The unicorn turned back to her sister, an ear rotating to try to catch her muttering. Sun made to elbow her gently. "C'mon, cheer up sister." She started, but whatever else she'd been planning to say was lost as a new voice joined the fray. Sun turned to spy another dark stallion approaching them- he seemed to know Mist. "Evening."

Mist Feather looked up after being elbowed by Sunset but before she could respond her ears swiveled and she turned her head to see Mirage approaching. "Good afternoon Mirage, what brings you out in the broad daylight?" She stifled a small chuckle as she knew that the russet unicorn usually favored his libraries.

Mirage Moon looks up into the sky, "Oh..." He muttered, before looking back and nodding to the Unicorn, "Oh, evening to you as well, miss." He greeted her as he yawned a tad bit. He would be sleeping soon, but first he must see if Luna was about, "Oh, yes. I am out to see if my mentor is willing to see me at this time. I must ask her if she knows the whereabouts of a certain draconequus acquaintance of ours." He explained while look back to Mist.

Sunset Glow's ears perked forward when the stranger spoke, mostly addressing her sister. She wondered what this 'draconequus acquaintance' business was, but she wasn't sure if she should ask. She didn't even know the guy. The unicorn did catch on to her sister's chuckle, and figured that they must be familiar enough for Mist to tease him. "Who's your mentor?" Sun asked, curious.

Mist Feather nickered jovially and looked at her sister. "That would be Princess Luna, oh Mirage this is my sister Sunset Glow, Sunny this is Mirage Moon an acquaintance of mine." She nodded at what Mirage had said but such things went way beyond her station, she knew which draconequus he meant but she wouldn't poke that subject with a twenty foot pole.

Mirage Moon nods and gave a bow of his head and brought his right foreleg up to his chest to salute them while balancing on three legs. He sat it back down and smiled, "Please to meet you sister Sunny of Misty!" He exclaimed and looked around, "Mmmm...I have not seen Discord for some time...wonder what he could be up to...?" He asked more to himself than to the others there as he suspected they probably would not know as Discord whereabouts were usually only known by Discord himself and sometimes the two sisters.

Sunset Glow's eyebrows sprang up in surprise at the mention of Princess Luna again. This time, her own student- she didn't expect to meet him, but she knew of the lunar princess having a student. "An honor to meet you." The pale mare sank into a brief bow in response, though when she straightened, she quirked a brow at the mention of Discord. "So that's who you're after? Yikes. Why in Equestria would you want to talk to him of all ponies?"

Mist Feather snickered. "Technically not a pony." looking amused as her beloved sister was so stunned about this, then again maybe it was Mist herself who just had grown too accustomed to it all, she nuzzled her sister's cheek fondly and stared at Mirage with a clear blue gaze.

Mirage Moon tilts his head, "Yes not a pony indeed he is a draconequus." He nodded soon after and looked at the two, "So...? You two are sisters? I have a little brother of my own in the Crystal Empire. I don't really get to see him as much." He said sadly; lowering his head slightly.

Mist Feather nodded amusedly and pointed a hoof to her coat, then to Sunset's coat. "Same coat see? But kidding aside yes, our mother is a pegasus and dad a unicorn, I was never big on genetics but I guess that's why Sunny took after dad and I took after mom."

Mirage Moon nods, "Oh...I see..." He said as he looked around and smiles, "Well you two make a cute pair." He said after a while, before sitting down and examining his magic aura it seemed to be some what recovered from since he left his library, "Mmmm...hey don't take this as the wrong way or anything, but do you think one or both of you could help me with a bit of training? Before I see Luna?"

Mist Feather tilted her head and frowned. "Training? What kind of training? If it's magic based then I am not really sure that I can help you Mirage, speaking about Luna I haven't seen her in a while is she well?"

Mirage Moon nods, "Yes she is fine I believe....I would of sensed or felt if anything was wrong with her. She has most likely been busy of late that is all." He assured her, before tilting his head, "And well...kind of magic based...I just wanted to practice some of my mirage magic since I haven't really with Luna being busy and all...she doesn't have much time to over see my training like in the past."

Sunset Glow released a little snort of amusement of her own and had leaned into her sister's nuzzle. For the part of their conversation, she'd been silent, listening curiously and nodding in the right places. The mention of training immediately caught the unicorn's attention, and further still when Mirage mentioned it would be magic. "I'd be interested in such training, especially since I haven't had much of a chance to use my magic. I've never dealt with illusion magic, though." Sun returned to the conversation easily, ears perked.

Mist Feather was out of her element now damned unicorns and their pretty and impressive magic, yet being able to fly and soar in the wide open skies had it's charms too, yet magic had always seemed so.. handy, unicorns never had to put their mouth on or in anything.

Mirage Moon nods as he turns to Sunny, "Oh...? Also I am sorry if my magic wanes slightly...kind of been using it for a while now and I need to recharge soon." He informed her as he stood up once more, "But I should be able to handle it for a little while...not my best mirage magic, but I can manage some...if you are alright with it." He told her and his horn lit ablaze with a crimson aura that surrounded his body.

Sunset Glow glanced over at Mist with a faint smile before she turned back to Mirage, an eyebrow quirking up. "It won't be a problem. I mean, we don't have to get at it straight away if you need a chance to rest. Just name a time, place, and day and I'd be there." The unicorn responded, and noted the shimmer of magic. "I'd be alright with it if you are." Sun answered with a little shrug of her shoulders.

Mist Feather bit her sister's mane for no reason and tugged at it with her lips, yep jealous of unicorns and their magic, see? lips she had to use her mouth for everything. "Mwoor Mwane Twastes Frunny." She'd mumble as she tugged in a rebellious streak of jealousy, wings flitting.

Mirage Moon watches this rebellious act of defiance and started to chuckle as his magic aura faded instantly from him, "Perhaps later we can train then. And if you really want magic that badly I heard there are special objects that can give you temporary magic, but as I said they would only be temporary...of course there are permanent means; however that is an extreme version of dark magic and I highly advise against any of those artifacts...if the two sisters didn't already destroy them all. None have been reported for over a century." He explained and walked forward to them both.

Sunset Glow's eyes widened as she felt Mist grab ahold of her striped mane and tugged, eliciting a surprised 'Gah!' from the unicorn. "Yeah because I just washed it this morning!" She retorted playfully with a flick of her short, curly tail. She managed to turn her now lopsided, pale green gaze onto Mirage and smiled in an embarrassed sort of way. "I'd be glad to train later, sure." Sun agreed. "There's no way I'd want to use anything forbidden, or Celestia forbid, dark magic. I'm the kind of pony who prefers to learn spells from scratch."

Mist Feather tugged more and let her sister's mane go with a slight huff. "For everything, even dirty things, lucky unicorns." Flicking her tail her frown smoothed out though as she made a face smacking her lips. "Shampoo tastes garish."

Mirage Moon nods to them, "Yes indeed. It the way I like to prefer things as well." He replied, before walking past the two and heading towards the castle, "Well...I shall be off and leave you two alone to your guard thingy." He nodded to them and turned and disappeared into the castle.

Sunset Glow gave her head a shake, causing her mane to bounce a little, once Mist released her. "It's a shame, ain't it? But at least you don't need a spell to fly! I can't imagine how pretty Equestria must look like from on high." The unicorn shot back, but she was smiling. She turned her attention back to Mirage with an approving nod. "See you later then! Send me a letter if you ever want to get into any magic training." Sun called after the other unicorn, ears perked. She'd turn back to Mist once he'd gone, smirking. "Of course it does. It's for cleaning, not eating."

Mist Feather flicked her wings and unceremoniously draped herself onto her sister's back. "Tell me sister, would you disapprove with me if I said that my romantic interest may or may not get me into trouble?'' She planned to let Sunny in on a secret but wasn't sure if her sister was biased against certain breeds or races.

Sunset Glow adjusted her hooves into a slightly wider stance to keep herself steady the moment she felt the pegasus's weight settle across her back. "Disapprove? Oh, that depends.." She replied lightly, her tone teasing. "I'm your elder sister though, I couldn't possibly put you down for anything. It's the nature of sisters to support each other!" Sun replied. "So what is it you're dying to tell me?"

Mist Feather blushed and lay her head along her sister's neck whispering. "I may or may not be showing interest in a... crystal pony." And she braced for the retort, muscles locking up as she expected to be bucked off of her sister's back at any second.

Sunset Glow turned her head around to look at her sister as best she could, of which she could only manage through one eye. She quirked an eyebrow at Mist's whispering, her closest ear tilting down as she tried to catch the secret word for word. "Oooh!" The unicorn said in a hush. "I've never had a chance to see a crystal pony with my own eyes, but my, they must be pretty!" Sun said wonderingly, her smile returning.

Mist Feather blinked, she knew that a lot of ponies didn't trust the Crystal Empire and still feared they were allied with the dark king Sombra even if Spike and the Six had defeated him, so she was careful with the bit of information that she had befriended a certain crystal unicorn. "I'm.. still on your back?"

Sunset Glow chuckled and nodded. "Well, yeah. I've heard about the whole Crystal Empire returning and stuff. I've never seen any crystal ponies before either, but I have heard a few of them have been exploring Equestria. I imagine they've got a lot to catch up on after like, what, centuries?" Sunset replied. "I'm certainly not gonna throw you off just because you've got a crush on a crystal pony. Why would I?"

Mist Feather rolled her eyes slightly. "Because many of our Canterlotian friends look down on Zebras and Crystal Ponies and Griffins and need I go on Sunny?" She just had feared that her sister seeing as she still lived in Canterlot proper had shared such ideas.

Sunset Glow pursed her lips in response, taking a moment of silence to ponder over that answer. "Ohh. Well, I didn't know about the crystal pony bit, but I definitely knew about the suspicions against zebras and griffins." She replied at last, snorting. "Crystal ponies are still ponies, aren't they? I don't see a problem with them, especially since one of our own princesses is on the crystal throne now."

Mist Feather nodded still lounging on her older sister playing saddlebag. "And no I didn't just randomly dragged a pony off of the street because Luna rejected me, I sincerely believe that me and the unicorn can work out a good bond given time." Don't mention the spa trip to your older sibling she'll forever tease you with it, older siblings are bullies when it comes to compromising subjects.

Sunset Glow lifted her eyebrows with an interested 'hm!' "I know, I know. Sometimes ponies like that turn up when you least expect them to. I hope you two get to know each other better, and all. You might find yourself happier with them than competing for a princess's attention with a bunch of their other subjects. A pony you can call all your own!" Sun said, her optimistic tone returning.

Mist Feather yup it still stung despite everything and some tears were held back, besides who said that the crystal pony was a one mare kind of filly? Ponies were herd animals after all and she had seen "variety" a lot in the big city the princesses called home, secondly she was a mercenary and Mist was a guard and the gray pony beyond waited for nopony. "Yes.. not competing.."

Sunset Glow sensed a change in her sister's tone of voice and grew concerned. Whoops. She might've said the wrong thing. "Too soon?" The unicorn asked, her voice gentler than the upbeat tone she'd kept up. She tried to wriggle around to give her a hug, but that was rather hard considering the pegasus was still hanging over her back. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

Mist Feather shook her head softly. "No I'm sorry Sunset I'm alright, just doubting myself I guess, but I haven't seen you in a while now sis, did you promote yet? How is your life going right at the moment?"

Lavender Snow wandered through the bustle of Canterlot with attention that was somewhat a combination of tourist and tactician. Where were the good hiding points with the least blind spots. The best view? What places had the most beautiful scenery... likely the park! Okay sure that had more to do with 'tourism' than not, but still! She was waiting to hear back from the registry group about her guard status; and of course hoped that a particular pegasus would go through with her offer to help her get onto her squad. It'd be nice to work with a pony she already knew. Why.. speak of discord and he shall appear! There was the pegasus now! And she was draped over a pony! A sibling perhaps? How interesting. The crystal unicorn stealthily made her way tot he two, hoping to startle the poor pegasus when she finally spoke up with an enthusiastic. "Hi there!"

Sunset Glow frowned and flicked her tail up at Mist's side, since she couldn't reach her with her hooves to hug. "If you're sure.." She replied hesitantly. "I haven't been promoted yet, no, but my life has been alright so far. Being a guard does have its dull moments, since Equestria's such a peaceful nation, but being able to get out and patrol the street does have its perks." Sun rambled. "Unfortunately for my end I haven't found a pony that interests me yet." She added with a smile, one that broke off in surprise as she heard a new voice. Sun couldn't very well turn around and see though, considering the extra weight.

Mist Feather stiffened as her ears perked and mumbled under her breath recognizing the voice all too well. "Luna buck me with her horn..." It couldn't be, this was too embarrassing even more so considering she was lounging playfully on her older sister, turning her head in a mix of joy and dread thinking her mind played tricks on her again.

Lavender Snow thankfully had no problem keeping her composure when she heard the...ah... phrase that was muttered. The mercenary in her warred with the polite and, sadly, mercenary won. The urge was just too strong and Mist had walked right into a good tease. "Oooh, an interesting idea miss Mist... but... a bit long and pointed that horn would be though, no?" She asked with an eyebrow raised and a borderline wicked grin plastered on her muzzle. The crystal pony circled around since she realized the pony the pegasus was on top of probably couldn't move very well! Once she was where she could properly greet Sunset the crystal pony mercenary waved a hoof. "Hiya."

Sunset Glow flicked an ear back at her sister's muttered curse and would have smiled, had the mysterious third voice not spoken. The unicorn's hoof went up to cover her mouth as she tried to stifle the laughter that came bubbling up. She managed to swallow it by the time the stranger came walking around into her field of view, but she couldn't hide her surprise. A crystal pony! Was this who Mist was just talking about? "Oh, hey! I'm Sunset." Sun replied and turned back to her sister, lowering her voice as she bounced a little on her back hooves, trying to shake the weight of pegasus off. "C'mon Mist, shove off, you're starting to get heavy on my back."

Mist Feather eeped and let herself hang slack. "Who is this Mist you're speaking about you silly unicorn, I'm your saddlebags and you're talking to yourself again." Yup she was going to be like that, if embarrassment could kill a pony then it was far better to be a pair of saddlebags.

Lavender Snow came to a stop and managed to hold back a laugh at the way Mist was acting. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Lavender Snow." The crystal armored pony dipped into a bow of sorts only to come back up and then grin wickedly once again as Mist spoke up about being a saddlebag. However before she could open her mouth she brought a hoof up and forcibly cut herself from speaking. No, bad mouth, the impressionable ponies of Canterlot didn't need to hear the vernacular of a merc given such a golden opportunity. Holding herself back had the effect of almost seeming to pain her and she even made a bit of a whimper type sound as she stomped a hoof on the road.

Sunset Glow turned back to the other mare, offering her a smile again. "It's nice to meet you too, Lavender Snow." She returned and fought another urge to laugh when her sister blatantly insisted she was nothing more than saddlebags. The unicorn finally turned her head around to her again. "Pff, saddlebags my flank!" Sunset shot back, her horn flaring to life in a bright, sunny orange. She'd try to lift Mist off of her back, provided the pegasus didn't wriggle or fly out of her grasp. Though the whimper and stomp from Lavender nearly distracted her. She cast her a concerned glance and spoke with amusement. "What's wrong, toothache?"

Mist Feather was lifted off of her sister's back in the glow and squealed. "Moooom Sunny is using her magic on me again!" And from inside the condo Cerulean Snow's voice could be heard in a muffled manner. "Sunset Glow put your little sister down this instant."

Lavender Snow was just about biting her lip as Sunset asked her what was wrong. She quickly shook her head. "N-no, I'm quite fine. It's just... so hard not to comment when given such prime material to work with. I just... don't want to traumatize the ears of everypony else." she whimpered, tail flicking once again. "Saddlebags..." she couldn't hold back a giggle only for that giggle to turn into a full on laugh when Mist called for her mother over Sunset's use of magic. Oh this was just too good! The muffled reply only made the crystal unicorn laugh harder...

Discord Lord of Chaos was watching the events as a mini Discord from atop of Snow's head; small enough that he couldn't be seen or felt. Small draconequus being small was also to hide his laugh at the scene before him; crimson hues burned brightly as he twisted about all while atop Snow's head, but soon he couldn't hold it much longer as he jumped off of Snow's head and landed in between all three mares, "Oh!" He called, but he didn't change his size so he was still unheard. It was then he snapped his eagle talon fingers together and moments later in an instant he resumed his full size as he started chuckling, "Well...hello there, my little ponies!" He said through chuckling. He wrapped his lion arm around Mist, "Oh...little mommy mare all jealous from these unicorn magic?" He chuckled again. Discord curled his lips into a grin and took off his goat horn and played it like a trumpet, "Oh, you better watch out...or your sister will make you float...Bahahaha!" He cried out as the horn disappeared and appeared back on his head as he wiped a tear from his eye.

Sunset Glow smirked when she heard her sister squeal, although calling to her mother for help did put a damper on things. "Oh come on, you're an adult!" The unicorn said with a little stomp of her hoof, but she did as her mother's muffled voice ordered. She turned back to the crystal unicorn with a quirked brow and a ghost of a smile on her lips, curious as to what was so 'traumatizing.' "Is that so?" Sunset challenged, one that could probably be carried out, if not for the appearance of a certain draconequus. Sun's eyes widened and she stepped back, eyeing the mismatched creature with distrust. What odd things he could do! "Yes, indeed."

Mist Feather went pale as the draconequus took hold of her and stared at the chaotic being with pupils the size of pin pricks, then started thrashing like her life depended on it letting out an earsplitting shriek. "Heeeeelp Sunny! mom! dad! the god of chaos has meee I don't want to get hurt!" It was no use struggling against a primordial being, she was forfeit and she knew it, she had heard how Discord could sink Equestria into an abyss of unending suffering and chaos and now he held her.

Lavender Snow snorted. "Of course... Ask me later what I was gonna say if you're.... interested?" And there before her was Discord. She paled rather dramatically at the sight of the Draconequus. She'd heard he was out and about but... to see the 'daemon' as some in her company referred to him. She was wound up tighter than a coil... Thing about crystal ponies; There weren't very many years between Discord's fall and when the crystal empire itself vanished. Between stories and the ilk... she had to control herself not to lash out since that would just cause needless problems...

Discord Lord of Chaos blinks as he looks to the struggling pegasus and releases her as she tries to fly away, "Oh hold on. Why in Equestria are you afraid of little old me?" He asked with a grin as it soon turned into a smirk, "Now.,..all I was going to do is poke a little fun of you for being a mommy mare, but now you are a scaredy cat too?" He started chuckling again as he looked to her and slithered his way around her; long serpent body squeezing her tight, "I am sorry, but Mommy can't save you this time! Bawhahahahaha!" He laughed as he pulled up his eagle talon and rubbed it across the side of her right cheek and brought it to her jaw as he held her head up to him. His crimson eyes burned bright as they got bigger than smaller, "Oh, but now since you are afraid of me so much. And that you are so jealous of unicorns. Oh, my dear don't know true fear or jealousy as of yet, but perhaps now you shall!"
Discord Lord of Chaos released Mist from his grasp as he snapped his eagle claw and soon Mist wings vanished which would cause her to fall towards the ground. Before she would land he snapped his lion's paw and a trampoline appeared under her to catch her as he just busted out laughing again, "Mwuhahahahaha! Now...this is...truly priceless!" He barked at the now wingless pegasus. He started to rub his paw through his beard as his lips curled up into a grin.

Sunset Glow took a step back from Discord, but her eyes narrowed in what Mist could identify as her 'protective' look. She didn't like how this draconequus was handling her little sister! "Yeah, maybe later." The unicorn said offhandedly to Lavender while she sized Discord up. He was the spirit of chaos, and with the things he could do.. well, she had no chance against him in a fight. Her only option was civility, manners she'd been taught as a noble. "Excuse me, Discord was it? I'd truly appreciate it if you could return my dear sister's wings, and stop tormenting her. Please?" Sun asked in her best, if somewhat restrained, voice.

Mist Feather lost her wings and had her fears confirmed, and after bouncing on the trampoline she tried to dash towards Lavender having seen a glint of metal on the mare, if she was quick she could get hold on it snapping her lips around the envenomed dagger the crystal pony had sheathed within her armor, then turned around glaring at the ancient monster of death and mutilation of the lands, she had heard about the Ponyville incident and the vines that had almost caused a disaster. "Y-you.. only live to ruin ponies and get mirth out of suffering and the destruction of our minds don't you god of chaos?"

Lavender Snow narrowed her eyes and could almost feel her blood boil at the sight of Discord treating her frightened pegasus friend in such a manner. And then he went and took her wings, something that sickened the unicorn a fair bit. But then Mist did something she didn't expect... and stole the envenomed dagger! Why that one and not one of the two regular daggers?! Then again the creature did have it coming, taunting an obviously terrified mare in such a manner. She kept a sharp eye on Mist in case something were to go awry. She cared rather little about the 'daemon' but she'd never forgive herself if something happened to Mist! She did know that if Mist got into a fight, she'd likely fight at the mare's side. Mist was her friend, not the draconequus.

Twily Sparkle: The lavender mare was on her way to the castle when she came across the ensemble of ponies. They hadn't seemed to notice her yet, so she stood for a while, overhearing what appeared to be a reasonably heated conversation. Discord coiled himself around a pony, seemingly taunting them--not entirely unsurprising. After all, this was Discord. Eyebrow was arched questioningly before trotting her way over in a deceptively leisurely pace, focusing her attention on Discord first. "Discord!" Her unmistakable voice pierced through the air. "Let her go now!" She stood, glaring at him, hopefully ending the mischief. She would then turn to the unfortunate ponies in question. "I'm so sorry... I'll talk to him, I promise." What kind of Princess was she if her subjects couldn't even live in peace?

Discord Lord of Chaos listened to the one unicorn and sighed; that was before his ears twitched at a new voice a familiar voice, the voice of one of his precious friends as he curled low to the ground and eyes drooped a bit and lip quivered, "O-oh...Twilight! I wasn't meaning anything. Just having a little fun with the locals is has be ever sooooo boring lately I had to find a way to keep my self entertained." He rose up and slithered over to Twilight as he draped his self over her and hugged her; sobbing into her mane, "Oh you have no idea what it is like for" He sobbed with each word he shrunk in size, before returning to his full size when he finished. He pulled his self off of Twilight and his head and arms sunk low as he nodded, "Oh...very well..." He said as he snapped his eagle talon and Mist's wings returned to her. Discord started to wonder of taking steps forward and not bothering to float away, "Oh...I guess I will be else where then....poor Discord only dear Fluttershy understands me...and my dear Celestia she gets me as well, but nopony else care to be my friend...and they are so rude and fearful I can't even try to approach them." He called back as began to go towards the castle.

Sunset Glow looked a little concerned when her younger sister went straight for one of Lavender's weapons, a dagger. The yelling didn't help. The unicorn could only bite her lip and take a few steps towards her sister, ready to stop her before she could do anything rash. She waited for Discord to listen to her, but it seemed she wouldn't have to worry about that. A new voice pierced the air, one that sounded lecturing... and Discord seemed to listen! Sun finally tore her eyes away from him to behold the newcomer, and was shocked to see the new princess. "Oh!" Sun exclaimed, dropping into a brief bow. "Thank you for the help, Princess, I doubt he would have listened to us." Sun murmured, frowning. She'd move off then to comfort her sister, and hopefully calm her down.

Mist Feather it would be worth a try, the eyes should be a weak point and nopony would ever need to wake up screaming in the night ever again, yet her princess was here, the actual princess whom she was the houseguard of, would she approve? Sure she treated the chaos bringer kindly but that was obviously to placate him and keep him from creating more nightmares.. but.. princess Twilight would not approve, dropping the dagger she sank to her knees and panted staring at both alicorn and draconequus.

Incomplete; rest to be added.
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11/21/15; Those Busy Canterlot Streets
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