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 Hearth's Warming - Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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Hearth's Warming - Secret Santa Gift Exchange Empty
PostSubject: Hearth's Warming - Secret Santa Gift Exchange   Hearth's Warming - Secret Santa Gift Exchange Icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2015 2:38 am

Hearth's Warming - Secret Santa Gift Exchange Big_macintosh_santa_by_anarchemitis-d4iuf18

Hello ponies and other Equestrian inhabitants!

I decided that we could use an additional something for the Hearth's Warming celebration this year.
To encourage members to come celebrate with us I decided to provide a tiny incentive.

Everyone who attends the event will be entered in a raffle and given the chance to receive both a portspace and nonremap port art of an Equestrian alt done by yours truly.


Now, for the real reason why this thread was made. I'm sure most of you have heard what a Secret Santa Exchange is. Let me go about explaining how this is expected to go down.
All that wish to participate in the exchange should whisper Big McIntosh in-game, feel free to leave an offline message if need be. If I don't reply then I didn't get your message.

Requests to join will be cut off on the 1st of December. On this day everyone will be assigned a partner at random. That way participants are given time to get their entries prepared.
All entries will be exchanged on the day of the event.

1. All entries must be appropriate and follow our e8 standard and other rules.
2. Entries can be things like Furcadia goods, art, and other creative goods that you can come up with. Use your imagination! (Unsure about an idea for an entry, just ask!)
3. If you say you're going to participate, PLEASE actually stick with your word and participate. We don't want participating ponies to be left with nothing.
4. Entries are due on the 15th of December. That way I have time to sort out what's going where and prepare in case you are not able to attend the day of the celebration. (Exceptions apply to things like furcadia goods.)


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Hearth's Warming - Secret Santa Gift Exchange
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