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 11/10/2015; Deadly Visions and part of the dark book revealed

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11/10/2015;  Deadly Visions and part of the dark book revealed Empty
PostSubject: 11/10/2015; Deadly Visions and part of the dark book revealed   11/10/2015;  Deadly Visions and part of the dark book revealed Icon_minitimeWed Nov 11, 2015 1:10 am

Mirage Moon was in his secret study for the past two days since last he talked to his mentor, Princess Luna and his hopefully still best friend Bygone. He did sleep however unlike, before when he went for days without sleep as he promised his mentor he would. Mira translated nearly all of the book already...and what it told...scared him. Yes he was scared which is strange in it's own, but it was not just what he read it was what followed after he did so. Every once in awhile some sort of vision clouded his eye site, but the visions came in such a vivid way as if he was actually there. When the darkness clouded his vision it was as if he was the darkness once it first happened Mira could of sworn he went blind and he did crash into the wall in his study more than once during those visions. He flipped through another page and started translating it and that when it happened...another vision, but this one was different than the others instead of darkness he saw red as soon as he did a excruciating pain spread through his body. Mira froze and quivered as he saw a gash in his chest and blood poured out of it. Mira shook his head and fumbled around for note paper and a quill as he struggle to write a letter. The letter was hurried and scribbled as it only had the words. Help, Mira. On it. The letter didn't even finish rolling up as it poofed off to where his mother was. Mira gasped for breath as he fell from his chair and curled up into a ball next to his desk bleeding to death he assumed. Even though nothing really was wrong as this was just another vision that played tricks on his mind.

Princess Luna finally had her own assistant, a scribe, to help her with the paperwork. It took some of the pressure off of her. She was currently picking through those very documents, reading them, and signing those she was needed to approve, when it happened. A magically sent letter appeared to her in the air, and she quickly caught it in her magic before it fell. It was a single word, signed by Mirage, in what looked like hurried writing. Something seemed wrong. Luna set everything aside and strode from the throne room at once, breaking out into a canter once she'd left the castle behind. With her stride, it didn't take her long to reach Mira's house, and entered without knocking. Her gaze swept the interior and landed on the wall where she knew his library to be hidden- he had stated he would be there. Luna approached it, reaching out and feeling with her magic for the barrier, unlocking it once she made contact. Only once the door had appeared to her did she quickly enter, calling out. "Mirage?"

Mirage Moon groaned in pain as every part of his body burned from the gash in his chest or so he believed at least. He trembled a bit as his ears twitched from the sound of his study being opened as he poked his head up slightly to see who it was even though he was certain it only could be his mentor since this spell was created by them both she or her sister would be the only two strong enough to break it unless they knew how to deactivate it like Mirage did. Mira eyes glazed over as he struggled to see through blurred vision. He inched closer to the door crawling his way to Luna; leaving a bloody trail behind him, "...M-mentor...I-I don't know what happened...I-I started bleeding from...n-nothing...I-I was...just r-reading..." He stuttered through his dumbfounded state. Again there was no blood trail really left behind nor any kind of wound on was all just in his mind.

Princess Luna spotted Mirage where he lay on the floor, seemingly in pain as he crawled for her. She rushed over to him at once, kneeling down to look him over. She couldn't see anything wrong with him.. "Where are you bleeding from? I see no wounds on you, nor blood." The princess replied, perplexed. Her horn lit with a shimmer of blue and she felt at his body with her magic, seeking out what could be wrong. Her magic encountered nothing, not even anything internal. Odd. "Are you sure you have not strained yourself.. ?"

Mirage Moon shivered slightly as he looked up to her, " chest is b-bleeding..." He said; shocked that his mentor acted like he was fine as he was clearly not the pain he felt it was tremendous and it hurt every part of him ached. The pain...wait pain? What pain? He thought as he looked down; the wound was gone and the blood trail was as well. Mira blinked a few times as he shook his head, "I-it's gone...was it just another vision? I-it felt so real my whole body was on fire..." He muttered as h pushed his self up off of the floor to his hooves once more; shaking slightly, "I-I'm just every since I have been reading the book I have been getting these visions that feel so life like...i-it is hard to decipher them all from fake or reality..." He said solemnly and lowered his head ashamed.

Princess Luna's brow furrowed for a moment, but whatever Mirage had been going through seemed to pass. The mention of visions brought on by the ancient book was even more troubling. "Visions?" She echoed. "Visions are a very serious matter, especially if they tell of events to come." Luna replied, returning to her full height now that Mirage was back on his hooves. "I bid you tell me about these visions, and what you have discovered in the old tome. It may be important if it is causing something like this."

Mirage Moon tilts his head and stares at his mentor for a few moments. He then lowered his head and his ears drooped a bit as he sighed, " is a dark book...the parts I read so far at least...." He started and looked up the color returning to his eyes now as he smiled warmly to her, "But it is an interesting read. I mean I never knew there was a darkness from long ago that threatened to destroy all that is light and even the night it's self...this was like anything ever seen and nothing would be felt like it again. It took apparently all the Immortal powerful beings to stop it...and even then they couldn't the only way was to seal it away inside an unborn foal or unborn creature at least." He paused to catch his breath, before continuing, "The creature though I can't find the name of at least yet...but I have found out that the creature is immortal and can't be killed well at least it's spirit can't. It is forced to seek out a new unborn body every time his old one dies. It is a very fascinating read!" He smiled and was wide eyed now, "Well, but it does talk about how thousands tried to stop the darkness, only to be swallowed up by it and never returned...that part was slightly sad..." His ears drooped again as he frowned.

Princess Luna looked thoughtful as she listened, but a faint frown lingered on her face. "An ancient evil, in short. Much has been lost to time, and even I can only make assumptions. Whatever this being is, it must have existed before there was sun and moon, perhaps even during the very planet's creation." Luna said, tilting her head. "I wonder if the shadow creatures Sombra was trying to free beneath the Crystal Empire are some remnant of it? I suppose it is.. impossible to determine, but that is very interesting, and strange. I can only hope this being of darkness never awakens."

Mirage Moon nods his head slightly, "Yeah...he sounds dreadful that is for sure!" He agreed. He then went over and pointed out a line in thebook that he translated just before the vision hit, "It is strange;however...this line states that the darkness shall sleep until the chosen vessel remembers...this confuses me as to what it actually means? Vessel means the current foal or creature that the darkness is in, right? Then what does it mean by remember? And remember what exactly? And if the creature is still there does it mean that a pony today could awaken him if thazt pony remembers what ever it is they are suppose to remember?" He questioned. So many questions from only one line he read that book for two days and already he had so many questions and what more is...why did he start getting these strange visions...from this book?

Princess Luna followed Mirage to the book and peered over at it. "It does." She affirmed, frowning in a puzzled sort of way. "It may mean to remember a memory, or a set of memories.. Perhaps it may even mean to recall everything they had forgotten." The princess added, rolling her shoulders in an uncertain shrug. "I am not sure, but it is very possible. It seems odd that everything should hinge on that one thing.. Some ponies who have lost their memories may never get them back, or may remember bits and pieces. It could be anypony. We can only pray that it never happens."

Mirage Moon nods, "Yes that may be for the best, but..." He started as he got thoughts in his head from a scientific prospective it would be interesting and perhaps they could learn from it. He thought better on saying this out loud though as his mentor would merely lecture him like she usually would when he came up with crazy ideas. Mira stretched out slightly and turned back to Luna, "I am sorry to of called you here...for no reason...I didn't mean to be a nuisance to you...and I am sorry for being so weak that I couldn't even see past my own mirages that these visions caused." He pouted.

Princess Luna quirked an eyebrow at Mirage as he trailed off, and turned to apologize to her. "You were in pain. You were right to call me here. If this book had been cursed and struck you with grievous injuries, that letter would have made all the difference." The diarch intoned, reaching a hoof for Mirage's shoulder to comfort him. "Visions are no illusion, and the mind is helpless to them. I understand the feeling, but you cannot do everything that is so beyond your power. Do not let it worry you."

Mirage Moon cheeks redden slightly from the concerning touch from the princess of the night. He looked up some what embarrassed, "...H-hey...I'll be fine you don't need to concern ya self so much with me; honestly." He told her as he backed away slightly. He normally brushed off her concern without even reacting to it, but now he seemed to be a little flustered when she showed him compassion. He looked around and thought of something to get his mind off this...awkward feeling of what ever it is he was feeling.

Princess Luna withdrew her hoof the moment he showed discomfort and let it drop back to the ground. "I know. I only wish to express that you should not expect so much from yourself. You can only do so much. Even I, with all my power." She replied, noting how flustered he had become. It was still a little odd to her to see how different expressing emotions made him. It made him a little easier to read, and was certainly an improvement. "Forgive me. While I am still here, is there any help you require with that book?"

Mirage Moon eyes drifted back to Luna and he smiled, " Help? Oh! Do you know anything at all about this darkness? Like maybe your sister knows something or something? If she hidden this book; perhaps I should talk with her about it to see why?" He questioned as a yawn escaped his muzzle moments after it. And now that he thought of it his eye lids did feel heavier; guess all this excitement took a toll on him, "Oh...also how is Bygone? And have anything happened with you lately, mother?" He asked and his twitched slightly as he laid down on the cushion in the corner of the room wear he slept while in his becoming very apparent he basically asked his mother for a bed time story in his own way.

Princess Luna pondered over his first question and slowly shook her head. "I know very little and I can only make assumptions. I do not know if my sister knows either. She did spend more time with Starswirl the Bearded than I did when we were younger, but.. I am not sure. What little I know or can speculate about, I have already told you." She finally replied. "You are certainly more than welcome to ask her about it, however. As for Bygone, he is doing just fine. I visited him a few days back, and he told me of one of his earlier masks that he accidentally crafted to be evil. Due to the chaotic influence on him. He allowed me to take it for safekeeping, and later I hope to destroy it." Luna continued to talk, moving over to settle down a few feet from where Mirage now lay. She paused briefly to collect her thoughts on other events. "There is also a day guard that I have met, who became friends with Bygone. She first came to me in a state of upset, fearing she would be fired because she left him in the Everfree Forest. I have had time to get to know Mist Feather over a few days, and a day before your return I discovered she had feelings for me. It seems Applejack's honesty upset her, about how it will never be between her and myself because of my immortality." Luna frowned briefly. "Mist had flown off, I assume, to hurt Applejack. I am glad I saw her at all so I could stop her and talk her down. I had to tell her the truth myself, even though it hurt, because I could not lie to her. It would have been worse."

Mirage Moon let lose another yawn as he nodded lightly and slapped his lips together; in a tired fashion. His ears lowered as he rested his chin on to his forehooves and looked up to her with his eyes; fading in and out as he tried to stay awake a little longer. He heard something about a guard and recalled a similar guard he met on the way back from the castle...she seemed like a rude pony to him and was picking on his friend. But I guess she befriended Bygone instead that was go...wait wait wait...had feelings no no no no no no!~ Absolutely not, "W-wait what...f-feelings? You when two ponies want to be with each other and kiss and stuff? N-no no...nono..." He kept on saying no not accepting it as he seemed to be in defensive mode for his mother right now.Mirage Moon let out another yawn; however as his eyes grew heavy and soon his world went black as he drifted off in mid..""

Princess Luna lifted an eyebrow when Mirage began to blatantly express his displeasure with many a 'no.' "Well, yes. She does love me in that way. It can never be. I am immortal, and I would only outlive her. She deserves a life with someone like herself who can and will love her back." The princess replied over the steadily sleepier 'no's that came out of Mirage. He eventually fell asleep before the conversation could go further, and Luna resolved to pick up the thread tomorrow. Once he had some rest. Luna stood up, brushing a wing over her student before she tip-toed out of his library and closed the door behind her. She'd let him sleep, and return to the castle to deal with the rest of the waiting documents.
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11/10/2015; Deadly Visions and part of the dark book revealed
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