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 Azure Rain Application

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PostSubject: Azure Rain Application   Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:59 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Azure Rain

Alias/Nickname: Azure, Azu.

Name of alts we may know you as: Flitter Pegasus, Mist Feather

Why do you want this character?: Because Celestia already has a personal servant so Luna deserves one too, and seeing as I can fit that role well since it's similar to my ooc job I'd like to do so.

How often are you online?: Almost every day whenever I can manage.

Gender:  I am a mare.

Species: Unicorn.

Age: Twenty years old.

If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background: I am an adult but for those wanting to know my mother is Morning Glace and my father is Night Storm.

Cutie Mark: A pink feather covering a piece of parchment.

Generation: Generation 4

Special Somepony: No I am single I have no social life yet.

Pet: I do not own a pet yet.

Residence: In Canterlot 227B Mane Street.

Workplace: I work in the palace archives and Princess Luna's wing.

Occupation: I am a Scribe in service of the Night Court.

Short Introduction: I am a serious but rather gentle mare that looks social and very willing to help, though can react skittish when she is surprised by somepony.

Backstory: Azure was born in Canterlot in a rather well off unicorn family and attended Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. afterwards she sollicited for a job as Scribe with the royal night court.

Apearance: Azure Rain is a blue mare with two toned blue and lavender mane and smooth golden eyes, her mane and tail are slightly wavy but long yet her body was small due to stunted growth having stopped growing around sixteen, she is dressed in armored blue robes graced by a vrescent moon clasp on the chest.

Personality: Azure has a demure yet positive outlook on life but is totally focused on her job during working hours, she is also very polite.

Job: Azure is a Scribe which entails that she takes care of documents, books and written messages mostly, but can also be sent to investigate matters or function in an advisory role.

Equestria RP Alts: Flitter Pegasus, Mist Feather.

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Azure wandered down the street in the direction of Canterlot's royal palace encumbered by her somewhat heavy saddlebags which contained her books, notepads and quills, in her mouth she held a slip of paper which happened to be her resumé hoping to land a job in the palace's administrative services, smiling up at the huge twin doors leading to the entry hall as a smile formed on her petite snout and eyes glittered with enthusiasm. "Today." the young mare thought. "I shall start earning my own bits."
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Azure Rain Application
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