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 Sunglow Application

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: Sunglow Application   Tue Nov 10, 2015 3:54 am

How often are you online? Every day, or night.

Equestria RP Alts Princess Luna, Shadow Dart


Sunset Glow

Sun, Sunset, Sunglow



Mid 20s

A stylized sun with short curved rays along the top curve, and three long sunbeams beneath it.

Shedding light on the best in others, recognizing and encouraging potential

Vivid orange in color.
Her spells lie in creating bright light to keep back the dark, and typical battle magic.

Gen 4


Quartz Gleam

Cerulean Snow

Mist Feather



Canterlot Palace

Reading, training her magic.

Royal Guard

Sunset is a unicorn that cast aside what her parents wanted for her, and instead chose a path in which she could do something better. She currently holds a job as one of the royal guard, preferring the idea of protecting others over what her parents wanted of her.

Sunset was born of nobility within Canterlot, raised and pampered like any child of the rich. Although as she grew through fillyhood, she didn't find herself all that interested with the possible futures that awaited her as a jeweler, or a model- possible futures that her parents hoped for her. It was too expected of her, not when she found herself more dazzled by the Royal Guard that kept the streets, and Princess Celestia, safe. It seemed a more noble pursuit than that that was being forced on her, something that she'd be able to do where she could actually help others. Wasn't that what Princess Celestia always taught? Enthralled by the idea, Sunset made it her dream to some day join the ranks of the Royal Guard, often going to play with likeminded colts and fillies, even if it meant fighting her parents every step of the way. Her little sister was known to join her too, after all, she often gushed to her about her hopes and dreams!
She didn't care if their disowned her if it meant she wouldn't be doing something as trivial as jewelry making, and she certainly didn't care about the Guard usually being considered a stallion's job. She'd show them!
And years later, she certainly did after all the time she'd spent training and finally being accepted into the ranks. Being a mare, it certainly put more pressure on her, but it only hardened her resolve to do and show her best.

A short and bouncy mane of vibrant sunset-streaked curls, matched by a coat of palest yellow. Her eyes are a lovely shade of bright yellow-green, and unlike the rest of her coloration. The only mark her coat bears is her cutiemark, a golden stylized sun.

Sunset takes her job as a guard seriously and chooses to play very by-the-book to prove that she's worth for the role. Often solemn, she has a hard time 'loosening up,' even while off duty. Although, as expected with Canterlot citizens, she is a little vain and chooses to keep her mane neat and styled; eyeshadow is just a bonus when she's not at her job. Sunset hopes to always be at her best and doesn't let the little things in life stop her, choosing to roll with the punches rather than let the negative get her down. However she still has a bad habit of falling back on the prissy and snobbish ways of her parent's upbringing, especially when she has not experienced the worse-off life of the poor.


Sunset woke to find thin morning light falling in pale shafts through the parting of her curtains. It gave some light to the gloom, but she stirred from it. She was tired, and felt that she hadn't slept a wink. Still, it was morning. She was nothing if not punctual, and dedicated, to her job. Hard work, that. The unicorn yawned, running her hooves down her face at the frustration of her short-lived sleep and tossed back her covers to roll out of bed. Sun tended to her usual morning preparations of tooth brushing and mane-primping before she headed out up to the castle, squinting against the soft golden light of the rising sun. There weren't many ponies out on the streets at this hour, which made the short journey easy. She could've chosen to live at the guard barracks, but.. she valued her privacy so much more- plus, the walk each and every morning helped wake her up.
Sun stifled another yawn as she reached the castle, passing through the gates unhindered to begin her shift. She retrieved her armor, slipping into the decorative gold easily and trotting off to find her place- another day to bear the weight, and another day she hoped something interesting would happen. What use were her skills if nopony needed her help?

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Sunglow Application
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