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 11/8/15; The Truth Hurts

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Princess Luna

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11/8/15; The Truth Hurts Empty
PostSubject: 11/8/15; The Truth Hurts   11/8/15; The Truth Hurts Icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 8:35 pm

Mist Feather bursts out of her house in the middle of the night brandishing her spear in her mouth and clad in black armor, flying past the palace's spires on her way to Sweet Apple Acres, that farmer she.. she had been so right.. now she would pay for breaking Mist's heart, pushing herself forward with strong wing beats she descended the mountain.

Princess Luna allowed herself a moment's respite from her nightly duties to step out into the castle's exotic garden. The open air, cold with autumn's chill, felt pleasant. In this peaceful lull in time, the princess let her mind relax after the focus of her tasks. While she let her gaze wander over the silver-lit greenery, barring her mind from thought, a flash of movement beyond the garden's marble railing drew her eye. What, or who, was that? Luna trotted towards the edge, peering over and spotting what looked like a pegasus. The glint of moonlight on metal spoke of armor, and something else. Something thin. Luna frowned in concern, wondering why one of the guard was leaving in such a hurry. Perhaps she should check it out, while she could, just in case. Luna stepped back, using the space to canter and leap lightly over the edge. Her wings snapped open after a moment's freefall, and she used the burst of speed it granted her to fly after the pegasus.

Bygone Specter was out on the fringes of the farm. It was the dead of night and he was out here sneaking through the dark. Why? He just needed some time with just himself and the stars. By heavens he wasn't good with interrogation! Especially from a pony like Applejack.... Or anypony really. He had no training in resisting interrogation! Bygone scuffed a hoof and sat back against a tree, looking up at the star-filled sky. His hat was moved to rest at his side and he pulled out a marble; staring at the twinkle of light inside that wasn't unlike the stars above.

Mist Feather was reaching the Acres in a record time as Ponyville wasn't impossibly far from Canterlot by flight, bloodshot tear filled eyes crazed with the desire of in her mind righteous vengeance towards the bearer of Honesty who destroyed her blissful self delusion with her truth spoken words, sure she had known Luna would be out of her league but how had that Mare dared to just confirm that so directly? touching down hard in the field some distance from the farm she panted, disheveled fur streaking along her face as spittle slid down the spear whispering darkly. "How dare you crush my dreams with your filthy truth?"

Princess Luna flew after the pegasus, growing more concerned on why their flight path was veering towards the edge of Ponyville. Specifically Sweet Apple Acres. When her quarry reached the field some distance from the orchard, the moonbringer didn't immediately follow. She chose that moment to swoop past and around to descend on them, placing herself between the armored pony and Applejack's home. Now that she was closer, she could clearly see they had a weapon- a spear. Her face darkened and she touched down with a heavy, imposing thump. "Halt and throw down thy weapon! What brings you to this place, and armed?"

Bygone Specter was startled from his reverie as a voice sounded out not too far from him. Was it... Sounded like Luna! He hopped up onto his hooves and began to weave through the trees in the direction the sound came from only to slow as he passed a tree and came upon a peculiar sight. There was Luna and there was another pony. He actually recoiled and hid as he felt the emotions coming off of the other one and then a sinking feeling accompanied recognition... It was his favorite guard; and she was leaking all sorts of negative emotion! At this point he was peeking out from behind a tree. What had happened?!

AppIejack had her own responsibilities to attend to, like assuring that her younger sister had gone to bed. Her conversation with the pegasus guard had been nearly forgotten amid her nightly chores and concerns for the foal living in the Everfree. In fact, she had not even caught the pegasus' name. As she passed down the upstairs hallway toward her own room, she heard a voice and her ears twitched. She looked around, but her family members were all confined to their own rooms by this point and the sound did not seem to emanate from any of these doors. Perplexed, she made her way towards the nearest window and peered out to see the Princess and guard below. Her face screwed up in confusion and she simply watched for a moment.

Mist Feather eyed Luna in a way that would tell the night's princess that Mist was not really looking at her but rather through her, eyes red and unblinking she tossed off her helmet for better movement and would now be more recognizable. "Move aside ma'am this is business between me and the mare that crushed the dreams of my life." in all fairness she had not recognized Luna at all in her rage, brandishing her spear again hard enough to nearly dent the steel.

Princess Luna's eyes widened in surprise and recognition when the armored pony threw off their, her, helmet. It was Mist Feather! The guardmare's face looked a blank mask of anger, but the redness of her eyes suggested she'd been crying. Mist seemed so focused on going after Applejack that Luna's imposing arrival didn't seem to register; and normally ponies were given a fright from such a display. Luna frowned and spread her wings out to either side of her, in an effort to impede the mare's progress. "I will not allow you to throw your job away. Cast aside your anger and stand down! What exactly has you so riled against Applejack?"

Bygone Specter kept in his hiding spot behind the tree and looked out at the princess and the pegasus. He was... going to stay right here for the moment! Yeah! Mist didn't' seem to be in the best mind a-and there was a princess here, yes? She could handle it! He nervously fiddled with a glowing marble in his aura...

AppIejack pressed one ear against the window, trying to hear the ponies below without giving away her presence. She debated for a moment whether she could simply ignore them - after all, likely this was personal business of some sort - but she tensed when she heard her own name. Back pedaling away from the window, Applejack grimaced and muttered, "Aw, shoot." She crept down the stairs as quickly as she could without making a ruckus and slid out the front door, closing it firmly behind her.

Mist Feather snapped out of it a second uttering a wail blinking her eyes at hearing her name, how did that mare know her na... oh by Luna it was Luna.. stepping back two steps she dropped the spear, but then saw movement behind a window of the farm and narrowed her eyes howling as she burst forward screaming. "She told me how impossible my ideas of loving you were, she crushed everything my love will never be answered and she had the gall to tell me! she! one of the perfect ever loved bearers!"

Princess Luna relaxed the stretch of her wings once the guard dropped her weapon, and Mist's gaze over her shoulder prompted her to glance back at the farmhouse. She thought she saw movement by the front door, too, but she had a more pressing matter. The princess turned back towards Mist, her ears flattening in sympathy against the cloudy roil of her mane. She never would have expected Mist actually loved her like that, clueless as she was about such advances, and let loose a sigh. She'd have to defuse the situation, and delicately.  "I am truly sorry, Mist. I am certain Applejack never meant to hurt you by stating such."

AppIejack approached slowly from behind Luna, her hooves gliding noiselessly over the ground. Of course, the pony ought to avoid was already looking her direction and a silent approach would do little for her. She swallowed tightly. The pegasus alone was one thing, but the Princess and love interest, too? Oh, boy. She stood beside Luna quietly, not wanting to cut in.

Mist Feather there she was the sole subject of her anguish her eyes and facial features twisting into one of icy calm, maybe if she was fast she had one chance to get a punch or buck in before she was being undoubtedly overwhelmed by the princess's magic, her wings and limbs giving an involuntary twitch giving all the signs of an impending charge to those understanding a pegasus, mentally preparing herself as some saliva clung to her lips.

Princess Luna didn't receive a single response from Mist, but she caught the shift of her eyes, her gaze locked on something beside her. The princess folded her wings loosely as she turned to look, and found Applejack standing there. She wasn't surprised at least one of the Apple family took notice to what was going on on their property, but she was impressed by her silence. She hadn't even heard her approach! Luna turned back to Mist's cold expression- the tension of her body told her that she was prepared to do something rash. "Mist." Luna's voice was gentler, but held undertones of warning. "You do not want to do this. Violence is never the answer, and you will only feel worse, not better. I know this from experience. I only wish what was said was not the truth, but sadly it is. The only reason Celestia and I have never taken lovers is because our longevity makes it impossible. Anyone we love, we will eventually outlive, and it is a harsh reality."

AppIejack's ears lay flat for a moment. So, that was what this was about. She cleared her throat. "I'm sorry... Mist? I didn't mean to shoot ya down and it certainly weren't my place to do so. I do have a habit of being a little... tactless, with an open mouth." The orange mare glanced down at her hooves nervously, then looked between the other two mares. "I think I ought to excuse myself. This isn't really any of my business." She backed away slowly, her eyes trained on the pegasus. She'd seen Dash lose her temper enough times to recognize the stance and knew better than to look away until she was safely behind a closed door.

Bygone Specter peeked out form his position behind the tree. He didn't really know what to think in this situation but... Mist was mad at Applejack; like.... really mad! Not good.... not good at all! Thus the little changeling in disguise ducked out and, no matter how sick the emotions pouring off of Mist made him he tentatively approached and tried to ward back the terror of the geas as well! He was rather determined though! If Mist even went on an attack vector he'd be trying to pounce her and slap on an immobilization spell tag! He didn't want his guard friend in a dark dungeon somewhere!

Mist Feather just stared at Luna and at the moment her heart shattered she inhaled once, then trembled violently before going limp against the grass, stress that had been pent up short circuiting the pegasus, gasping deeply as her blue eyes stared blankly, her inner pony murmuring, you kinda knew this stupid, then her late night dinner came back up the wrong way followed by more sweat and trembling Luna had confirmed it oh goddess Luna.. she was right.. but it hurt.

Princess Luna cast Applejack an apologetic look before the mare left and turned her attention back to Mist. Her face showed sympathy as the pegasus collapsed in grief, but she didn't know how else to handle such a situation. It would have been worse to lie about it, let alone lead her on. It seemed the only way. Paler movement off to the side drew her gaze, for a moment, and she knew who it to be though she gave no acknowledgement yet. Luna stepped gingerly around to Mist's side and knelt down, extending a wing over her back. "I am sorry, but I would not lie to you. It may never be, but this does not mean we cannot still be friends. We certainly do see a lot of each other, do we not? Even after our time is up, I will still treasure our friendship."

Bygone Specter visibly flinches at the change in emotion only to quickly step back since the pegasus didn't seem to be in any danger of turning violent again. The pale foal looked between the Princess and Mist a few times... And then he decided to simply back off. He didn't really have a place in this conversation between Mist and her well... crush/former crush? crusher? He was confused by the topic but he knew he probably shouldn't be there. Thus he slipped away into the night.

Mist Feather lay on the grass her jaws parted as her eyes moved to look at the night's princess, heavy heaves going through her chest but not moving in any other manner wings laid flat to prevent damage to them as she whispered. "I'm so sorry... so sorry.. so sorry..." then squeezed her eyes shut, at least Luna still wanted to be her friend and would not cut her off completely after this show of delirium.

Princess Luna lifted a hoof to place it comfortingly on the pegasus's shoulders when she apologized repeatedly. "I forgive you." The lunar diarch murmured, reassuring. "Anger and heartache can lead us to reckless and even foolish actions. Everypony has dealt with it at one point in their lives, and you are not in trouble. I only hope you can forgive Applejack, too, and make amends." Luna added. "If you need to take a few days off until you feel better, you may do so."

Mist Feather lifted her head and eyed her silvery spear as for a split second a whole other darker idea crossed her mind, that way would also spare her heartache, licking her dry lips she flicked her wings once, then tore her gaze away and mumbled. "No!... Princess still needs me... just not like that..." shuddering she lay more upright and briefly touched the diarch's neck in complete submission. "Thank you Princess Luna.."

Princess Luna's ears flicked towards the pegasus's mumbling and frowned. She didn't catch all of it, but whatever Mist was thinking, she was at least resisting. She looped her foreleg briefly around the guardmare's shoulders in a hug, nodding. "You are most welcome, Mist." The alicorn replied, smiling faintly. "Let us now return to Canterlot. I daresay we have tarried long enough on the Apple family's property, no?" Luna spoke in an attempt to be a little more lighthearted, pulling away from Mist to stand and to allow her to do the same.

Mist Feather nodded and stood up scuffing her hooves to cover the mess she made with sand, then went to collect her spear which lay some ways apart and returned to Luna spreading her wings. "Yes Princess let's return to Canterlot and tomorrow I shall formally give Applejack my apologies."

Princess Luna waited until Mist had gathered up her spear, relaxed now that the situation seemed to be dealt with. She bowed her head a little towards the pegasus, smiling faintly and pleased with her change of heart. The moonbringer took to the air with a swift, downward thrust of her wings and ascended slowly to allow Mist to catch up. If and when she had, Luna would lead the way back to the mountainside capital.

Mist Feather flew after her princess feeling somehow more at ease now, definite answers were so much more stable than having to guess about feelings and after her actions tonight she did have the decency to feel a little ashamed, also remained the question now that Luna was out of her romantic interests would she even find another pony to fill that gap? Questions questions.

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11/8/15; The Truth Hurts
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