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 11/3/15; Unexpected Visitor

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: 11/3/15; Unexpected Visitor   11/3/15; Unexpected Visitor Icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 2:46 pm

Mist Feather flew into the night court so fast that even landing backfired resulting in the mare bouncing and skidding along the floor, then crawled up to the night soevereign's hooves sobbing and bawling her eyes out in complete and utter anguish, trying to talk to her princess but only managing wracking gulps and sputtering.

Princess Luna's attention had been elsewhere, probably focused on one dream or another, but it was quickly pulled to the present as somepony practically came crashing into the throneroom. Her head snapped about to the mare who came rushing up, incoherent through her tears. Immediately concerned, the moonbringer pulled herself off of her sister's throne and moved to comfort her. "Easy. Please calm yourself, my dear. Take deep breaths, and tell me what ails you so." Luna murmured, her voice gentle and consoling.

Mist Feather looked up at the majestic ruler of the night and breathed a few times before wailing in whispers. "IleftafoalintheforestalonewithahydrabutitwashispetandthatMirageponysaiditwasfineandhekissedmyhoovesand then the foalsaidhewasfineandhadexplosivesandwouldfollowthepathoutandIlefthimallaloneintheEverfreeforestI'mthemosthorribleguardmarethereisIshouldbeimprisoned." she blubbered out in distress tears streaming down her beige muzzle.

Princess Luna's brow furrowed in concern as she tried to follow the guardmare's rapid, panicked speech. She was pretty sure she heard words like 'foal' 'hydra' 'explosives' 'Everfree', and the last which snagged her attention the most: Mirage. If Mirage was out in the Everfree, and with a foal, she had no doubt she knew who that foal was. "It sounds like quite a situation. A.. foal you say? Is he cream colored with a sort of top hat?" Luna queried and rested a comforting hoof on the mare's shoulder. "If it is so, then it must be Bygone. He can handle himself, from what little I know. Please, do not fret. I may have to check on him to make sure he is not doing anything.. dangerous, however, or you can warn him yourself."

Mist Feather nodded quickly yes exactly top hat and the same coat colour as her, wait the princess knew this foal and said he'd be alright too? she didn't condemn a sweet little foal to death while having to live the rest of her life and short career with horrible guilt? "So.. so it's alright your Majesty? I'm not fired or.. sent to the dungeons?" she had wanted to say the moon but considering who was in front of her that might be unwise.

Princess Luna smiled gently and patted the guard's shoulder before she removed her hoof, dropping it back to the ground as she speaks. "Indeed, all is well. It is nothing to punish you so harshly over. My only concern is why Bygone has a pet hydra and explosives of all things. I cannot fathom how he even got his hooves on such things." Luna replied, frowning briefly. "All I can suggest is keeping an eye on him, I suppose, and send him a warning from me to be careful and keep the hydra far from Ponyville."

Mist Feather nodded bumping her chin into the ground several times as she kept herself prostrated before the night's ruler, wings splayed out as she kept looking at the silver clad hooves. "Oh thank you your Highness you are too good for me, Forgive me for my error, I will keep an eye on the young unicorn and give him your warning princess." she actually tried to absentmindedly rub her tears out of the carpet. "He was just a foal.. all alone in the Everfree.. foal.."

Princess Luna knelt a little to cup the pegasus's chin with a hoof, a brief comforting gesture. "Please rise, you need not remain bowed so." She bid. "Do not worry about Bygone. There is much that concerns me about him, and I have suspicions, but he seems to be able to fend for himself. In fact, he has twice snuck into this very castle without anypony's notice, and seems to move between Canterlot and Ponyville with no issue, considering the distance. It baffles me."

Mist Feather raised her head but her body was still very uncooperative, it seemed that getting from Ponyville to Canterlot's throneroom in world record time did a tremendous job on your body just having woken after a nightmare so she stayed down for a little bit trying not to pant, panting seemed very rude in the company of princesses you may or may not have once dreamed about. "I will still keep an eye on him your Highness, he doesn't seem ill willing though."

Princess Luna took a step back just to give the guardmare some room, whenever she could gather the strength to stand. "As I have seen of him too, indeed. I am merely worried he may accidentally hurt himself, or others. I thank thee for notifying me of this, and for keeping an eye on him for me." She replied, smiling gently. "The night may seem quiet and sleepy, but my duty to dreamwalking still doth keep me too busy for making too many visits."

Mist Feather bowed and nodded hastily trying to start crawling away, best princess is busy be a good mare and get out before you waste her time more and annoy her. "Yes your Highness! I'm on my way thank you thank you kindly."

Princess Luna bent her head towards the guardmare in a brief nod towards her thanks. "It is no problem at all. Allow yourself a moment to rest, too, before you return to Ponyville. I daresay you must have worn yourself out from your flight from there to here." Luna suggested kindly, noting that Mist still hadn't stood yet. Poor thing.

Mist Feather tried to get up and flopped on her side, swing and a miss, then nickered to herself in a sigh and tried again, getting to her hooves as she flapped her wings a few times bowing to her favored ruler once again. "Thank you your highness."

Princess Luna merely nodded again and turned to stride back up the carpeted ramp to the throne. She'd seat herself upon it, limbs curled gracefully beneath her, and watch the pegasus for a moment with some concern. She hoped she wouldn't push herself too hard, she wouldn't want her to end up crashing in the wild space between Canterlot and Ponyville.. "It is no problem. Farewell." Luna would last say- she would probably soon zone out to return to what she'd been doing, casting her mind out to dreams to see if there was any trouble.

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11/3/15; Unexpected Visitor
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