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 11/1/15; Nightly Concerns

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: 11/1/15; Nightly Concerns   11/1/15; Nightly Concerns Icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 2:42 pm

Princess Luna. The sun sank upon the horizon as the moon rose, bringing with it its star-flecked veil of darkness. Luna retreated down deeper into the palace after the rotation of the heavens, and proceeded towards the throne room. She no longer dreaded holding the Night Court for ponies that still required the help of a diarch to solve their problems, but it was still dull work. She just didn't have her sister's endless patience. The thought did cause her to reflect on the time they had lived in the Everfree.. but there really wasn't any need for her to dwell. She'd gotten better at this princess business, and the times have improved many things. Luna shrugged her thoughts aside as she finally reached the throne room, and entered when the guards opened it for her passage. There didn't seem to be anypony waiting inside for her, so she took a seat upon Celestia's throne and proceeded to tend to something she'd been needing to get to. Luna pulled up a blank parchment and wrote a summons upon it for her student, Mirage. With a simple spell, she sent it on its way. She wanted to see if his situation had improved any since the last time.

Mirage Moon was in his personal study once more as he actually just woken up recently. His magic seemed to be under better control once again as for the most part he had made a full recovery...well a near full recovery. Mira turned a page in his book as he once again studied the ancient language that was lost to most ponies since it would be one that only the ancients such as the royal princesses and Discord remembered; for after was Discord sealed the text was almost entirely lost due to it harboring very dark spells and incantations. Mira didn't care though he wanted as much knowledge as he could possibly obtain and this was just another book that he would unlock all the secrets i. Mira spent his days since his last visit from his mentor recuperating just as he promised her he would do...he may of regretted the promise afterwords, but he still kept it due to his respect for the Alicorn of the night.
Mirage Moon sighed as he thought of it since it was more than that...she was after all is adoptive mother figure...even if it was suppose to be kept private some how almost all of Canterlot knew and soon everypony else found out. It bothers him to hear such whispers, but nothing he can do about it so he merely just ignores them and keeps to his self. Mira sighed as he soon would be interrupted as he could sense a small tingle a surge in magic as a letter just appeared in front of him; covering his book. A parchment rolled up as his head tilted, "Mmmm...guess my studies will have to wait for the time being." He said as he took the parchment in his crimson magic and unfolded it as it seemed to of been an invitation from Luna to see her. Mira sighed and looked towards the ground, "...can't be helped I guess." He said as soon he got up and walked away from his study table and made his way to the door.
Mirage Moon continued pass the door as he shut it by pulling the knob with his mouth; for the door and out side of it or around the radius is prevented by all magic as barriers were set up to keep any pony out of this one room. The barriers basically set up from the door to about ten feet from the door in a full circle. Mira made his way down the stairs as he locked the door behind him and continued until he made it to the bottom of the stairs and he looked to the door. He thought for a moment as he normally walked up to the castle, but...the note seemed urgent so perhaps he should go there faster. The throne room had the same spells on it as his door basically, but not the entire castle and Mira been around for awhile that he found out every weakness in the castle and every vulnerability in the barriers that protect it. Mirage's horn glowed as the crimson aura surrounded his body, before a bright flash and a pop and he was gone from the mansion where he lived. Mirage Moon reappeared moments later in the castle hallway with the same magic surge that just happened. Mira appeared in a deadspot of the barrier as he looked towards the door and walked up to it, before knocking on the door and then Pushing it opened, "Princess...Luna?" He called out after poking his head through.

Princess Luna spent her short time waiting by studying the stained glass windows that lined the hall. She'd looked at them many times before, but it passed the time. She tore her gaze away once she heard the tall double doors open, and her student's voice. "I am glad to see you have come. Enter, Mirage." The moonbringer bid, and smiled gently. "It is nothing terribly important that I have called you here for, but to see how well you have been faring since that day you nearly drained yourself of magic." Luna explained, studying him from afar.

Mirage Moon approached the throne and gave a slight bow to Luna, "I am fairing better than I once was. Thanks to you." He replied and lifted his head up to face her; eyes not losing sight of hers. He seemed to be awaiting something, but then let out a sigh, "Is that all you wished of me, my mentor?" He asked just to be certain as his eyes traveled from her to the floor for a brief second, before returning upon hers.

Princess Luna waited until her apprentice had neared the throne before she rose to descend the carpeted ramp. Her smile widened briefly as she looked him over, noting that he did seem to look a lot better. "It is a relief to hear that you have recovered. Do try to not push yourself so far.. For whatever reason that may have been, do not be afraid to ask for assistance. My knowledge spans centuries." Luna replied. "I suppose I may have one task for you, if it may be any interest to you. I do recall that the castle ruins within the Everfree Forest has a library full of old tomes. Some of them are dangerous, but those are at least hidden." The princess began, looking thoughtful. "I recall a problem that happened in Ponyville that I do suspect may have originated from one such thing, long before Tirek made his appearance of course. Perhaps you may be interested in taking a look and making sure everything is well?"

Mirage Moon took a step back as the Princess got up to come closer to him. Right fore hoof rose to back of his head as he scratched it slightly, before setting it back upon the carpet. Mira didn't understand why his will being was a matter of importance, but his ears twitched slightly as he heard her mention something about a the old castle? He let out a sigh, but nodded with a bow, "If that is what you request of me I shall do it." He replied as old tomes did interest him to say the least so maybe he would have a chance to find some knowledge that had escape him until this moment.

Princess Luna noted the sigh, and hoped it didn't seem too much a problem for him. She'd intended to express that it was at least optional. After all, if he had been studying to the point of exhaustion, and the drain of his magic, he must have been trying to find something. She could somewhat relate to the issue, but she knew not what he sought. He'd been very elusive on the subject, and didn't seem to want to tell her. "It pleases me to hear it. You are free to tend to this task whenever it is comfortable for you."

Bygone Specter peeked down from the rafters of the throne room. How the little changeling had once again managed to sneak into the heart of the castle was a mystery - but he was here on a mission of sorts! Due to his...uhm... hiding on Nightmare Night he hadn't been able to pass on the figures Luna had wanted! He'd spent a good long time working on them after all, so somepony should have them! Properly animating the wood had been such trouble- But the book he'd found in the castle library had helped immensely. Unlike his smaller figures these required a crystal core though. Luckily the necklaces would work for that! As he gazed down at the two below he debated whether or not he should go down there or simply levitate the packages down. Sneaking into the castle like he did would make him seem more strange! A delivery might not be so out of character though. He didn't want trouble!

Mirage Moon nods his head as he brings up his right foreleg to across his chest, "Of course...I shall leave at once then." He announced as he his back to her and returned to all fours, before shaking his head slightly. Something still troubled him it was of his past...something seemed to be calling him to Everfree as it was, but now his mentor sends him there. He turned back to face her and sighed once again as his emotions showed slightly through his eyes, but quickly he regained his normal cool and calm self. It was not yet time to ask her, besides...what if she knew what would change everything if he found out who he truly was? He shook his head and started off towards the throne room door. It was better this way...if she didn't know his true concerns.

Princess Luna lifted an eyebrow at Mirage's responses- was he taking what she said the wrong way? "You do not have to, as I am giving you the freedom, but if you so wish.." She gave him a little nod of her head. The princess caught his sigh and the look he gave her, but whatever emotions were there in his eyes for the reading were quickly covered up again. Concerning.. Luna remained silent, thoughtfully watching her student walk down the carpet for the throne room doors.

Bygone Specter frowned a little as he looked down at the interaction going on. However there really....wasn't much he could do. Mira did as Mira does. At least he'd already raided the library out at the old Everfree castle! So many good books just... sitting around un-guarded! Deciding to throw all caution out of the nearest window, the little changeling in disguise jumped from the rafter down a good distance from the throne and swept into an over-exaggerated bow with his hat in hoof and everything! He managed to lock down the geas behind some crude mental barriers for the moment, but it was a rather shaky state. "Hello again, P-princess Luna. I believe I was supposed to have some figures ready for you on Nightmare Night. I figured I'd deliver them myself!" he cheerfully stated.

Mirage Moon stopped momentarily as he approached the door. He could sense a magical presence in the throne room that was not of his or Lunas'. He waited for it and sighed as moments later his friend came down from his usually hiding spot it seems and he started to wonder if all the night guards were lazy. He turned his attention back to Luna for a moment, "It is no problem, my mentor. I'll go right away." He told her, before his gaze turned to Bygone and gave him a simple nod, before turning back to the door and opening it to leave. Mira called out one thing first, "Besides it seems you should be alone with your will know where to find me. I shall be stopping by Ponyville to pick up something Lady rarity made for me there....then I will be off." Mirage lowered his head and bolted from the room as he disappeared.

Princess Luna was momentarily distracted from her thoughts by the appearance of a certain foal. She hadn't seen him enter, and he seemed to fall right out of the ceiling. Out of the ceiling.. ? The alicorn looked up briefly, eyeing the rafters questioningly. Obviously there weren't any holes, and the way the foal seemed to continue to sneak in here was starting to get even more suspicious. Luna finally gave Bygone her attention, and was reminded of the figurines. "Ah! The excitement of Nightmare Night kept me quite busy, I am afraid. I am pleased you thought to bring them to me, however, and I can finally pay you." Luna said with a smile, and glanced up towards Mirage at the doors. "Very well. Safe journey, Mirage."

Bygone Specter looked back at Mira with a concerned look and resolved to follow the unicorn if he could and figure out what was bugging him! Sure he could plant those illusions on him and probably kill him that way, but still he was his friend even if he scared him to death right now! Of course he had a delivery to make first, though. The little changeling pulled his hat off, poured a little magic into said hat, and he then reached both hooves in. He felt around a bit and seemed to find what he was looking for as he carefully pulled out a wooden box. "These are a little more complicated than my little ones." he grinned as he set the box down and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

Princess Luna turned back to Bygone when he pulled off his hat and revealed a wooden box. "Oh? I would be most interested in seeing your work. Show me." The princess said, her horn lighting while she spoke. In a little flash, she summoned forth a cloth bag- inside which were a pile of gold bits. She hoped she managed to put together enough to pay the little foal for all his time and skill on such a project.

Bygone Specter gave the princess a lopsided grin and opened the box. He'd intended to let her see the figures anyways! It was bad business to just take bits and run after all! Even if the geas was cracking the fragile barrier around his mind and pouring fear into his mind. The figures were about twice the size of his regular figures. one of Luna herself and the other of Celestia. Both were as of yet just figurines, but he spent quite a bit of time staring at pictures of both alicorn in order to try to get all the details right! Least the accursed geas didn't react to pictures. Each figure had a single small gem 'shard' embedded upon their chestpiece. Celestia's figure had a small amethyst stone somewhat like the actual Celestia did while Luna's figure bore a pearl that had the shape of a moon carefully etched into it. To be honest the foal would have preferred moonstone because it would have been more fitting, but... where was a foal like he going to find one of those in such short time! It was hard enough to track down a pearl he could afford that had the properties he needed for enchanting! Amethyst he was in fairly decent supply of considered he liked to experiment with it. He looked to the bag of bits and then back at the Princess for the figures appraisal! "Both possess animation enchantments like mine. However; currently both are deactivated." he smiled.

Princess Luna knelt down on both foreknees, flicking her head to move the starry field of her mane behind her, as Bygone removed the box's lid. The two small versions of herself and her sister brought out a gasp from the princess, and she studied the tiny details curiously. "You are quite a craftspony," Luna said at last, leaning back to look up at the little foal. "I am most pleased with your work, and I daresay my sister will be thrilled with the gift, at that!" Luna exclaimed, and levitated the bag of gold coins over to him. "I do hope this is enough.. and how are the animations activated?"

Bygone Specter couldn't help but be rather anxious to hear what the princess thought. She was an alicorn! She could easily blow him to tiny little bits or stick him in the dark dungeon under the castle if she so wanted to! When she gasped and said he was quite the craftspony he began to bounce a little happily. "I'm glad!" he smiled as he looked back down at the two figurines as he took the bag of bits in his aura. He didn't really need nor want to count. He'd be happy either way. "The two will be animated when you put a base magical charge into the gemstones in their chestplates. You'll know you have enough when their manes and tails start to imitate your own. I honestly can't tell you if the little spark of chaos in them will cause them to become...self sustained.... like my personal duo, but I tried to make them as close to yourself and your sister as I could!"

Princess Luna smiled, too, and listened with interest to what was required to activate them. It was certainly simple enough, something she'd be able to remember when it was time for her to reveal the gifts to Celestia. "Ahh, I see. Thank thee, Bygone, for these creations! No matter what they will do, I will certainly let my sister know who has crafted them." Luna replied, pleased, as she straightened up into a sitting position. "I must ask, before you go, how in Equestria you are capable of sneaking in here without my notice."

Bygone Specter smiles and scuffs a hoof when Luna thanked him and even said she'd tell Celestia where she got the figures from! It was... quite the honor on one hoof, but on the other that would bring the attention of another alicorn on him, and the geas was using that to leak through the shield just a little more. And then Luna asked the next question and he gulped and grinned sheepishly. "Actually it is fairly simple. I use an anchored perception spell. A... notice-me-not. It affects the subconscious to the point it is like a pony subconsciously doesn't want to notice me. It is only effective so long as I don't draw attention to myself, though." He'd found this spell when he'd snuck into the Crystal Empire library years back! One of the first spells he'd 'modified'. How odd the changeling in disguise was; Sometimes acting like the foal he was supposed to be and sometimes talking like a unicorn arcanist!

Princess Luna listened curiously, casting him a quizzical look. It seemed to be an oddly advanced spell for such a little foal to be able to cast. Usually foals about his age were just learning to use their magic, like levitation. She supposed she could be wrong, however. "I see. Well, young foal, you must know that you do not have to hide from anypony when visiting this castle. To sneak about unseen suggests you are up to.. less-than-proper activities. All you really have to do is send a letter ahead to tell me you are coming, or even while my court is open, and you can freely enter." Luna told him with a teasing smile.

Bygone Specter scuffed his hoof upon the floor and nodded. "I - uh... I suppose that is quite true." he'd say with a rather pale pallor. When she brought up the fact his sneaking around really did seem like he was up to something the geas took that opportunity to clash against the mental shield and nearly buckled it! He tried to relax himself, but it just... was so hard now with the 'terror' magic leaking into his mind. "I'll keep it in mind. I didn't really think to send a letter or anything. I suppose that just slipped my mind. I wanted to deliver the letter ya know.." he'd scuff his hoof as he started to ramble just a little.

Princess Luna watched as the little pony seemed to get.. nervous? if his ramble was anything to go by. She gingerly held up a shod hoof to quiet him, and if it worked she would break in. "Relax, Bygone. You are in no trouble." The moonbringer said with a short giggle, dropping her hoof. "I only mean to express, no more sneaking around, please. You would be surprised how willing ponies are if you only ask for their permission, or their help. I am grateful that you brought the package to me, otherwise I would have forgotten in the excitement of Nightmare Night."

Bygone Specter quieted the moment the shoed hoof was raised. A good part of him was able to relax when she'd said herself he wasn't in trouble. That was a relief! He actually exhaled and sank into a sitting position and just about collapsed on his front in relief. "I'll stop sneaking around, but... I kinda worry about being stopped by guards or ponies a lot. I mean... Most foals are in school or looked after by parents and stuff - ya know? N-not delving high level enchanting or.. stuff like that." he looked up at the night princess and rubbed the side of his head with a hoof.

Princess Luna pondered over what Bygone said and glanced back up at her throne. "This is understandable, but perhaps I can write some sort of 'pass' for you to show the guards. Only if you need to come and talk to me, or even my sister should you ever arrive here during the day." The dark lady replied after a moment, levitating a spare parchment and quill over from next to her throne. She scribbled something upon it, and signed her name with a cursive flourish, before passing it over. "I am not sure about getting you anywhere else in the castle, however, I am sure you can always come to me about it."

Bygone Specter perked his ears and looked at the princess in shock as she actually offered to write him a sort of 'pass' to show to the guards if he ever wanted to see them. That action was unexpected enough for him to be able to shut out the bubbles of fear from the geas for a few moments. He took the pass and gazed at it with curiosity. "I-I.. Thank you, princess." he'd quietly say as he fell quiet for a moment or two. He wanted to ask the princess about mind-magic so much, but it was just so... hard! The whole point of the geas was to prevent him seeking out alicorn aid in the first place after all!

Princess Luna smiled down at the little cream-colored foal and nodded at his thanks. "It is no problem at all. Had I an issue with any others your age showing up here and seeking my help, I would have done the same. It is not our way to shut our citizens out while we live in our lofty palace, but to let them in should they seek our aid." She explained, "And should you sorely need it, you would not have concerned guards keeping you from that aid. It is the least I can do."

Bygone Specter looked at the princess again, but this time he didn't quickly avert his eyes like he'd been known to before. The geas was flaring in the back of his head but the comfort those words were bringing helped stem the flow of fear it tried to flood his system with. "Nevertheless, thank you." he'd say even as he looked down and scuffed a hoof again. Would she still call him a citizen if she saw his changeling form and the chaos infection itself? Perhaps...perhaps not. "Do you know anything about.... mind magic... specifically geas." he'd finally manage to ask in a voice that was almost Fluttershy levels of soft at first before he painstakingly brought his voice up to audible levels. He immediately felt like a fool for asking if she knew much about mind magic since she worked frequently with dreams.

Princess Luna would nod again to his thanks, a gentle smile still present on her face. When he spoke up again, she had to lean her head down a little just to hear exactly what he was saying. He spoke so softly, at least at first. "Mind magic?" She repeated, looking thoughtful. "Mind magic is a bit of a gray area, and usually forbidden in teaching. Anypony who could get their hooves on such magic could be capable of great evil.. A geas is an old spell, or a curse, that is often placed upon others so that the caster can make them do what they want. Such as keeping a servant loyal to their master, or carrying out a terrible deed they would not normally commit. To go against a geas would possibly mean death by it." Luna looked thoughtful after she'd finished that explanation, and glanced quizzically to Bygone. "Why do you ask?"

Bygone Specter closed his eyes as pressure mounted in his head. Every word from Luna rang true. She knew what a geas was! All these years and he'd simply held out that he'd be fine. Why worry about the remnants of the old geas when he'd ne'er see one of the princesses? But... Here he was looking at one as the geas fought against his mental 'shield'. He opened his mouth to speak only to have to push back the mounting fear. He took a slow, deep breath, and then continued on. "I-I have the remnants of a-an old geas on me. One of the effects is to make me terrified of alicorn." he'd say as the paling pony tried to keep his voice steady but it kept trying to die in his throat! He actually had the beginning of tears in his eyes as the damned thing tried to flood as much terror into his system through the flimsy shield as possible in attempt to make him bolt away from the alicorn.

Princess Luna noted the eventual signs of fear grow in the colt after he spoke again and her face grew troubled. "Is that so? It would explain some things.. however.." She paused for a moment, tucking her wings close against her sides. "Who would place a curse like that on you? Do you happen to remember who the pony, or ponies, that did this to you? Because this is a very serious situation." Luna asked, frowning a little. "For what reason, too, would they want to keep you away from us?"

Bygone Specter cracked his muzzle into a grin that looked a little less on the sane side as the fear and adrenaline mounted; causing the chaos infection to begin firing up as well. All or nothing! "H-he's dead.... tampering with too much chaos magic can have... unpredictable results... As for the why; L-living experiments are frowned upon I believe." he'd say with a heavy flinch at the memory even as his grin widened even more. The geas had been to make him a perfectly obedient servant to that unicorn just in case he grew too powerful to control when he got older; but the unicorn went and blew himself up so the geas fragmented into a bit of a mess.

Princess Luna looked a little concerned for the colt when that strange smile grew on his face. "So there is nopony we need to punish, then.. Hm." She muttered thoughtfully, more to herself than Bygone. "Indeed, experiments upon ponies is forbidden, whether on the living or the dead." Luna affirmed, speaking at a normal volume again. "I suppose you want to have the geas removed? If it is possible. I do not want to make any undue risks if this unicorn put anything in place to prevent it."

Bygone Specter twitched as he looked up at the alicorn. "Removed if possible, or quarantined behind as many mental defenses as I can get." he'd say with a rather serious voice before the grin returned and split his face again. "Experiments on ponies are prohibited, yes. But... Experiments on non-ponies aren't prohibited then?" he'd ask with a near innocent voice even as the chaos infection steam-rolled whatever restraint he had... "What about changelings? Say - A unicorn steals a group of changeling eggs... a-and infuses high doses of harveste raw chaos magic into the nymphs before and after they hatch?"

Princess Luna nodded in response to the possible removal, although the rest that he said threw her off guard. "I would hope they are just as forbidden. All life in Equestria is sacred. It is why we try our best to take the nonviolent approach, choose friendship over war." She replied after a moment. It would have been what her sister would have said, wasn't it? Luna frowned. "As far as I am aware, that has never happened before, so I would not know the results. Nothing good could come of it."

Bygone Specter stiffly nodded. "Just a changeling with a chaos infection that makes him look like a half-baked thaumatic bomb." he'd grimace as he looked towards the floor and scuffed a hoof once again. He knew he was probably just saying too much, but even the geas wouldn't have been able to stop him there. "So... uh.. How does one go about removing a geas?" he tentatively asked.

Princess Luna looked troubled by Bygone's statement, still frowning, and couldn't help but ponder over what he'd presented her. Was it a little too specific a situation, especially coming from a unicorn foal who so happened to have a geas? She was wondering if the two were connected, somehow, or if she was overthinking and connecting all the wrong things. "I have never had to remove a geas from a pony before, let alone one so young as you. I may have to search the Canterlot Archives for any mention of one, and removing them, before I attempt anything. For your safety."

Bygone Specter kept his gaze upon the floor in front of him and smiled a little again. It was somewhat of a cross between the unstable smile and the soft smile from earlier. "I'm happy to have any help offered... Take as long as you need, princess Luna. If there is one thing I hopefully have a decent amount; that is time." he smiled as he stood up on his hooves and pushed his hat upright on his head. "I... should probably be on my way right now anyways. Perhaps... Send for me if you find anything that can help. P-please?" he quietly requested of the princess.

Princess Luna finally wiped the frown from her face so she could give Bygone a reassuring smile. "I will try my best to find thee help. Whether I can.. or not, I will make sure to send word to you. I do hope I can help rid you of that awful geas. You will never have to fear again." Luna promised him, nodding. She finally turned her attention to the wooden box at her hooves and levitated the lid back onto it. Luna would have to remember to take it up to her room, so that Celestia won't accidentally find it. "I hope your journey back home is safe, Bygone. Thank you again for your lovely figurines, as well."

Bygone Specter nodded and swept into his rather over-exaggerated bow. "Thank you, Princess..."" he smiled only to glance at the box that bore the figures and smiled even more. "You are quite welcome. They were fun to work with. I hope I can see them fully active again eventually." he mused and turned towards the throne room door. "Good Night Princess! Stars watch over you!" he smiled as he happily bounced his way from the throne room, not even bothering with his 'stealth'. He'd managed to ask about the geas! Oh how happy he was that he did. There was a chance he could be rid of the accursed thing eventually!

Princess Luna smiled and nodded to the small colt's hope. "Perhaps you shall. Goodnight, Bygone. May the stars watch over you." She replied, chuckling faintly. The princess stood there until he had gone, and decided to take the lull in activity to carry the box up to her room. She could find a hiding place for it until Hearths Warming Day.. and no doubt tease her sister about already having a gift for her, without hints!

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11/1/15; Nightly Concerns
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