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 10/27/15; Magic Troubles

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: 10/27/15; Magic Troubles   10/27/15; Magic Troubles Icon_minitimeSun Nov 08, 2015 2:19 pm

Mirage Moon sighs as holds his self up; leaning on the wall of the hall way leading to the throne room as he let out a heavy pant. Again he was out of breath...again he nearly lost consciousness. Mira's vision swayed as it went in and out as his eyes squinted to try and focus as sweat poured from his head. Why? Why was this happening? His magic...his abilities? He couldn't use them right now and he was injured to boot as a gash from his side revealed it was reopened from the molten Hydra he had once fought. Mira grunted in pain, but he swallowed and managed to push his self off the wall and to a standing basis; even though a shaky one. Mira called By for help, but didn't know if the little changeling would aid him in this state. He growled at his weakness; how could he allow this to happen? He shook his head and took a few more steps closer hoof after hoof he approached the throne room.
Mirage Moon's breath grew sharper as well as the pain he felt; perhaps he shouldn't of used the teleport to return when his magic was already exhausted, but what was done is done nothing can change that. Mira thought to his self as he approached the throne room and to his surprise there were no guards there the bat pony's night guards were not guarding the throne room like normal which was odd as he stumbled forwards and clashed into the door; nudging it open with the collision. Mira fell into the throne room and fell onto his belly as his face it the ground and he slowly looked up; vision failing. Mira squinted to try and see, but his vision was all, but a blur as he managed to cry out, "....Prin-Princess...L-Lu..." Mira vision faded and he succumbed to the pain as he blacked out.

Princess Luna had been leaning against one of the armrests of her sisters throne, peering at a scroll- some paperwork of Celestia's that she was reviewing- when the doors opened. The princess glanced up at the sound, and froze at the sight of Mirage, collapsing. The scroll was forgotten at once as Luna shoved herself to her hooves, but she wasted no time with running. The moonbringer took to the air with a stroke of her wings to quickly close the distance between them. Luna knelt by her apprentice's head the moment she landed, a silver-shod hoof reaching out to his shoulder. "Mirage!" Luna exclaimed and tried to rouse him- if it did not work, she would try to check him for wounds. Her apprentice needed help, she probably would have to call in the guards for aid.

Bygone Specter had done something rather... reckless and/or silly (and quite possibly illegal?) this day. He snuck into canterlot castle. Why? He wanted to look at some of the books in the restricted areas of the library! He left his card down below in the market and slunk through the dark; taking the temporary forms of guards and maids alike. He waited until night since that was when security was the most.. well, he didn't want to say lax.. But who broke into the restricted section of the library at night to read?! Certainly nopony his age! Was the library even closed at night? That was left unanswered as a call from mira rang through his head and immediately made him feel rather woozy. Too much magic in his skull! Ugh... Did that count as a.... magical brain freeze? Telepathy spells were wierd! The changeling took the guise of multiple ponies as he made his way down to where he knew Mira's magic to be. Before he knew it he was looking down from the rafters of the throne room down at Mira while in his normal disguise form. Luna was there to! Dare he... go down? Perhaps he shouldn't. Mira'd be fine, yes? That was quickly taken out of his control as a shift in the air (or something) caused him to lose his balance. He tumbled down the support pillar and similarly rolled across the floor until he hit face-first and slid the rest of the way; coming to a stop somewhere around five meters from the duo. "I'm okay!" he'd smile as he hopped up and looked at Mira. "Mister Mira what happened!" he'd ask as the disguised changeling bounced the rest of the way and let his head tilt some. Then he realized that Luna was there and eeped quietly as he stiffened. Must not think of alicorn... Must not think of alicorn! The geas whispered evilly in the back of his mind as he kept the majority of his attention on the collapsed unicorn.

Mirage Moon was unmoving for a bit as the magical aura that was around all ponies even non magical ones and other creatures seemed to be gone as ifthe aura was no more. However as Mira layed the slowly the aura flickered as it became a light crimson wave that surrounded him even though fragile and weak most magical creatures such as Changelings and Alicorns could see it, but only those who are skilled in sensing magic can see the aura normally so earth ponies couldn't nor could pegasai or weak magic unicorns. Mira aura flickered on, but he remained motionless as visions erupted in his head and he could see....his nightmares that evaded him, but they were different they were not his normal nightmares oh no...these were the nightmares that he couldn't escape.
Mirage Moon shuddered as his breathing returned, but he panted heavily as the sweat broke out and his magical aura began to fluxate as he flinched; while eyes still closed. Mira growled in his sleep or so it would appear to anypony else he was sleeping, but truth be told he was awake and the nightmares he was having was still there. They all started the same with being surrounded by darkness followed by a dreadful laughter and then he would awake looking over Equestria from above, but not the peaceful looking Equestria of now...oh no it was shrouded in darkness with ruins everywhere. Canterlot destroyed and Ponyville a burning smoldering crator. The others gathered around him; his so called friends all casting him out and they turned on him as he was left alone just like when he was a foal. Mirage Moon trembled as he layed there, but soon the vision faded as he heard a familiar voice and a touch to his body that felt warm, but it was distant. Mira clinged to the warmth as he would awaken to hear the voice of his friend Bygone. His eyes opened and he looked up at Luna, "M...mot...I mean...mentor? A-am I in the castle...?" He asked as he slowly; shakingly tried to stand once more.

Princess Luna's brow furrowed in concern as she peered down at her apprentice. She noted his reopened wound, but nothing else seemed out of the ordinary. Her inspection of her apprentice was briefly interrupted, in the form of a familiar little foal that came sliding across the carpet. The moonbringer's head jerked up and she fixed him with a quizzical stare- what was a foal from Ponyville doing here, in Canterlot, and at this hour? Quite.. unusual. Her expression darkened for a moment, but she had a more pressing matter at hoof. Luna shifted her attention back to Mirage at the sound of his shuddering inhale, and she shook his shoulder gently. "Mirage!" Luna spoke sharply, hoping to draw him from whatever unconsciousness he'd fallen into. One that seemed filled with nightmares if her senses were correct- something that was most concerning to her. But soon he seemed to awaken and she relaxed a little. "Indeed you are. Here it is safe, but what has happened to thee, my student? You seem plagued by something."

Bygone Specter was, to be perfectly honest, feeling just a little like he shouldn't be here! Perhaps it was the geas whispering the numerous ways an alicorn could do him harm... Or perhaps it way the way he, in a sense, felt like he might have been intruding upon something. Besides infiltrating the castle of course. He'd come here to help, but Luna would be able to help far more than he could ever hope to with his meager magic skills. If something needed to go boom, or somepony wanted enchanting done, then he was the pony to go to! Well, and spying of course, but he didn't really do that. His magic was only developed enough to help him with his work; that was all he'd ever learned. The little changeling inched away, but continued to look on with concern as Mira spoke with Luna. Was it those nightmares again? He'd heard about them, but why....Why would they plague him while awake? Then again he did fall unconscious... Oh; how confused he was!

Mirage Moon looked around as he tried to stand, but he found his self un able to as his ribs hurt and he clutched them with left fore leg as he kept his balance with other three legs. He looked down and saw the small patch of blood beneath him and he took his leg off and sighed seeing his wound reopened, "Not again..." He said with a groan. Mira shook his head and looked to Bygone, " came...that was quick though it take you awhile from Ponyville or the Everfree that why I came to the castle." Mira let out a breath and yawned slightly as he seemed to be tired as well as his magical potential seemed to be weakened, "Sigh been seven days..." He noted aloud, before placing his hoof back on the ground and pulling out a vial that seemed to be tucked away in a hidden satchel that could now be seen and he levitated it out over his wound with his magic. Mirage Moon's eyes closed as he poured it over the wound and he bit his lip to keep from uttering a would as tremendous pain entered his body, but the wound boiled and steam rose off it, before it started to close and eventually sealed it's self. Mira shook his head slightly as he was breathing heavily, "...Ow...that...still...smarts..." He panted as he looked to Luna and acted as if nothing was wrong, "And I am fine, mother. Honestly you worry too much." He joked in his usual tone.

Princess Luna took a step back as her apprentice struggled to his hooves, and kept her own hoof held out to catch him should he fall. So far, he did not, but she hovered nearby for any sign of any other collapses. What he said, directed at the foal, did explain a little to her on why the foal was even here. They were friends, that was as much as she could glean. Or at least they knew each other well. She just hoped she didn't have to write to any worried parents. Something else Mirage muttered caught her attention and she eyed him questioningly, but remained silent until he dealt with his wound with a potion. Something she could have healed easily, but failed to do so with her focus so much on other things. "Be that as it may, have you not slept that long? I sensed thy nightmares while thee was out.. surely you could give me answers?"

Bygone Specter smiled a little at Mira and dipped his head when he was addressed. "I had already brought my cart to Canterlot; so I was in the neighborhood! I got your message and came here as fast as I could." The little changeling in disguise simply smiled some and sat on his rump where he was. He could try to slip off but that would probably cause more questions. He'd simply wait for Mira to help him slip away perhaps! And that was when the potion was pulled out and applied. The little changeling winced at the sight of the steaming wound as it closed. Oh heavens.... He knew the pain that sort of potion could provide! He slowly glanced at Luna and shoved the whispers of the geas as far back as he could. "H-his magic is still woefully low... Would there be a way f-for him to be infused with some - majesty?" He didn't know the proper way magic depletion could be treated in these sorts of cases... He was no medical pony; he was just a foal trying to figure out the world he stumbled about in!

Mirage Moon sighs as he hears Luna's lecture voice...why did she always have to lecture him about sleep. He shook his head slightly, "Sleep? I will sleep when I find away to fix..." He sighs again as he cuts his self off and looked over his self; holding forehooves infront of his face. Weird his magic was fading yet...he could sense things...things that a normal Unicorn couldn't sense even though he was not normal his self. Being in that weakened state he would be considered a normal unicorn; perhaps even lower than one. Mira turned his head to Bygone as he caught something out of the corner of his eye and he simply smirked as he looked at not the young unicorn...oh no...but a changeling in it's base form as he saw the cracks on the changeling's body glow and he looked back to Luna. Mira sighed as he wondered; perhaps this is the hightened state he read about and heard from, before by his Mentor.
Mirage Moon sighed slightly as he recalls a hightened state is only attainable by an Unicorn when that pony is near death or better term on the brink of death. The form would allow a unicorn to cast all of their spells or even for a time acheave over whelming power even that rivaling a full fledge Alicorn. Mira chuckled as he closed his eyes, "So...I am near death...nice to know; perhaps I should sleep after all." Mira mouthed as the words came out as a mere whisper as he looked to the ground and pondered.

Princess Luna shifted her gaze towards the little toymaker when he uttered something, something that reminded her of a special event more than a thousand years ago. She made a thoughtful 'hm,' but said nothing currently as her apprentice was the next to speak. Her brow darkened in concern for his initial refusal to sleep.. and she wondered what it was that needed 'fixing.' Yet, he soon seemed to come to terms with the idea. "A pony cannot forgo more than seven days without sleep. I would hazard a guess that, indeed, you may be close to it. Yon friend has brought up something very important, and it can be done." Luna said, nodding towards the foal. "Over a thousand years ago, when my sister and I were newly crowned, the unicorns were still responsible for raising the sun and moon. The feat was difficult for them, as it sapped their magic- only Starswirl himself seemed to be able to deal with the strain. Until such a day that the sun did not rise, and Starswirl, along with the last of the unicorns had drained their magic trying to raise the sun. Starswirl suggested to us that we should move them, for it was said that alicorns were rejuvinated, rather than drained, by the heavens. And we did. In doing so, we finally gained our cutiemarks, and used the excess power we gained to give the unicorns back their magic. I can do the same for you, Mirage, should you allow it." Luna explained, tilting her head down towards her student and awaited his response.

Bygone Specter sat off to the side with a smile that didn't reach his eyes. He was worried about a great many things; but he was unaccustom to showing such a thing. He liked to make people smile; for happiness mixed with the natural magic in the air tasted nice. Magic such as worry.... fear... Not so much. A little too tangy for his tastes. He was worried about his friend; seemingly strung so far that his body were perchance failing? He didn't know! And then there was the geas in his skull fueling his fears pertaining to the alicorn in the room. That he wasn't a shaking bundle of nerves at his age was an achievement. But he'd long learned that to falter in the face of fear beget death or injury. He let himself be distracted by Luna's voice as she explained the event of the past. The little changeling in disguise couldn't help but beam a little, his previous mental state forgot for those blessed moments when his observation was taken into account and his... idea was also possible! That was just the boost he needed to quiet his mind and focus on Mirage Moon himself; the friend he'd come here to help.

Mirage Moon growled slightly as he looked towards Luna even though he didn't show it in his eyes the distaste of what she had just suggested. He cared for Luna deeply as if she was his birth mother, but still at the same time why would she even suggest such a thing when she already knew his answer, "Do I really need to answer such a question that you already know the answer to?" He pushed his self to his hooves and sighed slightly as he no longer stumbled as he took a few steps towards his friend, "Mmmm this is interesting, but I don't think this is a hightened doesn't seem like my magic is restored it just...I can see things clearer as if I can see and sense through Mirages now..." Mira looked down at the ground and smirked, "Interesting...I never knew I had this kind of power before...I could always sense when an illusion is up, but I could never actually see through the full illusion." Mira grinned as he looked back to Luna and he didn't see the same Luna as he always saw.
Mirage Moon saw a lesser powered Luna and smaller version if you would as he tilted his head wondering why? Mira thought about it do the princesses true form look smaller and more petite? Or was he just imagioning this as he blinked a few times to try and adjust to what he saw, "Mmmm...well this is interesting...I swear you were taller than me a moment ago...yet you are about my hight now..." He said confused and puzzled as he took a few steps towards her.

Princess Luna's ears flicked back from the growl aimed her way by her very own apprentice. "I suppose not." The alicorn responded with a frown, and straightened back up with a fleeting look of disappointment. He still wouldn't accept her aid, and it baffled her. She.. supposed she could understand, being a stubborn creature herself, but it went against what lessons she had learned.. and taught. Luna cast a glance towards the foal, quizzical, before her gaze returned to Mirage at his utterance. "The form you see is who I was, before my power elevated me to what I am. 'Tis not an illusion, nor something done with purpose, but great magic has.. transformative properties, especially for my race." Luna replied after a moment's decision, and continued with a gentler tone of voice. "Mirage, you must know, accepting help is not a sign of weakness."

Bygone Specter sat off to the side as his gaze narrowed. It didn't set well with him that he growled at the alicorn. Not because she was a princess (that he was still trying to ignore lest the geas drive him even more crazy than usual) but because he'd already referred to Luna as 'mother'. He'd kill for one of those! Nah, he'd not really kill... But the thought of turning down help from family was blasphemous! The little 'unicorn' sat back and crossed his forelegs in thought. What could he do to make him let her help? He could be a devious little devil if he wanted to! He listened to the two ponies speak only to perk his ears. "Hey Mira... How about if you let the Princess help you; I won't send letters to everypony that annoys you asking for them to visit you. And I mean everypony!" he'd ask with a smile. Blackmail! Haha! Simple as a plan can be, no? Of course there were so many holes in the plan it wasn't even funny but... he was rather young. "Oh! And I'll modify some pictures that say you - uh.... have seen the glory of- uh- Love? And I'll hang them all over Canterlot, Ponyville, Olympia - uh - Everywhere! Pink and White and...uh...stuff! Maybe I'll hang them in the Crystal Empire to so the princess there could see them and come bug ya about it, huh!" he smiled cheshire wide. Yeah; he was grasping for straws....

Mirage Moon sighed as he looked down, " is not a weakness? You say this, can one ask for help and rely on another pony's power...and still be concider strong? This power would not be their own so it is meaningless to request or accept help." He said as he looked to her. He then heard what his friend said and this brough a smirk to his face, "I said no, Bygone. And as for the blackmailing me thing...go ahead, but if any pony does come up to me constantly and bother me I will place a little mirage on the edge of your vision that would drives the gaes crazy since it would be of you know what..." He smirked kindly, but evily. Mirage back to Luna and nodded, "Very well then...I will accept your aid, but...don't expect this very often; alright? I mean...I don't need to be babied..." Mira true reason for refusing his mother's aid was that he didn't want others talking about oh look he got his Alicorn Mother to heal him. It would cause problems and already he did not click with others nor did he really care about it, but for the sake of his research he couldn't afford the others to distract him.

Princess Luna glanced to Bygone as he seemed to leap on the chance to help by playfully blackmailing Mirage. Her mouth briefly twisted up in amusement, but she dropped the smile as Mirage picked up the thread of conversation. "It is not weakness to accept aid, and power does not make you truly strong. You could be the most powerful pony on the planet, but still be weak of will and mind and body. There are many ways to be strong." The moonbringer intoned. "And should you completely deplete your magic, it will not come back. An outside source can replenish it. Even Starswirl the Bearded accepted this, and nopony mocked him." Luna took a step forward, tilting her head down until her slender horn was nearly touching Mirage's. "I understand, however. Will you accept my magic in this moment?"

Bygone Specter was quite bummed that the blackmailing thing didn't work; actually it went horribly wrong! Mirage Moon turned around and threatened to put a mirage on the edge of his vision that would drive the geas crazy if something like that were to ever happen! He froze stiff and blanched to an almost ghostly white at the very thought. Even some of the color bled out from his hat! He made a strangled sound and quickly retreated across the room to let the two do what they needed to do, slipping behind one of the pillars to simply sit and shiver; ears laying flat and eyes closed as he tried to calm himself. To even casually mention the geas... and then threaten to use it against him! At this moment he was fearful, no... He was outright terrified of the unicorn right now. Far more so than the alicorn next to said unicorn.

The end(?)
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10/27/15; Magic Troubles
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