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 10/20/15; Marketplace

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Bygone Specter was once again back manning the shop; but he was just so...bored! Everypony was getting decorations and the ilk ready for Nightmare Night; Oh how he wished that the day would quickly come! Oh the fun he could have! The very thought made something akin to a cheshire grin steal across his muzzle. Yes, he and his little wooden compatriots would be quite busy. With a sigh he tuned to the side and began to have a staring contest with one of the motionless toys sitting on the counter next to him.... Bored! He had too much energy to be simply sitting at the counter today! Or at least that is what it felt like! With a twitch and a groan he turned and let his head drop to the counter while the seemingly always animated duo of a carved Daring Do and Ahuizotl fought over a fake gold ring. At least they were something to watch.....

Fluttershi walked through the bustling town square as ponies were everywhere trying to get read for Nightmare Night as she shivered at the thought. Fluttershy made her way through the ponies only to have a fallen leaf fall against her back lightly; this caused her to momentarily freeze, before she let out an eep and jumped to spin around as she landed on all fours again. She nervously glanced at what was infront of her and saw nothing, but then she glanced her head from side to side as she noticed some of the ponies quit working and stared at her. Fluttershy sunk down low to the ground as she flushed red with embarrasement, before slowly crawling away with a small squeak. Flutter made her way to under a cart as she hid there; hoping no pony would find her so she could think for a moment. Flutter's tail how ever was sticking out towards the cart where the shop own would be as she didn't realize it was currently Bygone's cart she hid under as she quivered.

Princess Luna. It was getting closer to that time of the year again, and the princess of the night knew that preparations were well under way. She had spent too much time cooped up in this castle, and with it being as early as it was (at least for her), she felt she could check in on Ponyville. Luna chose to fly out to the town, as it was an unofficial visit, rather than use her chariot so not to alert the locals. There seemed to be quite a few new things since Nightmare Night of last year, and Luna spent some of her time visiting the six. They seemed to all have their own preparations underway, all save one: Fluttershy. There was a distinct lack of the yellow pegasus. She knew of the girl's timidity, and thought she could speak with her last. Once she'd finished conversing with the others, she headed into town to check the marketplace first- it seemed an obvious first choice, next to the pegasus's own cottage. Luna would greet any who spoke to her, but didn't stop for any idle chatter on her search.

Bygone Specter was slowly beginning to enter some sort of half-lidded boredom trance when he heard a cry of distress; of fear and peril! (Of course it was actually a rather quiet 'eep' but he hadn't been paying attention and thus his bored (and quite possibly crazy) imagination made it sound far louder than it did!) His head jerked up and he leaned out from the cart to try and see just what had made that noise! Was it a monster attack?! Oh how he hoped it was a monster attack so he could throw some 'overcharged' chaos marbles at it! Discretely of course; It wouldn't do for ponies to find ot that he had dangerous items on him. He was quite likely much too young in their eyes for that. The clock next to him ticked on as there were no more screams of distress much to his consternation. With a weary sigh he flopped back on his rump and tapped a hoof on the countertop. That was until he thought he saw a flash of pink. He climbed up on top of the counter and looked down the other side only to see pink and yellow. Oh.. well that explains the 'not-scream' at least. "Hello miss Fluttershy! Did you have a nasty scare?" he'd ask from his new perch on the counter.

Fluttershi suddenly jumped back with another eep at the sudden call of her name. It startled her as she fell onto her flank and then rubbed it as she looked up to the small unicorn merchant, Bygone. Fluttershy smiled slightly as she slowly pulled her self up and brushed her self off, "...o-oh, yes...I just why does...everything...h-have to be so dark scary..." She said shivering slightly as she looked around and saw the scarecrows and ghosts...and gobling...and vampire ponies...and...and...and...other monster! As she thought of it she jumped under Bygone's cart again as she trembled and wrapped her wings around her form to try and hide her more fully as she soon looked like a yellow fluff ball as her pink mane was well hidden now as the ball trembled still and the three butterflies were still on her flank giving any pony that noticed the trembling yellow ball with a trio of pink butterflies the idea of Fluttershy being there.

Princess Luna ignored the stares and bows of passersby as she strode regally down the market's street, using her height to peer over the heads of most ponies. She saw not a one with the yellow and pink combination of colors, although a quick flash of movement did catch her eye further down. Everypony else was moving at a casual walk, and nothing seemed amiss.. but it did make her wonder. Luna strode over to the stall, noting that a small foal was crouched on top of the counter, focused on something... or somepony? Luna cleared her throat to make her presence known. "Hile, young colt! Tell me, have you seen a pegasus by the name of Fluttershy about? I seek her."

Bygone Specter had to force himself to hold back a giggle whenever fluttershy was startled by him. He knew he should be careful with the Pegasus who's timid nature was almost becoming legendary. The little unicorn hopped down from the counter and looked at Fluttershy whom was now a trembling mess underneath his cart. Fluttershy was probably the only pony that he was actively going to avoid playing tricks on when the night came! She was far too....delicate? Before he could even speak up there would have been the sound of somepony clearing their throat! He turned and immediately turned white as chalk. It was an a-alicorn! Oh stars he'd asked for something entertaining to happen, but he didn't want to get struck down! The geas in his head fed his spiking fears - envisioning torture, imprisonment in dark, ice, or fire.... even death. He almost didn't register the question, but by some miracle the hat-wearing foal gave a jerky nod and his hoof pointed under the cart where Fluttershy was currently curled up in a ball. "S-She's r-right there." he managed, looking torn between hysterically running for the hills and staying to make sure nothing happened to one of the ponies he dared potentially call friend in this town!

Fluttershi stayed curled up in a ball for awhile that is...until she heard a familar royal sounding voice and the voice called out her name. Fluttershy uncruled from the ball as her wings unfolded around her and the she rolled onto her back as her wings went flat against the ground; follow by her hind legs falling to the ground. Flutter shy rolled partly up as she turned her body enough to peek over the counter to see what terror called fourth her. Flutter blinked a few times as she saw Princess Luna and sighed a sign of relieve as it was only, "...P-P-Princess's only y-you...good evening..." She stammered, before something crossed her mind a dark thought that Nightmare Night was coming and Princess Luna was there...Princess Luna who is or was Nightmare Moon. She started to panic again and hid behind Bygone, "...p-please...d-don't...e-eat...m-me...Miss Nig-Nightmare Moon." She pleaded as she quivered behind Bygone.

Princess Luna noticed the way the unicorn colt's face changed upon seeing her, with something of fear in his eyes. It worried her, somewhat, to receive such a reaction when she'd made no effort to be scary, and it wasn't even Nightmare Night yet! Her face broke out into a reassuring smile, one that became a little more genuine as the colt gestured to his stand. Ah, she'd finally found Fluttershy! "Greetings, dear Fluttershy! I have come to this fair village to see the decorations for the festi..val.." Luna's pleasant response trailed off as Fluttershy seemed to freak and she frowned, concerned. "Fear not, I will not harm you nor your unicorn friend. I only wished to see how you fare this season. Perhaps we may talk things out.. ?"

Bygone Specter looked up at the Alicorn as his brain went haywire with possibilities, however outlandish they may seem! Drowning in applesauce - strung up like one of those scarecrows - hollwed out and made into a zombie! The geas continued to whisper into his skull as he tried to keep himself from shaking. It was all fine! Yes; perfectly fine! She was here for Fluttershy! And then the pegasus hid behind him! His head slowly turned to look behind him and then looked back at Luna. "Ehehe.... uh.. Miss Fluttershy - That i-isn't Nightmare Moon." he'd say as he carefully made to step to the side. He mentally apologized as he cirlced around. "She just wants to talk to you!" he'd say in what was his best 'kindly' voice which was horribly strained with his own geas-fueled terror. "She won't hurt y-you.." he'd say as he pushed Fluttershy out from under the cart and was now, coincidentally (or not), hiding behind her because of that action! Stars forgive him for using scared little Fluttershy as a shield!

Fluttershi looked up slightly and took her hooves off her eyes as she opened and eye to peer up at Nightmare Moon...n-no Princess Luna she had to remind her self. Fluttershy smiled lightly, before suddenly being pushed from the cart by little Bygone and she eeped in surprise, but soon she stood up as her shaking seemed to go away, "...o-oh, for-forgive me, Prin-princess...Lu-Luna...this time of the year...j-just gets me spooked...s-so many ponies trying to...p-pull scary pranks..." She sighed and aprroached her a bit timidly as she offered her a bow, before standing back up to the Alicorn mare, " you like the decorations...?" She asked. As Luna would answer a faint glow on Fluttershy's flank started to go off as her cutie mark of the three butterflies began to glow in and out like a beacon, before fading after about twenty seconds." Fluttershy froze as she felt that, "...u-um I think I have to go...s-see"

Princess Luna was a little confused by the colt's reaction as he hid behind Fluttershy, and even shoved her forward while muttering reassurances. The princess held out a hoof to catch her if she fell, but she recovered well enough that she didn't have to. "I shalt not hurt you either, young one. I am a benevolent ruler, and my time as Nightmare Moon is over. Was it not the Elements that cleansed me? My festival scares are but for fun, not harm!" Luna spoke to the colt, frowning. She shifted her attention to Fluttershy. "The decorations are quite festive. Fear not, none of them are real and shall never harm thee. You are safe here in Ponyville, and with your friends to guard your back." She smiled, but was given pause as Fluttershy's cutie mark seemed to.. light up. That was new. How intriguing. "Very well! I hope we shall speak again, and your dreams free of horror."

Bygone Specter was rather relieved that Fluttershy opened her eyes and began to speak to the princess. It gave him an opportunity to huddle behind her and scream his lungs out in his head! If only bashing his head on the table was an acceptable action in public. Everything seemed to be okay, even as he tried reply to the princess with a rather feeble "Y-yeah. I know. I'm - sorry...princess" It was downright pathetic, but it was pretty good for trying to reply even while his instincts were firmly on the 'flight' rule!  A good chunk of his mind felt bad for acting this way when he'd heard nothing but good things about the rulers of this land, but.... he had little aid against something such as a mental geas. No matter how much he fought the terror it continued to whisper. He was distracted momentarily at the rather peculiar sight that was Fluttershy's cutie mark lighting up... But then he realized something! If Fluttershy left then he'd have nowhere to hide. Oh, he didn't want to distress anypony b-but he didn't want to get blown up... or made into a griffin's sandwich... or put into a cage with angry bees!

Fluttershi tilts her head slightly as she sighed, "I-I...really don't know i-if I should go...I mean it could be anything this close to Nightmare Night...e-even monsters...m-maybe it is just a mistake?" She tried to pass it off as a simple mistake she seldom ever get called to go on missions not like the others do atleast so...i-it is deffinately a mistake, "L-let's ignore it...a-and carry on." She said with a fake fragile smile. Even fake it still showed the gentleness of her as her eyes scoured around the area and beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she got nervous...okay more than nervous she was terrified...w-what if the map call her and her alone what would she do? The others wouldn't go with her they would tell her that it didn't call them and it called her...mmm...m-maybe she could bring Spike with her or somepony...she then looked around and glanced at Luna, "U-um...Princess i-is it against the rulkes for you to tag along on one of our m-missions?" Surely with a princess with her nothing could go wrong...y-yes thats it exactly she would be safe from all the night time terrors!

Princess Luna smiled past Fluttershy to the nervous colt and waved a hoof dismissively. "All is forgiven." She reassured and looked sympathetically to the yellow pegasus. "It is no mistake, Fluttershy, but if I am correct about my assumption regarding the Elements of Harmony, and your calling, it may simply be something that requires thy kindness. There is something, or somepony, out there that needs it greatly." Luna replied with a serious air. She looked surprised briefly, her brow furrowing. "I.. am not sure. Are there rules regarding this? I may not be free to do so, regardless."

Bygone Specter took the reprieve from attention as an opportunity to sit back and close his eyes. He was able to fool himself while he had the eyes closed. No... the voice conversing with fluttershy is NOT an alicorn. She left alreay... Yes, he was safe. He let out a quiet breath and eventually managed to add his two bits to the conversation as well. "It may be your mission, but it would be outright silly for it to not let you have help. You are one of the elements of 'harmony' after all.."

Princess Luna did agree with the small colt and waved a farewell to Fluttershy as she left. It was a shame, she was hoping to talk more with the pegasus about her fears. It wouldn't be a problem so easily solved right away, or perhaps Fluttershy may never get over them, timid as she was. Alas. The princess turned back to the unicorn colt and his cart, where the shelves held his wares. She never did give them a good look the first time. "I may stick around a while longer to see the rest of Ponyville before I return to Canterlot. So what be your name, little pony?"

Bygone Specter flicked an ear as he heard the sound of wings and Fluttershy left; off to Twilight's castle presumably. That meant he was left with the Princess! No, don't think too deeply about it! He slowly inhaled and then exhaled once again, pushing the quieted whispers to the back of his mind. "I am Bygone Specter, Princess." he'd say as he stood and offered a full (hat-off) near sweeping bow. It was just a little 'hammy' for most ponies but it fit well enough with the little unicorn's personality. "I am but a humble traveling enchanter and toymaker in these parts." All of this was said and done as he kept his eyes tightly closed.

Princess Luna smiled, slightly amused, when the colt made his introduction with an odd little bow. "Ah! A pleasure to meet thee, Bygone Specter! A maker of toys, are you?" The princess echoed, moving closer to his stall to peer down at one of the animated toys with interest. "It is a great advantage to work on your craft at such a young age. Imagine what thee will achieve by adulthood." Luna remarked, lifting her head to peer over at the unicorn.

Bygone Specter smiled wide, always loving even the most tiny bit of aknowledgement! When the princess approached the little carved Daring Do/Ahuizotl duo stopped their chase long enough to see whom it was only to offer little bows of their own. Then they resumed the great game of cat and pegasus! There were plenty of other figurines, even some of the alicorn even if they were not enchanted as the others. Then there were the marbles that sparkled with magic, masks with glowing runes etched onto the foreheads. Most peculiar of all was a large rose tinted crystal inset upon the wall. It glimmered with an internal light... That was his attempt at recreating the crystal heart of the crystal Empire! Why was he even trying to make such a complicated thing this young? Simple; for a creature like him it might be a beneficial food source. All that emotionally charged magic! Theoretically he might be able to feed from it and not have to just survive on what he had!

Princess Luna looked down at the animated pair with a look of surprise, her mouth forming a small 'o'. It wasn't just that they were animated, but they'd acknowledged her too! "Delightful!" The moon princess exclaimed and lifted her head to look at the other wares. The crystal in particular caught her attention and she peered at it, head tilted. "Your craft is quite wonderful, but pray tell, what is that?" Luna asked, gesturing to the crystal.

Bygone Specter sadly didn't see the look of surprise on the princess's face lest he'd have wound up giggling at her expense. Those two were 'unique' among the rest, being the first he'd ever made. They were more intelligent than the typical animated figures, and it was because of that he wondered if the chaos infused in his magic caued the enchantments to warp, or perhaps even evolve over time. Yes? No? - He wound up having to open his eyes at the princess's question since he had to climb back onto the counter just to see what she was pointing at. "Oh... That is, well. A prototype crystal heart enchantment." The unicorn scuffed a hoof on the counter sheepishly.

Princess Luna's eyebrows lifted at the colt's answer, and her gaze shifted from the crystal to him. "Indeed so? That is a great feat to attempt, as the Crystal Heart is powerful, or perhaps even an amplifier of magic. I have never had the chance to study it, and I only know it came from within the Crystal Mountains. I am at least positive it is natural, but should you somehow manage to make something like it, it would be quite a powerful thing for a colt to have." Luna said, lifting one eyebrow at him in a questioning expression. "Still, I am one who is all for the sake of experimentation if it will not fall into evil hooves."

Bygone Specter raises a hoof to rub at the back of his head for a bit. "Well... I might be a little craaaazy, but I'm not evil. And you're kinda the only ony I've ever told what it is. Usually I just reply decoration, but I kinda would rather not lie to royals...." that could do terrible stuff to... Nope, mind isn't going there again. He closed his eyes again to calm himself and cleared his throat. "I might have the whole thing wrong. I've never really studied the crystal heart itself... Kinda don't wanna get too close to it." The emotionally charged magic radiating from the heart had been almost hypnotizing.... If he'd have started to feed from it like he'd been urged to then who knows what might have happened!

Princess Luna made a little 'hm' noise in her throat as she gave Bygone an appraising look. "A wise choice. Lies can be quite damaging." She said sagely. "Indeed, neither have I. I will not consficate it, as it currently presents no danger. I trust you will keep it safe, wherever yon magical experiments may take you with it. Especially if you have been keeping it such a secret." Luna observed, nodding a little. "Regardless, I find your wares quite entertaining. It tempts me to buy one from you to present to my sister as a gift when Hearths Warming Eve arrives. She will find delight in the animated ones. However, I did not bring any money, but I will surely do so on Nightmare Night." Luna added with a smile.

Bygone Specter couldn't help but smile when he heard that the princess wasn't going to take the prototype! He was quite relieved to hear that since he didn't really like the thought of having to start from scratch. He'd had to do a loooot of trial and error to get as far as he had on it. Countless exploding crystals and seveal concussions were on the tally so far! He sat back and let his head tilt to the side some as the princess spoke about not having any money. "Well... I'm not really in it for the bits so I could fully afford a bit of a loss. If the figure isn't animated I could try to have them fully animated by the time you are here for Nightmare Night."

Princess Luna chuckled and waved a hoof. "You are a craftspony, you at least deserve something for what wonders you create." The princess said with a gentle stomp of one silver-shoed hoof. "I certainly shall sweep by on Nightmare Night for yon figurines, even if it may be a tad early for Hearths Warming shopping." Luna said and shrugged her shoulders a little. "It is good to be prepared, at least! Might there be a chance I could ask of ones of my sister and I?"

Bygone Specter inclined his head. "As you will, Princess." he smiled and settled a little on the countertop. "I shall endeavor to have the pair of figurines ready for you by then. The enchantment will, of course, be inactive until you turn it on for the first time. I only hope I imbue the proper 'personality' onto each. It took me months, or perhaps even almost a year, of re-reading the Daring Do series before I was mildly comfortable with the enchantment series for figures assosiated with those books." he sighed.

Princess Luna looked pleased, nodding as Bygone explained to her how the enchantment worked- at least personality-wise. "Do thy best. I shall look forward to the final product, and I am sure my sister will enjoy them too." She replied with a nod and a smile. The alicorn stepped back briefly to cast the sky a quick glance before she turned back to Bygone. "I suppose I must be on my way back to Canterlot. It grows late, and the moon must soon rise."

Bygone Specter was, truth be told, rather eager to take up the project. This was the first time he was making something for so important a pony! "Have a safe trip back." he'd smile wide as he slipped up and into another sweeping bow. "I shall see you again when Nightmare Night rolls around at the latest." he stifles a quiet yawn.

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10/20/15; Marketplace
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