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 Twilight Sparkle application

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Twily Sparkle


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PostSubject: Twilight Sparkle application   Mon Nov 02, 2015 11:23 am

Canon Name: Twilight Sparkle

Furcaida Name: Twily Sparkle

Name of alts we may know you as: Alts that you're most likely to catch me on are Iorveth, Haytham, Piers, Gino, and, if accepted, Twily Sparkle <3

Why do you want this character?: I love everything about her. She's a fun and enjoyable character. I have played her before on multiple occasions, both on forums and on other games, so she would be the easiest to play for me! c:  

How often are you online?: Almost every day. Usually, I'm on whenever I'm available. I intend to play her actively, as well.

Gender: Mare

Species: Alicorn

Cutie Mark: A pink six pointed star, surrounded by five small white sparkles

Generation: G4

Special Somepony: Nopony

Pet: Her owl, Owlicious

Residence: Ponyville

Workplace: Friendship Castle, although her duties extend all around Equestria

Occupation: Princess of Friendship

Short Introduction: A booksmart, knowledgeable pony, valuing friendship above all else.

Backstory: Twilight Sparkle is a normal looking mare with exceptional magical abilities. At a very frail age, Princess Celestial recognized the potential Twilight had after she botched her entry exam for the Princesses personal Academy for gifted unicorns. This involved turning her parents into inanimate objects and magically jump starting a baby dragons growth from being a simple egg to near adulthood in a matter of seconds. All of this was due to Twilight's magic going haywire thanks to a distant, multicolored explosion that shattered her concentration... but it was sufficient to convince Celestia that Twilight was no ordinary pony. From then on out, Twilight became Celestia's personal student, receiving her education from Princess Celestia herself and from the multitudes of books she read over the years. The dragon she had hatched during her entry exam so long ago became her assistant, named Spike. Together, the duo spent countless hours in the towers of the Royal Palace, learning all they could. All too soon for Twilight, it was time for her to leave Canterlot and travel to Ponyville. It was there where her adventure truly began... since then, she has faced clouds of hungry Parasprites, Nightmare Moon, the Spirit of Chaos, the Changelings and many more hazards, all with the help of her friends.

Apearance: Twilight Sparkle is an Alicorn mare with a lavender coat,  purple eyes and mane streaked with shades of purple and pink. On her flank is a fuchsia star with five sparkles surrounding it.

Personality: Twilight is neat, organized, and professional to a T. She's knowledgeable and well-read. As anti-social as she once was, she's now polite and friendly, always making time for other ponies. She's a very rational pony, often using science and magic to explain things that most don't understand, but hates it when she encounters something that can't logically be explained. She does get hysterical sometimes if stress pushes her past her breaking point, but ever since her ascension to Princess, she has managed to gain some control of this aspect of her.

Job: Before her ascension to Princess, she was Ponyville's resident librarian. Now, she's the Princess of Friendship.

Equestria RP Alts: Twily Sparkle, if accepted

Ref Image:

Sample Post:
Quote :
The lavender mare paced back and forth tirelessly. It was an exercise which released important endorphins to help with unwanted stress, or so several books had claimed, although she imagined none of the authors could possibly have gone through this amount of tension. She had to calm down, but even standing in place, breathing in and out while arching  her hoof in a precise 37 degree down angle across a 90 degree arc did nothing more than to add to the insufferable stress. It was one of her most important exams, and while she wanted to know the results right now, it wasn't of vital importance that the test results became known right now. Ponies all around Equestria likely took this test every day--they didn't fret, did they? The Princesses would certainly be upset with her erratic behavior, and certain to lecture her on the necessity of keeping a proper demeanor among the populace; in particular because Twilight was in the middle of Ponyville. The sound of a small dragon's fist was heard knocking on the door, interrupting her thoughts. "In a minute, Spike!" She automatically answered.
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Twilight Sparkle application
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