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 Rainbow Dash application

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PostSubject: Rainbow Dash application   Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:58 pm

Canon Name: Rainbow Dash

Furcadia Name: RD

Name of alts we may know you as: I'm new to the dream so I have no alts in Equestria as of yet

Why do you want this character?: I really want to get back into RPing ponies. I adore RD and this is how I express my love for her! Very Happy Not to mention she's just a really fun character to portray, which is the essential purpose

How often are you online?: I try to be online and actively RP every day, but when I'm on depends on my sleeping schedule as I tend to work odd/irregular hours

Gender: Mare

Species: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: Her cutie mark is that of a rainbow-colored lightning bolt surging out from a storm cloud

Generation: 4

Special Somepony: Ick! who needs THAT?  

Pet: Tank

Residence: Ponyville

Workplace: Ponyville

Occupation: Member of the Ponyville weather patrol

Short Introduction: Despite the fact that she may want to be the best at everything she does, one thing is for sure: she will never abandon her friends just to be at the top. Loyalty is above everything else for Rainbow Dash.

Backstory: Rainbow Dash was born to two very loving parents in the city of Cloudsdale, where they, presumably, still live. While a few bullies were teasing Fluttershy about her weak flying skills, Rainbow Dash appeared and defended her. She was then challenged to a flying race against the bullies to defend Fluttershy's honor. Angry, Rainbow Dash flew as fast as she could. In fact, she was going so fast that she created THE Sonic Rainboom. It was then that she discovered her need for speed, and consequently also helped weave her and her friends' lives together.

Apearance: Resembling her namesake in every way, her body is colored a light cerulean blue, reminiscent of the skies of Cloudsdale from where she hails. Breaking up the monotony of the blue are her colorful mane and tail, usually unkept from dashing through the clouds, and coincidentally also her most startling features. Suiting her personality, the colors are bright and bold, containing every color in the spectrum, except pink, which can, however, be seen in the color of her eyes. On her back are a pair of perhaps unassuming-looking Pegasus wings, often outstretched into an open position even after she has landed on solid ground, poised but always prepared to take off from zero to sixty at the drop of a hat. As anypony can tell just by looking at her, she is a tremendous athlete. Her sleek, aerodynamic body enhances her ability to cut through the air effortlessly. It practically screams speed, giving hint to the unparalleled wing power that she can reach. And while her wings may not be as big and full as Twilight's, she sports them proudly; they're swift and nimble, and in just a few seconds, they can reach speeds so fast that she can break the sound barrier, giving her a swiftness of wing that remains unchallenged.

Personality: Loyal (duh), brave, rash, very blunt, cocky, confident, ambitious, sporty, determined, arrogant, known to be a bit of a prankster, obsessed with a book series starring a mare by the name of Daring Do

Job: Being a Pegasus, Rainbow Dash is responsible for weather manipulation and helps maintain and control the skies of Ponyville

Equestria RP Alts: N/A

Ref Image:

Sample Post: "Hey there. Rainbow Dash, right?" The stallion inquired, peering up at the cyan mare. "I need to get some decorations up for the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration... but..." The male let his frame speak for itself, head gesturing at his lack of wings or horn. "Any chance I could get a hoof from Equestria's expert flier?"

Rainbow Dash was soaring through the sky, busting the clouds around Ponyville. It was a typical day, and it felt like nothing could stop her. But one thing did. She heard herself being addressed by a stallion and ceased dead in her tracks as she followed his gaze, still hovering in the air. Upon hearing him call her Equestria’s expert flier, her chin jutted forward as she threw back her head, a swelling pride throbbing within her chest. She brought a hoof up to her face, pretending to ponder his offer for a moment, scrubbing her hoof against her chest. "Weeeeeeell..." She let the compliment sink in, then dropped her hoof back down. "Alright then. But only because you asked so nicely. What do you need help with, exactly?"

The pony help up some garland for her to take. "I need to get these decorations... up there." His gaze wandered over to a clocktower that rose high above Equestria. It was quite the daunting distance for an earth pony like himself, but a pegasus like the boisterous cyan pony should have no problem getting up there. "It needs to go all around the clocktower so everypony can see." He instructed. "Thanks for the help, by the way!"

Rainbow Dash's gaze followed his own. Barely after he'd spoken the first few words, her mind was already racing at the speed of light for ways to get it done in the shortest time possible. For other ponies, such a seemingly insurmountable task may have left them feeling jittery or discouraged, but not Rainbow Dash- she just saw another challenge. She took the garland from him, her eyes taking on the same fervor displayed whenever she was about to race. "You've come to the right pony!" She blasted off the ground and into the air in a flash, probably leaving the poor stallion quite windswept. Unfurling her wings and giving a few powerful flaps, the rainbow mare shot towards the clocktower, his words of thanks lost to her as he yelled them from the ground. In the mere blink of an eye, she circled several times around the clocktower, neatly wrapping it like a bow around a present. Hardly three seconds had passed before she landed in the exact same spot as before, holding up one leg and looking quite satisfied with herself as she admired her own work, her rainbow trail still fading into intangibility where she had flown. "Whaddya think?"
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Rainbow Dash application
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