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 Rarity is back!

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Lady Rarity
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PostSubject: Rarity is back!   Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:02 pm

Canon Name:  Rarity

Furcaida Name:  Lady Rarity

Name of alts we may know you as: Nightmare Luna; Pinkamena Dianne Pie

Why do you want this character?: I was Rarity for quite a while, and the last known Rarity to RP here. I also have a tendency to act like her, as well as randomly break out into song.

How often are you online?: Working so much takes up quite a bit of time, darling, but I try to be on when I can.

Gender:  Mare, female

Species: A fabulous unicorn

Cutie Mark: Three beautiful light-blue diamonds.

Generation: Generation 4

Special Somepony: No one is fabulous enough to handle me~

Pet: My precious kitty, Opal

Residence: Carousel Boutique, Ponyville, Equestria

Workplace: Carousel Boutique

Occupation: I work as a fashion designer~

Short Introduction: Hello there, Darling. My name is Rarity,

Backstory: When I was younger, I always had an eye for fashion. I used to design costumes for school plays and the like, though I always thought I could do better. One day, while feeling rather perturbed at my costumes, my horn started to glow. Rather against my will, my wild, unicorn magic dragged me across Equestria to a giant rock. As a rainbow appeared in the sky, the rock split open to show multiple gems of which I used for my costumes. Thus, my magic became able to find gems. After that, I opened up my boutique and started on my dream to make dresses for the princesses.

Appearance: A beautiful, white, unicorn mare with a purple hued, curled mane. My flank bares my cutie mark of three blue diamonds, signifying my eye for beauty~

Personality: Sassy, but can take of myself. I prefer things pretty, tidy, and neat, though when things go wrong, I might have a tendency to overreact. Despite this, I am forever loyal to my friends and family, as they are always there for me, even if I can be a bit of a handful.

Job: I am a Fashion Designer, first starting in my personal boutique in Ponyville, and now recently branching out. I design and sew all the clothes I sell. It's truly my dream job.

Equestria RP Alts: I no longer RP any others.

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Rarity flipped her mane into place as she walked down the streets of Ponyville. The unicorn was on her way to see Applejack in order to get some of the edible gold paint she uses for some of her designs. Rarity was so distracted with thoughts of her new, elegant gown, that she failed to realize the rain clouds forming up ahead. As a single drop dripped onto her shoulder, the mare would promptly squeal, run a bit in place, and start into a full gallop over to the Apple Farm in order to finish her chore and find a dry place. "I just did my mane!"


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Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Re: Rarity is back!   Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:14 pm

Welcome Back Rarity Smile
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Rarity is back!
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