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 Twilight Aplication!

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PostSubject: Twilight Aplication!   Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:54 am

Canon Name:  Twilight Sparkle

Furcaida Name:  Princess Sparkle

Name of alts we may know you as: Princeshe Celestia, Bygone Specter

Why do you want this character?: I think Twilight might be a rather fun character to write for. I had thought about trying to play Twilight before, but since I already had my role I was going to stick to it. I simply figured I’d take the opportunity to try now. ^^

How often are you online?: Pretty much every day for several hours at the least.

Gender:  Female

Species: Alicorn

Cutie Mark: A large six-pointed pink star along with five smaller white stars surrounding it.

Generation: Gen 4

Special Somepony: Nopony

Pet: Owlowiscious

Residence: Friendship Rainbow Kingom Castle (Calling it Friendship Castle for short)

Workplace: Friendship Castle

Occupation: Princess of Friendship

Short Introduction: Twilight is the Princess of Friendship. Once but a humble unicorn who became a student of Celestia due to the powerful nature of her magic; Twilight has changed over the years. From a pony who cared more for books than most others to the very princess of friendship itself. While she still spends her time pouring over new books; she makes time for her friends and other ponies! Not to mention the ‘missions’ they all might get sent on. Twilight prefers to be thought of as ‘normal’ (as difficult as that might be) and has a deep-seated fear of failure that can cause the occasional problem.

Backstory: Twilight lived with her parents and brother in Canterlot. Even when she was little she was already quite the bookish unicorn, pouring over magic tomes to learn how to perform feats of magic that are almost remarkable for her age. It all came to a head whenever she appeared at the exam to enter Celestia’s School for gifted unicorn. Her magic went out of control and it took Celestia herself to right the ‘damage’ that had been caused. The end result was, remarkably, she became the personal student of Celestia herself. Time went on until one day Celestia sent Twilight to Ponyville in preparation for the summer sun celebration. (Though the motivations were also to help her go out and make friends) Pretty much everyone knows how the story goes as Twilight befriends several other mares and uses the elements of harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon. This all went on as her little band took down other notorious figures such as King Sombra, Discord, and the escaped inmate of Tartarus: Tirek. She ascended to the form of an alicorn while attempting to complete one of Star Swirl the Bearded’s spells. (So much info; but that’d make a ginormous wall of text D= ]

Apearance: Twilight has Lavender fur with purple eyes. Her mane and tail are dark blue with a single stripe of pink and dark purple on each.

Personality: While twilight used to be a pony that shut herself up with books at almost all times, however during her spare time she is still known to pour over any new books she might have found. She tried to always make time for her friends, however at the same time she has been known to occasionally obsess whenever there is a problem. She has a fairly deep-seated fear of failing tests or failing to meet the expectations of her (former) teacher. She can be fairly native at times, but she seems to learn from her mistakes.

Job: Twilight is the princess of friendship; and can perform duties or tasks that her (former) teacher or another princess may ask of her. Such as organization of a grand galloping gala.

Equestria RP Alts: Princeshe Celestia (‘officially’ retired), Bygone Specter

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Twilight was sitting in the castle library pouring through a book she'd found in a dinky little antique store in Las Pegasus a few weeks back. The book was fairly simple in appearance with no embroidering or even a title. But - What was the most interesting, though, was that the book was hoof-written in Old Equestrian! It took some time, but here Twilight was finally able to discover the secrets this book held! Unfortunately.... messy writing aside it was but a hoof-written cookbook with notes on how to make different kinds of fruit pastries! While fascinating, there were no lost knowledge to be learned about magic. That didn't stop the bookish alicorn, though. Every book deserved to be read; and if she were to add the book to the ever-growing castle library she did need to know what was in it... Cookbook or not.
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Twilight Aplication!
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