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 Fluttershy's Application

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PostSubject: Fluttershy's Application   Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:20 am

Canon Name:  Fluttershy

Furcaida Name:  Fluttershi

Name of alts we may know you as:Mirage Moon, Discord Lord of Chaos, Shadling, The Great and P0werful Trixie, etc...

Why do you want this character?: .,..well there multiple reasons...the f-first reason is that I love the personality of...Fluttershy...I also would like all the m-mane six playable for...upcoming roleplays as possible...if that's alright...

How often are you online?:...a lot...I am working...alot as well, but...yes I am on alot and try to be on every day...
Gender:  Female

Species: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: pink...butterflies

Generation: Gen 4

Special Somepony: ....*turns red and trembles*
Pet: ...yes I have a pet bunny named Angel! He is the most adorable and sweet little thing ever! ...oh ps...I also have many other animal friends as well that I look after...and try to find good homes for...

Residence: In a hut in Ponyville

Workplace: ...well if you call looking after animals and going off to...solve friendship problems if...her cutie marks calls to her...then yes...

Occupation: Animal Caregiver

Short Introduction: Well...she is a very shy pony that is not a very good flier and she is very good at caring for animals as she knows what most like and also she would be willing to help out any creature even if she was scared of them or dangers around her.

Backstory: most Pegasai...I lived in Cloudsdale for the beginning of my was there during flight school I met Rainbow Dash...she scared me at first m-much like most ponies and things did at the time, but we became friends once and then...she had a race...and I don't remember much of the race as I the world below and it was there that...I saw the beautiful world of animals...and I f-found my talent as I saw a rainbow zoom across the sky and was filled with joy as my cutie mark appeared...I later moved to Ponyville and used my talent to help many animals since...I love all the little critters and even the bears and other big ones...
Apearance: ...I'm a yellow pegasus with a pink mane and blue eyes...and I have three pink butterflies on my flank as my cutie mark.

Personality: She is very shy and also kind, but she also can be assertive if pushed too far or even get angry, but most of the times she is quiet and very soft spoken.

Job: She takes care of and looks after animals as she also goes out of her way to find some and help them find a home or get better.

Equestria RP Alts:Mirage Moon, The Great and P0werful Trixie, Shadling, Glacial Mist, Discord Lord of Chaos[Will be giving up if this one is accepted.]

Ref Image:

Sample Post:[This is a post from an rp I had with Bygone when he was showing her his pet she is a little bit excited in the post for seeing such a rare creature and a tamed one as a pet.]  Fluttershi's hut door unlocks and swings open; moments later Fluttershy suddenly rushed out to behind Bygone and shoved him in side the door. The door shuts behind them as she shoved him into the living room, "Oh i-is that the Hydra? Of course he must are Mr. Cuddles? Do they talk like baby dragons?" She asked curious and zoomed around the room all over to check on the Hydra from head to head to claw to tail.

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Fluttershy's Application
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