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 Pink Rose Application

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Princess Luna

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PostSubject: Pink Rose Application   Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:01 am

Full (furcadia) Name:
Pink Rose


Name of alts we may know you as:
Princess Luna, Shadow Dart

How often are you online?:
Pretty much every day (or night)



A little over two-hundred years.

Cutie Mark:
A pink rose with a thorny green stem.


Special Somepony:



A flower shop near her home.

Completely ignoring the fact that Rose is a nocturnal creature that drinks the color red, she often uses her endless time to make and grow new species of roses! The roses she prizes the most are her nocturnal ones that bloom by moonlight.

Short Introduction:
Rose is a bit of a snob that cares more about her roses than she does ponies, and she can usually be seen in fancy dresses that are usually more old fashioned than not.

Rose was bitten by a vampire sometime in her young adulthood and was left to deal with the Change; what little life she had before was, well.. too average to mention. She had to learn much about her new affliction through what little means she had: either through books, or through testing things herself. Very rarely she would meet another of her kind to glean information from them, should they have felt kind enough to tell her, let alone teach her. Over the years she slowly learned how to hide what she was from the normal ponies, to figure out there ways, and how best to feed without getting caught. Slip ups did happen, and she was often chased from whatever town or village she occupied at the time, until she eventually learned that she couldn't stay in one place for very long. A decade, perhaps two or three, before it was necessary to move again- to hide the fact that she never aged a day while others grew steadily older around her. Her cutiemark and her special talent were perhaps useless to her now, as she could no longer truly fit in with normal pony society.. but it at least helped her hide aspects of herself nopony else should know. Who could possibly suspect her for what she was? A wandering, (snobby) noblemare who lived off of selling her special nocturnal roses, rather than a vampire. The days of vampires were behind ponies now, after all, nothing but distant memory and folklore passed down by word-of-mouth and fairytales.

A most unusual pegasus mare. Her coat is a medium silvery gray, with a pink rose, complete with thorns, as a cutiemark set upon both flanks. The hair of her mane and tail is straight, but long, and colored a deep blood red which goes well with her coloration. Her sky-blue eyes are lined thickly with black, while her thin lips are painted a pinkish-red. Upon her body, a black and lacy dress, one she is almost never seen without; the bodice hugs her body tight, with a lacy frill around the neck, and a skirt of layered ruffles, each overlaid with lace.

Rose easily comes off as just another rich snob, with the distance she keeps from most other ponies. Those who she might see as the 'working class' or not worth her time are often treated with a disdainful, even cold, attitude and does not shy from making her opinions about them known if it suits the moment. She can be quite haughty. Her vanity is obvious through her wardrobe and the neatness that surrounds her as a whole, and she can become rather ruffled should her carefully preened appearance be messed with in any way. Rose is also quite manipulative as she often uses her charms and the use of generosity to have other ponies look upon her favorably.

Equestria RP Alts:
Shadow Dart, Bronze Shield

Ref Image:

Vampires have their own natural magic and are able to disguise themselves through minor shapeshifting; they can hide their fangs, hide their wings or make themselves appear normal, make their eyes appear normal, etc. Rose often makes herself appear as a normal pegasus, or an earth pony, depending on where she is at the time and how she wishes to disguise herself. She will currently appear as a pegasus to any onlookers. The magic in question cannot be detected by unicorns, the way pegasi or earth pony magic would not be able to. [My other headcanons about vampire ponies can be seen here, but this is in no way advertisement! I just didn't want this note to overflow.]

(I should also add that I will outright refuse to roleplay with anyone that takes this OOC information ICly and makes their character automatically know what mine is. To learn that Rose is a vampire she must either have told your character ICly or through extensive roleplays of studying and assuming she might be one.)

Sample Post:

The floorboards of her new dwelling creaked softly beneath the hooves of Rose, adjusting to the weight of a new resident as the pony in question moved from room to room. She was inspecting it, making sure her scant belongings were all in their assigned places, or to move something this way and that until she was comfortable with its placement. The decorations were stark, and the furniture few- about enough for a single cart to handle. She had to move so often, at least in her span of time, that it was all she could manage to bring with her. Her couch, a few chairs, a small dining room table, and her bed upstairs- all of them that could no doubt be considered antiques at this point..

Regardless, her new house was decorated exactly as she wished it to be, and with new thick red velvet curtains to cover the windows. She approached one towards the front of her house, parting the curtains gingerly with a hoof and moving out of the sun's glare to peer outside. It was midday, and there were ponies out and about on their errands, or doing.. whatever ponies in a small country town like this even did on a daily basis. Rose decided she would head out later, once the sun was lower in the sky, to see what she could learn about this quaint 'Ponyville'.

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Pink Rose Application
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