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 [4/19/2015] Princeshë Celestia, Nightmare Luna, Mirage Moon, Baokros, Appiejack

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[4/19/2015] Princeshë Celestia, Nightmare Luna, Mirage Moon, Baokros, Appiejack Empty
PostSubject: [4/19/2015] Princeshë Celestia, Nightmare Luna, Mirage Moon, Baokros, Appiejack   [4/19/2015] Princeshë Celestia, Nightmare Luna, Mirage Moon, Baokros, Appiejack Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2015 1:48 am

Princeshë Celestia was seated in her chambers, taking a break from what felt like mountains of paperwork. It was but a small pile today, a mere pittance compared to some that seem to magically appear on her desk on days when....things happen. A few requisition requests from the guard ponies, notifications of events and....How in tartarus did this stuff get into the official requisition papers? This was for a party a noble was throwing! Not something for the crown to pay for, thank you! She took the offending sheets out of the stack and set it to the side to be returned to the sender. Oh yes, busy as ever. But on the other hoof, she was getting explicitely bored. Maybe she could slip out for a while? But she needed a good reason..... Checking on the barracks? Maybe a trip to one of the guard posts? Or maybe just a visit to her sister, that might work! To all around her she still bore the same expression she seemingly always had, almost seemingly calm and composed. >>
Princeshë Celestia: >>However those that knew her best could see right through to the boredom. Why couldn't this 'being a good royal' business be as 'fun' as many of her little ponies liked to think it is. She'd like to see them do a millenia of this stuff. Wait, now her mind was starting to wander. She mentally shook herself and focused on the task at hand. There were only a few left, right? Nnnope, there was a whole pile left. Sometimes she wondered if some of the unicorn on staff used magic to teleport the papers onto the stack in an effort to drive her mental. It hadn't worked yet, thankfully.

Nightmare Luna walked through the halls of Canterlot Castle, on her way to see her sister. She knew her sister would be bored with all the paperwork she had to go through. The nighttime princess was thankful her hard work was something she enjoyed, visiting troubled ponies in their dreams to help calm them and triumph over their fears! It wouldn't sound as complicated if it weren't for the sheer number of the little ponies who constantly had nightmares. >>
Nightmare Luna finally reasched Celestia's quarters and creaked open the door. "Oh, darling sister! I am about to be on my way to visit my pupil, Mirage Moon, and was wondering if perhaps you would wish to join me? I believe he is in Ponyville at this time. Perhaps you could see your star pupil as well, if she is not out and about?" She gave a grin to her easily bored, elder sister. [e]

Mirage Moon was a little distracted this afternoon as the sun began to set and the temperature began to drop rapidly, but he was unsure if it was because of the setting sun or merely cause of his little brother Bao; whome which just misscasted a spell and he found his self covered in snow. Mira shivered and shook his body to shake the snow off of him, before sighing not just at Bao's missuse of the snowfall spell, but at his carelessness. Mira smiled lightly at Bao, "Not bad, but ya have to focus a bit more on the clouds as you cast it and don't put too much magic into it or yeah it will just explode into a...well you saw the snow burst mess." He said as he sat down before him and tilted his head, before shaking it with another sigh. He had to get focused some he could barely keep up with his brother like this.[c]
Mirage Moon stood back up and stomped his right fore hoof, "Okay now try it again on this cloud." He stated as his horn lit up and a small cloud floated over to inbetween the two brothers as he nodded to bao, "Okay now this time just charge magic for a few seconds and not too much you only want enough to make the cold form light snow and don't put in too little magic or you will only get freezing rain; we want a flurry of snow...not an blizzard like before." He added as he stretched out and tried to get the things running through his mind out of his mind so he didn't dwell on them or get distracted by them any more. Especially since he would probably have another sleepless day coming up.[e]

Baokros Panted slightly, Bao was exhausted, not having a single good night's rest for the past three days. Before turning towards big brother, realizing he was covered in snow. "Ohhh...sorry big brother, I guess that didn't worked out like planned." He said before burying his body into the snow, he adored the frozen feeling, and lately it was sort of getting a little too warm for his taste. Before hearing his big brother's explanation, on why his spell failed, but he feels It wasn't a lack of practice, it was a lack of focus. Bao could not keep himself focus at this time, shaking his head before seeing the cloud big brother had summoned. "O..kay big brother, here goes." He said as he fired his spell into the cloud.
Baokros He seemed to have forgotten something though, after firing the spell, it turned the cloud into a block of ice. "Oh@I think I used too much again@" Bao let out a long yawn, before shaking his head, not wanting to go to sleep. "Oh well@just give me a minute big brother. I can get this snow spell right."

AppIejack made her way down the streets of Ponyville, bound for home after some chores out and about. As the orange mare made her way through the outskirts of town, she noted two familiar ponies and a cloud at almost ground level. This might have struck her as odd, if it weren't for the fact that she lived in a country full of magical, cloud-manipulating equines. She watched them converse as she walked by, but found herself perplexed when the cloud was reduced to a block of ice on the ground. That
don't look like any type of weather spell I'd expect, she thought. Baokros was fairly young and it appeared that things weren't going as intended. ~
AppIejack] The earth pony changed her course and approached them. As she drew near she noted the foal yawning and turned her attention specifically to the area around their eyes. Both of them looked like they needed to book an appointment with their pillows, stat. Applejack halted and grimaced. "I hate to be buttin' in, but don't ya think he'd do better if he weren't so... tired?"

Princeshë Celestia was just looking at some reports of diamond dog activity that the local guard had taken care of when the door to her study opened and in came Luna! Did she come to save her from this ever-growing menace? Indeed she did; Her beloved little sister was giving her the perfect distraction. Thank her little sister's night! Celestia offered Luna a delighted smile and nodded."That sounds like a wonerful idea, my dear sister. I haven't been able to visit Twilight lately, it would be nice to speak with her." she started only to humm and look thoughtful. "I also admit I am rather curious how well your pupl is faring, as well. I do suppose I need a break from this, after all. Thank you, sister." With that she stood up on her hooves and stretched her limbs. By the sun she was stiff from sitting behind her desk for so long! She turned back to said desk, horn lighting up with magic as she stacked up the papers she had spread about and set them all to the side in neat piles. >>
Princeshë Celestia: >>That was followed by the books scattered about closing and being placed back on the shelves of her study. It was a nit-picky afterthought before she left, but at least things would be nice and organized when she returned. She was quite ready to go now! -e-

Nightmare Luna's eyes widened quickly. "I'm sorry, sister, but it seems somepony in Fillydelphia is having a major nightmare about their new job a Buck E. Cheeses. Princess duty stands first. If you could do me a favour and still check up on Mirage for me, that would be wonderful! Thank you, dear sister!" With the last sentence, the moon princess was already off, galloping to her quarters.

Mirage Moon sighs as he looks at the cloud that now became an icecube and crashed to the ground from the little distance it was in the air. Mira looked over Bao as he said he would try again and noticed that he seemed to be sleeping and the yawn he let off also showed signs of that fact. Mira ears flicker slightly as he hood the grass off in the distance ruffle and he turned his head to see an orange pony trotting up to them; an orange pony Mira recalls very well since she was the one he first had memories of when he awoke near her farm-Applejack. Mira heard the mare suggest about Bao going to bed and he nodded to her, "Yes, I agree perhaps he should." He agreed as he turned back to Bao and took his right fore hoof to rub the top of Bao's mane, "What's wrong, Bao? You still having those nightmares?" He asked with a hint of worriness in his voice.

Baokros Was slowly drifting into sleep, his ears ring out at the sound of an unfamiliar voice, but he was so far adrift into a slow sleep that he couldn't make up what it had said. Before the colt suddenly feeling his brother's hoof atop his mane, he woke up slightly startled. "Oh no...he almost drifted into a nightmare. He thought, as he shaked his head. "What? Pffftttt of course not big brother, I am just tired. It will go away." he said, before noticing the orange mare nearby. "Uhmm, big brother, who is that?" he asked in a short whisper.

AppIejack raised an eyebrow at the foal's statement. Though other ponies didn't give the obvious visual cues that she often did herself, she still knew lying when she saw it. She especially knew lying foals when she saw them, after years of helping to raise her kid sister. "I'm Applejack. I reckon we've only met in passing," she said. " And I reckon you're a mite bit embarrassed about your nightmares, too."

Mirage Moon nods towards Applejack, "Oh yes this is Applejack I thought you have met her before. I guess you haven't been with me when I meet Twilight." He said with a sigh, "This is one of Twilight's friends...also, bro ya should get some rest you know me and you can't hide things like this from me." He said with a frown as he patted his head, "Don't over do it, alright? Your health is important and also these nightmares of yours I will have to bring up with Teach, but she has taught me a few things about warding bad dreams away; how ever I am not very good at that so far." He added the last part in a bit of a depressed low tone as he wasn't really sure if he was getting a hang of this whole dream thing Princess Luna had been trying to teach him; sure he was getting better with his own abilities and stronger, but all the same he wasn't fully getting the whole getting into another pony dreams as of yet.

Baokros Stares at big brother, as his ears dropped down. He didn't liked these nightmares, and they were keeping him awake, is not like he choose not to go to sleep...Okay he kind of did. "Fine..." He said before turning towards Applejack. "Hello Applejack, nice to meet...*yawn*" Shaking his head, before laying down to get some rest, perhaps the fresh air from Ponyville will do him some good. He hardly ever goes out these days anyways, and Canterlot feels too...clustered. Soon enough the little blue colt had fallen asleep. A short sleep though, for as soon as he drifts into his dreams, a nightmare will wake him up.

AppIejack watched the foal doze off and shook her head before turning towards Mirage Moon. "How long has he been having nightmares?" she asked. "Any particular subject matter?"

Mirage Moon sighs as watches Bao doze off and closed his eyes as his horn glowed. He placed his horn atop Bao's head and sent a short burst of crimson magic into the little foals mind, before Bao's body started to glow with a crimson glow and surrounded him in a protective shield, before lifting his head again and opened his eyes; turning back to Applejack and nodding, "Yes it been going on for a few months so it seems from what he said; don't know what causes them...and my training only wards off nightmares it doesn't prevent them fully; atleast not yet. I am not learning as fast as Princess Luna probably thought I would." He said as he lowered his head at the end and let out a depressing sigh. Mira always proud his self in his knowledge and fast learning, but this dream thing it was new and there wasn't anything in books that helped him so all he could do is practice the things his mentor taught him until he could get a better control over them.

Baokros As soon as his brother's horn tapped his head, and drifted some of his magic into him, it seemed to have drifted some of the nightmares away. Falling asleep, soundly ounce more, perhaps getting a night's rest will do this colt well, and perhaps tomorrow he can go back to being his usual fun loving self. Maybe Bao should consider helping his big brother through his training, just the same as big brother has helped him through Bao's training. Perhaps Bao should ask teacher if he knows anything about dream magic, and going into other ponies dreams, maybe then he can pass that knowledge unto brother.

AppIejack tilted her head to one side, observing the magical aura that engulfed Baokros. She blinked. "I'm no expert on this, but aren't dreams usually just a reflection of what's going on in your head?" She shuffled her hooves, failing to make eye contact with Mirage. Although dreams were a common place fact of life and not outside of a down-home understanding, at least on a fundamental level, she still wasn't comfortable addressing psychological topics. "I mean, is magic actually what he needs, or is he just stressin' out over somethin' or other?"  

Princeshë Celestia had simply decided to fly out to ponyville herself. No guards or anything to cause a stir. She wanted away for the day, and by the sun she was going to stay away for a while. The first order of business was to check up on Luna's pupil like she had been asked. Celestia hummed quietly, expression shifting into the one 'everypony' was used to. Thankfully, she only had to reach out with her magic and she could feel where he was. A minute or two later and she'd quietly swoop down from the sky a small ways away and landed on the grass. Taking stock of things, Mirage Moon was with a smaller unicorn who she could only assume to be his brother. Ah! And her student's friend, Applejack! She caught the tail end of what Applejack was saying. They were using magic for something?>>
Princeshë Celestia: >>Putting the sleeping one, stress, and magic together she came to the conclusion it must involve dreams. Or perhaps, nightmares. Deciding not to rudely barge in, she stood off to the side until either she was noticed or the conversation came to a point she felt it prudent to speak up. -e-

Mirage Moon turns to face Applejack and sighs slightly, "Yes. Perhaps, but not sure how to go about to fix that." he said and turned back to Bao once more to watch him sleep more peacefully it seemed for now atleast; as he mentioned this was more of a bandaid than a permament fix. Mira turned back to Applejack and smiled lightly, "How have you been, Applejack? Also can you relay to Twilight I have been some what busy to go on that quest for her at the moment, but I have not forgot about it. I shall get to it with in the next few days for her." He let her know as he suddenly felt a surge of magic and a familiar aura appearing close by. The aura of the all too familiar "princess" Celestia. The sister to his teacher...and perhaps the only other "princess" he some what could tollerate as the other two "Princess" Cadence and "Princess" Twilight haven't quite earned the right. He scoffed slightly as his thoughts put Cadence in his mind and he shook his head as she was a lossed cause, but as for twili
Mirage Moon: Twilight she was merely just too young and inexperienced for right now.[e]

Baokros Giggled in his sleep as he revolved around a bit. He was having a funny dream, a very funny dream. His ears twitched as he heard the name of Princess Celestia. "Uhh...what?" he said slowly, as he twitched and flails around. He rather not look like a mess if the ruler of the country was coming. Waking up to see his brother, then Applejack. "The princess is here?" he said not fully coming to his senses. He know his brother doesn't really like the princesses, and he seems to have it out for Cadenza...or something Mi Amore...But as far as he knew, they were pretty nice to him, when she came to visit on Hearts and Horseshoe day. Looking around, maybe he just heard wrong, and it was a dream. Oh ruler of this land was right there, looking towards them. Oh boy...

AppIejack scrunched up her face a bit. "Well, have ya talked to 'im about it? Not necessarily about the dreams. Just about how he's feeling and what's on his mind." She paused, aware that talking in the normal sense of the word was not how Princess Luna would handle it. Granted, Princess Luna didn't have the luxury of being physically face to face with all the ponies whose dreams she handled. "I'm about the same as usual, and yeah, I reckon I can tell her that." Her ears twitched slightly and she turned her head to see Princess Celestia.

Princeshë Celestia seems to have been discovered fairly quick. Then again, to be perfectly honest it was rather hard for anypony not to notice her. Whether it was her magic or even the ethreal flowing mane and tail. She wasn't exactly very inconspicuous. However, the best reaction out of the three would be the little unicorn. With everyone now looking at her, she stepped forward. "My apologies for interupting, everypony. Sister sent me to check up on you, Mirage Moon. She would have come as well, but before we could leave she was drawn back into her royal duties." She shook her head, coming to a halt a small distance away as she turned her attention to Applejack and Bao. "Hello Applejack, and you as well Baokros."

Mirage Moon sighs and turns his head from her, "I don't need a foal sitter, you know." He said with a little bit of annoyance in his voice; he may of tollerated Celestia, but he did not like the fact of being "checked" up apon as if he was slacking off or something. Mirage started to walk away from the now crowded group, before stopping as he just recalled something from the other day and turning to Celestia, "Did you help that Lawyer pony? She seemed to be a bit currious about the laws of the past...the laws that was made before you banished your sister." He added the last part of that with a bit of coldness, but he shrugged slightly and turned to his brother, "Little brother? Perhaps you should take it easy on your training? I mean a little foal like your self shouldn't be consumed by training and studying." [c]
Mirage Moon turned back to Applejack and sighed a bit, before sitting down by his brother and pulling out an sacthel that held their dinner in it and he placed it infront of Bao, "Here you go, bro the sandwhiches that we made before we left. You can have them both I am not really hungry...and I still have my own training to do, before the morning." He said and looked back to Applejack, "How's Applebloom? Haven't had time to play with her or the other of her friends lately. I am sorry for that." He said warmly and sighed once finished.

Baokros Stares at big brother, before his ears lay down, as he spoke to the ruler. Before smiling at Celestia. " do you know my name?" he asked, curiously, as he doesn't remember meeting her before. Bao stared at her, but it was pretty clear, if there was an omnipotent, omnipresent pony that rules the land, it will probably be common for that pony to know who her subjects are. "Uhh...big brother...I." he stopped, he wanted to confess something, but it might not be good for others to hear. "Uhmm is alright big brother. I promise I'll take it easier from now on." he said before his ears twitch, noticing the sandwiches they made. "I am not that hungry either, I will eat this one, and save the other one for latter." he said as he munched happily on his sandwich.

AppIejack dipped her head respectfully towards Celestia and said, "Hello, Princess." She held her tongue regarding Mirage's impertinence, although she did nothing to conceal the squinting look of disapproval she reflexively shot in his direction. "Apple Bloom is about the same as ever," she answered, slowly returning her expression to a neutral state. "By which I mean, she's painfully good at getting underhoof. All three of them are, really."

Princeshë Celestia raised an eyebrow at Mirage. "I'll be sure to let Luna know your view on such a thing. Mmm...Or give her the memory." she replied with a rather amused tone even though her expression betrayed nothing. "I'll let my sister know that you seem to be doing well, regardless. It is a mentor's perogative to be concerned about their student's wellbeing." she hummed and watched Mirage begin to leave only to stop and turn and ask about the pony she'd been showing about earlier. "She is doing great. I let her have some of my journals from during that time. Sadly during those years my little ponies passed many regrettable and downright odd laws as the end result of the long period of anarchy before." she replied, her voice remaining calm and perhaps even a touch amused still. "I do enjoy reading some of those books. Especially the law that read, and I quote 'All applesauce must be composed of apples.' It was a pity many were so scared of the dark in the end, though." >>
Princeshë Celestia: >>She shook her head before turning to Bao. Of course one reason she knew his name was for security reasons, but there was no need to cause any undue stress with that. "I've heard your name mentioned before. I never really had a face for the name, however. But now I do." -e-

Mirage Moon nods and chuckles slightly, "Yes some of the laws were a bit far fetched..." He agreed as he his self had read those books. He turned and nodded to Applejack, "I see yes they usually do get into trouble don't they?" He smirked, before looking back to the princess then ffering a salute by taking his right fore leg and bringing it across his chest and nods his head to her, "Very well then, Princess...I have to get around sometime tomorrow night and meet up with a changeling hive. It seemed a group of ponies were found completely drained and near death by some rogue queen so I have to go check on the ponies to see if they are recovering well."

Baokros Stares at his brother, as he saluted the princess his own way, and Applejack saluted her, her own way. Before speaking up. "That is a strange way to salute royalty." He said as he smiled. Before walking to Celestia and grabbing her hoof, shaking it, and then gently kissing it. That seems to be the way you were supposed to salute a King or Queen, or even a Princess...or Prince...whatever. Just a sign of respect. Giving a smile, before he finishes up his sandwich. Before hearing his big brother speak. A rogue changeling queen? Wasn't there supposed to be only one changeling queen?

AppIejack brought one hoof to her mouth to muffle a laugh. Baokros' method of greeting royalty had Rarity levels of eccentricity written all over it.

Princeshë Celestia feels a bit of triumph somwhere in her whenever she got a chuckle out. "Indeed they were. When I found out about them, I got rid of them as quick as I could. But still....they are amusing." she hummed, the smile she bore turning to a frown as she heard about the ponies that had een found drained. "I had heard about that." she'd say with a rather 'dark' look for a brief moment. She hated it when her little ponies got hurt! Her attention was brought to Bao, however, when the young unicorn walked up to her. She quickly found him taking her hoof, shaking it, and then kissing it. She thus found herself fighting to hold back a laugh although the corners of her mouth were quickly quirked up and she was shaking with suppressed mirth. She didn't want to be outright rude!
Princeshë Celestia: "I think he got it right....Although it is a somewhat antiquated style and maybe a little over the top these days, no?" she asked Mira's way before she shook her head and smiled down at the unicorn again. "I remember those times fondly, however. So many friends now lost to time. Thank you for the reminder of good times, young Baokros" She turned her head to the sky and smiled softly. "I suppose I should be heading back to canterlot myself... There is much to be done." she mused, though she seemed a little distracted by thought. -e-

Mirage Moon nods his head slightly as he turns his head to Bao, "Bao it's time to get back to Canterlot. You need your sleep kiddo while I go off for the task my princess sent me on." He told Bao as he stood by him and a crimson aura appeared around them, "Well Celestia....I shall see ya back at Canterlot before I leave to the crystal forest." He stated, before turning back to Applejack and giving her a nod, "Until later Applejack. I will send Bao here tomorrow to play a bit." He said, before a loud pop was heard and a bright flash was seen as they both dispersed and moments later reappeared in their mansion next to Cannterlot castle as he carried Bao on his back to his room, before laying him in bed and tucking him in. Mirage nuzzled Bao slightly, "Sleep well, kiddo."

Baokros Waves goodbye to both Celestia and Applejack. "Goodnight Applejack, goodnight Princess Celestia." "Play tomorrow? If I can sleep tonight." he smiled as he is teleported back to Canterlot castle...perhaps it is his closeness to Canterlot society that has made some of Bao's manerisms similar to those of Applejacks friend Rarity...Mind you he was not a snob, as many unicorns around here seem to be, he did liked to get rough almost everytime, and if he wasn't so tired, he would have probably be out and about doing Celestia knows what. Perhaps tomorrow if he has more energy, he shall bob some apples. That is always fun...and if he can't bob them, he will pick em. As he is tugged into bed he smiled. "Goodnight big brother."

AppIejack  offered a brief goodbye to the disappearing form of the two unicorns. She shook her head momentarily, as if to clear her mind, and then turned her attention to the lingering alicorn. "Well, I'll be seein' ya, Princess," she said with a friendly wink. At one point, Applejack had been the type of pony to drop into a chest-against-the-ground bow at the sight of Princess Celestia, but in recent times she'd been exposed to so much royalty that the whole scenario felt much more casual. The mare turned away, headed back to Sweet Apple Acres.

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[4/19/2015] Princeshë Celestia, Nightmare Luna, Mirage Moon, Baokros, Appiejack
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