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 Chronos Timeturner Application

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Chronos Timeturner

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PostSubject: Chronos Timeturner Application   Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:36 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Chronos Timeturner

Alias/Nickname:    Chronos

Name of alts we may know you as: None

Why do you want this character?: I'm obsessed with time and wanted a pony that was time based.

How often are you online?: New to Furcadia, but close to around when Luna is on.

Gender:  Male

Species: Unicorn

Age: Timeless

Cutie Mark: A clock face with roman numerals, and instead of hands, an hour glass.

Generation: Gen 4

Special Somepony: Amethyst Note

Pet: None

Residence: Clocktower in Ponyville

Workplace: Clocktower

Occupation: Watch maker

Short Introduction:  Chronos Timeturner is a pony who generally keeps to himself in his clocktower, and has been known to venture out to "see how things are progressing" in Ponyville. When working he can generally be seen at a workbench with parts spread out all over assembling time pieces of all shapes and sizes. Normally engrossed in work or 'studies' as Chronos calls it, he seems to be rather "jumpy".

Backstory: Chronos was originally from Manehattan, being a watchmaker there as well apprenticing under his father, Epoch Timeturner. Chronos was happy and thrilled with the work, however he would constantly get feelings of deja vu and, every now and then, everything would seem to freeze around him - though not for long. One day, when walking on his way home from getting groceries, his horn glowed and he found himself back at the store. Confused, he conituned homeward and noticed that he seemed to know everything that was going to happen - from those two ponies haggling over how many bits the carrots were going to cost, to the fact that it was going to rain very soon! Rushing to the workshop he saw some ponies trying to cross a street, but they didn't see a pony-hole cover was missing in the road! He shouted, "STOP!" and at that moment his horn glowed again and everyone and everything seemed to freeze. Not thinking, he rushed over and nudged the two ponies aside, just as time started agin 6 seconds later. Chronos, realizing what had happened, noticed his cutie mark had appeared, and rushed homeward. He talked to his father, and after some time decided it would be safer to leave a largely populated city where who knows what havoc an ability like this could accidently wreak, especially since Chronos wasn't even certain he had complete control over any of it. Taking some supplies and the learnings of his aprenticeship, he set up shop in a clocktower in ponyville making timepieces for every pony, and trying to master control over his abilities.

Apearance: Bronze fur with a black and white mane and tail, green eyes, and light-blue coloured magic.

Personality: Cheerful and fun, but a very logical/analytical pony.

Job: Making timepieces

Equestria RP Alts: None

Ref Image: Coming Soon

Sample Post: Chronos was occupied making a clock when the loud chimes of the clocktower rang in harmony with the smaller clocks in his shop indicating that yet another hour had passed. He let out a sigh and moved from his work bench cheking the time. "8 o' clock? Is it really so late already?" He looked around his shop at all the miscellaneous timepieces- hourglasses, waterclocks, cuckoo-clocks, watches, etc. He found all the ticks serene and calming. Trotting over to the window, he looked into the night sky clear and starry. "Sure enough, it is getting late isn't it?", he spoke aloud to himself. He packed up his tools and went upstairs to the second floor of his shop, the gears and cogs turning allowing the large face of the clock tower to run. It's here where he practiced and tried to gain control over his magic, although a difficult task it was definetly proving to be. He looked at the backside of giant clock face and tried to focus, his horn begining to glow a strained soft blue light. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...6.....7......8. It stopped. He let out a deep breath and waitied, counting. 6 seonds later the clock tower started running again. He smiled, he was getting better at this.

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Lauren Faust
Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Welcome to Equestria   Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:36 pm

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Chronos Timeturner Application
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