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 Celestia Application

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PostSubject: Celestia Application   Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:01 am

Canon Name: Princess Celestia

Furcaida Name:  Princeshë Celestia

Name of alts we may know you as:Bygone Specter

Why do you want this character?:Well, to be perfectly honest Celestia is one of the few canon characters I have a definitive grasp in the personality of and can emulate. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve RP’d as her before and did (I hope) a pretty good job at emulating her personality at the time. She was pretty fun to play, so here I hope to be able to do so again.

How often are you online?: I’m online with Bygone pretty much every day and I’m on pretty late into the night. (I also have Skype as many of you know. ^^)

Gender:  Female

Species: Alicorn

Cutie Mark: Stylized Sun

Generation: 4

Special Somepony: None

Pet: Philomena the phoenix

Residence: Canterlot

Workplace:Same as above, though technically her ‘job’ can tend to take her all around Equestria.

Occupation: Diarch (Princess of Equestria)

Short Introduction: Celestia is the Diarch of the Sun. She raises the sun at dawn, and of course sets the sun at dusk to make way for her sister's night. Celestia has lived for at least one millennia, and once ruled Equestria on her own as she awaited the return of her sister. (Needless to say those thousand years were a very trying time due to the fact she was the only un-imprisoned ‘immortal’.) Celestia is very protective of her little ponies, even more-so for ponies that are closer to her heart than others.

Backstory: It isn’t exactly known when the alicorn sisters were born. However it is known that Celestia and her sister were acquainted with Starswirl The Bearded so they were around during the pre-classical era. During the long reign of Discord, Celestia and Luna saw the suffering of ponies of all kind and they both subsequently sought out the elements of harmony. In the end Discord was defeated and imprisoned. However, the time of strife wasn't over. The crystal empire was taken by the dark unicorn king Sombra and the duo fought and defeated him as well. What made matters worse, soon after those events Luna had been overcome by her increasing anger by the fact that ponies chose to sleep through the elegant night. After a short battle, Celestia turned to her last resort: the elements. The end result was Luna being sealed upon her own moon. Now alone amongst the long march of time, Celestia maintained peace in Equestria until Luna returned to her un-corrupted state and rejoined her.

Appearance: Celestia has white fur contrasting the stylized sun that is her cutie mark along with her flowing multicolored mane and tail. She is also adorned with gold ‘shoes’ as well as a gold necklace and tiara/crown, both of which are adorned with violet gemstones.

Personality: Celestia is the more trusting of the two Alicorn sisters, however if someone is proven to be a danger to her little ponies Celestia will do whatever is necessary. This is evident during the fall of Luna and Nightmare’s millennial imprisonment. Celestia is almost infinitely patient (likely thanks to a millennia having to deal with impertinent nobles) and on a similar note she can also be fairly manipulative. Unfortunately, the long and lonely rule of a millennia took its toll even on her.

Job: Celestia raises and sets the sun at the respective times of day. She also holds day court where ponies may come and address her about their problems. She also has the tendency to travel about Equestria at times, checking up on her little ponies in times of crisis. It is also implied that she may occasionally go on diplomatic ventures outside of Equestria.

Equestria RP Alts: Bygone Specter

Ref Image:  (Basic Reference Image: I don't own the pic)

Sample Post:

(For the sakes of a post and characters to interact with, I used a pair of OC names. Said ponies don’t exist.)

Celestia had to suppress a quiet sigh as she sat upon her throne, gazing patiently at a pair of ponies that had decided to grace her throne room this day. The duo consisted of a Unicorn and an Earth Pony noble, both of whom she’d seen off and on for years. Come to think of it, she’d seen their fathers and grandfathers standing before her just as they were now. That thought brought a small smile to her even as the two stallions argued between each-other about how they thought the other had wronged them. It had been the same case with their ancestors. Soon enough the two fell silent and looked up at her, and she realized that it was time for her to put this matter to rest…at least until they came once again. “Penny Pincher (Earth pony), I don’t believe it is the fault of Dusty Glaive (Unicorn) that the wheel of your supply wagon gave out. It is indeed tragic that so many bits worth of confectioneries were lost in the ensuing accident, but my guards inform me that the cart had well over its maximum capacity. You were running a risk already.” Celestia gazed down at the two and shook her head, offering a smile. “Your fathers and grandfathers were such good friends, even if they had the occasional tussle that brought them before me. Do not let a mistake such as this ruin the relationship between your families.” Sadly even as she gazed down at the two, the dislike between the newest heirs of the families was palpable and it made her sigh. There really wasn’t anything she could do about this but get it over with. “I’m afraid I have to rule in Dusty Glaive’s favor. He will not have to pay reparations for the lost cargo. Please remember what I said about the friendship between your families my little ponies.” With that the two ponies, one angry noble and one relieved unicorn, were led from the throne room by the guards that had shown them in. Now that she was alone (at least until the next audience) she deflated on the throne and let loose the tired sigh that had threatened to escape while listening to the petty squabble. Maybe she could let Luna take care of court sometime. She did find night court to be so terribly droll after all! The one thing that she could look forward to was some cake along with tonight’s supper. A small comfort that the castle staff occasionally added in whenever she had a particularly trying day. Oh well, she had better get a-hold of herself before the next set of ponies came in. She straightened upon the throne and gazed towards the large double doors. The guards inside the throne room readied themselves as well: They had to listen to it all as well after all.
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Celestia Application
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