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 Mirage Moon's App

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PostSubject: Mirage Moon's App   Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:51 pm

Full (furcadia) Name:Mirage Moon

Alias/Nickname:Mira,Mirage, Copy cat

Name of alts we may know you as:Discord Lord of Chaos, Glacial Mist, The Great and P0werful Trixie, Shadling

Why do you want this character?:I want this character mostly cause he's my pony persona that and he's in the books I write as well as taking one of my main characters from the other book and basically transforming him into a pony.
How often are you online?:I am on all the time if not on furc always on Skype ready for an rp most of the time.

Gender: Male


Age: Same age as the mane 6 closer to Twilight's age
If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background: Not under that age, but mom and dad are unknown he can't remember much of his past.

Cutie Mark: Cutie mark is an crescent moon reflecting in ripples of water all in crimson color.

Generation:4th Gen

Special Somepony: No

Pet: Not a pet Per say, but a companion he hangs with an arctic Timber wolf named Luna[my actual wolf in real]

Residence: Doesn't live anywhere he spends his time in the everfree forest or ponyville so he is think to have an unknown hide out in one of those locations

Workplace: Too busy researching to have one.

Occupation: None

Short Introduction: Mirage usually spends his time studying and avoiding other ponies; his past made him very wary to others and seldom does he open up to anybody.

Backstory: He does not know where he come from nor do any other. Mirage just one day awoke on the edges of ponyville and the everfree forest with no memory of how he got there or what his life was like before he woke up. Mirage does how ever recall bits and pieces of his past life, but the things he sees makes him want to shut it out even more the nightmares and the encroaching darkness of his dreams threaten to pull him back into them. He may not know where he came from, but he sure don't want to go back to it or does he want to think about it, but the dark images from his nightmares threaten him now while he is awake as if he was stuck in an eternal nightmare.

Appearance: Mira fur is black as a starless night with bits of crimson running through his fur around his neck and just above his hooves. His horn is crimson as his mane is black with crimson tips along his tail and his hair as it spiked up slightly. His crimson cutie mark shaped like a crescent moon reflecting in a river on his flank.

Personality: His personality...mmm well he normally try to act cool and reserved. Mira tries to avoid contact with many ponies; how ever the darkness calls to him so Luna along with many night creatures he interacts with the most. Aside that he doesn't have very many friends other than his wolf companion, it'snot that he's not good at making them it just he doesn't want to open up to them incase it risks their lives.

Job: None.

Equestria RP Alts: Discord Lord of Chaos, Glacial Mist, The Great and P0werful Trixie, Shadling
Ref Image: Have no art of him...I wish I did...;(

Sample Post: Mirage moon woke up in a cold sweat as he was panting; this was the second time this night he woke up. It got to a point where he didn't even try to sleep anymore as he kicked off the covers and jumped up out of bed. It's been two weeks since he awoke at the edge of ponyville, but why couldn't he remember anything? All he could remember was...the darkness and it wasn't something he wanted to remember, but everytime he tried to remember something more it just caused him pain so he just let it go. Mirage walked over to the sink as a crimson aura surround his horn and moments later a glass was picked up by the aura, before levitating over to the sink and under the faucet, before engulfing the knob and turning it allowing the water to fill the glass three thirds of the way as it shut off once again. The glass floated up to Mira's face as he opened his mouth and the glass tilted sliding the water into his mouth as he gulped it down. He then sat the glass down as he let out a loud yawn and shook his head slightly, before walking to the door and opening it as his horn once again lit up with the crimson aura to allow it to open. Mira walked through the door to the outside; stepping into a forest like meadow area now as the door closed behind him. Mira pondered to his self as he became lost in thought and wondered what his dreams even meant and what was his life like minus what he could remember? Mira let out a sigh as he thought of the dream and the horrible clouds of darkness that engulfed him. The darkness called to him as if saying he belonged to them. Mira shivered at the thought as he trotted along the path that leads out of the forest. In truth Mira acted brave and not scared of anything, but he may have the other ponies fooled even Luna believed he was strong by the way he acted. Mira could fool them all, but the one pony who knew the truth was his self and infact even though he acted so tough in reality he was scared and that is what scares him the most. Mira refused to hide in his fear though as he shook his head and sighed as a thought escaped his lips out loud, "Besides this is my problem and no pony needs to know..." He stated as he trotted off. Mira soon approached the edge of the forest and saw his companion, Luna waiting for him as she sat in the way of his path just staring at him like a statue. Mira smiled and called out to her as he did so Luna eyes lit up and ran up to him, "Where have you been!?!" She asked worryingly. Mira chuckled slightly, "Oh just catching up on some sleep nothing let's go! We got a big day today got to go meet the neighbors!" He replied as Luna jumped happily and they trotted off side by side together.
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Mirage Moon's App
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