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 Shining Armor's Canon Application (Prince)

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PostSubject: Shining Armor's Canon Application (Prince)   Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:18 am

Canon Name: Shining Armor  

Furcaida Name: Prince Shining Armor

Name of alts we may know you as: Spy Hop, Glamtini, Polarcloud.

Why do you want this character?: Shining is a noble character. One that shows both strength and kindess. Plus, he's an inspiration to myself.  He is one of my most favorite characters in the show itself. And I would whether much enjoy roleplaying him when given the chance.

How often are you online?: Truthfully? I am constantly on the computer. 8+ hours, or so. Unless gone on vacations which is a rarity in of itself. (Notice would be given.) Or when school starts back up in Sept, then it'll most likely be 5+ hours in and around.

Gender:  Stallion (M)

Species: Unicorn (Naturally.)

Cutie Mark: A large pinkish star enclosed within a blue shield. This shield also represents the sense of duty he upholds to defending Canterlot. The three gray stars at the top represent a high rank. 

Generation: Generation 4

Special Somepony: Princess Cadance

Pet: N/A (Unless you count Flash Sentry)

Residence: Crystal Empire

Workplace: Crystal Empire

Occupation: Captain of the Royal Guards

Short Introduction: Shining is the Captain of the Royal Guards. Proud husband of thee Princess of love; Princess Cadance. As well a bit of a sports nut. He was honored to have coached in the exciting Equestria Games! 

Backstory: Shining Armor first appears in a flashback, as Twilight describes her relationship with her brother to her five best friends. Referring to him as "B.B.B.F.F." (Big Brother Best Friend Forever) In general he is a very caring stallion, understanding and born to lead. Back in Canterlot High, Shining was the well known jock. Tossing himself into as many after school sport activities that were avaible, as well, as getting a decent education. (Education being the most important.) Not that he over extended himself like his sister had done. He also always found the time to flirt with a certain pink mare. 

Apearance: Masculine physique with a well defined barrel chest. Coat is as elegant as snow with a multi-hued blue mane to finish off that regal appearance. 

Personality: Highly alert when it comes to protecting the Crystal Empire or for those ponies he holds dear to his heart.  It was a byproduct of his service, and definitely one he was honored to have served and continue serving. Known for his bravery, Shining is no mere foal when it comes to throwing himself into danger. (Even if said danger provokes you to toss your wife off a balcony of a castle.) He is also very close with his little sister, having done everything together. Until Princess Celestria suggested she move to Ponyville to make some friends. Even still, they wrote back to each other. Even during difficult times he remains a mild-mannered individual despite his position as captain.

Job: Shining is a high ranking gaurd for the Crystal Empire. His responsibility is to the  Crystal ponies and their homes. Offering protection, when ever danger rears it's ugly head. 

Equestria RP Alts: N/A

Ref Image:

Sample Post: (Flash back to a younger Shining) It was a wonder he hadn't fallen over yet, no doubt feeling the incredulous stares of his peers as he held his post. He wore a façade of calm and collected, heart throbbing blue gaze watching bystanders with faked disinterest. Despite appearances, he was highly alert and borderline paranoid, body kept almost rigid with tension to keep from flickering gaze back and forth. The need to impress his superior was so great it  coursed through his veins like wildfire, with little to no desire for change; even when in the prescence of others, he remained an enigma. Nothing would honor him more than to become a Royal Guard. Following proudly in his father's hooves. Shining knew, without a doubt, he had everything it took to become a guard. He was both brave and strong. With the education to back him up. Man... if only Twilie could see him now. Knowing she would be proud of him, caused the young white stallion the smile mentally amongst himself. Despite that rigid stance and stern facial expression; eyes, would briefly give away that radiant smile.

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Shining Armor's Canon Application (Prince)
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