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 An introduction to madness, Alzherik

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PostSubject: An introduction to madness, Alzherik   An introduction to madness, Alzherik Icon_minitimeSat Jun 14, 2014 6:21 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Alzherik

   Alias/Nickname: Jimmy (by his deranged father) Geoffrey(name of his split personality) Fluffy buns (The rest of his family)

   Name of alts we may know you as: There are no alts you know me as.

   Why do you want this character?: This is my Original Character, it was made by me. If you mean why I am choosing this character to roleplay here, then to be honest I have very little clue. Only that it is the only rp that this character can match.

   How often are you online?: Fridays to Sundays, rarely on the week.

   Gender: Male

   Species: A unicorn pony.

   Age: 16

  Cutie Mark: Ouroboros (What comes around goes around)

   Generation: G4

   Pet: As a foal he had a pet bird, but that was such a long time ago...and it was one of the closest dearest friendships he ever lasted 5 minutes.

   Residence: At the moment he is homeless...

   Workplace: No real job, but if being an evil mastermind is considered a job, then his workplace is an underground evil lair...when he finds it that is.

   Occupation: Again he has no job, but if being an evil mastermind is considered a evil overlord...

   Short Introduction: The very first and most important thing you should know is that he has a few screws loose. He shows clear signs of being a social outcast from certain speech patterns, as long as you see him in his base, he is completely harmless, a little extravagant...As long as you don't see his other personality walking around, then it shall be okay.

   Backstory: Born underground, a life of seclusion and servitude to a cult of serpent worshipers. To prevent any form of rebellion his horn was severed of his head to prevent the use of magic, but all it did was take of its control, making any use of magic by him extremely dangerous to anyone around between a 12 ft radius, even him. Over a short period of time, the loneliness, and seclusion finally got to him, that he was forced to invent an imaginary friend beneath its subconscious, a friend that will give him all the friendship he wants...thus creating a split personality, who did not manifest itself until his dad pushed his emotions to the brink. The rest is too dark to post I won't go that far. All you must know is that he was able to break away from his destiny, start a new...not really. At this very moment he decides that his destiny is to rule the world, don't ask how he came to such conclusion, but after years of torture, it seems that some of his father's personality...or Geoffrey's personality leaked and rubbed of on him.

   Apearance: What does your pony look like? Chocolate colored fur, dusty colored mane, purple eyes, kind of skinny from all the years of solitude. But as soon as his other personality comes into view, some of his features change, his mane begins to stand up, veins begin to protrude around his face and neck, his horn...or the place where his horn used to be begins to glow, leaking a lot of magic out.

   Personality: A split personality, at first he is very demanding, kind of a snob if you ask me, a clear superiority complex. Oh who am I kidding, he is totally harmless, even if he does consider the most evil being in existence, yet his mind cannot comprehend, or may not have the talent for doing truly evil things.
His other personality on the other hand is what you would consider a madpony, insane by the meaning of the word. While his original personality has trouble doing truly evil things, this one is a natural at it, taking no prisoners at all, no matter they're social status...he just likes to do terrible things because it makes him laugh like a maniac.

   Job: Well if you must know, being an evil genius does have a lot of responsibilities. It takes a lot of organization, planning the next big heist. Not only that, but keeping the morale of your crew while the plan is being executed is important, otherwise they will all tear themselves apart.

   Equestria RP Alts: No...not really...

   Ref Image: Don't have one.

   Sample Post:
The hot sun was gleaming into his face, living in darkness for so long, only taking very little sunlight on a monthly basis. His eyes closed as they struggle to get used to it, the little foal did not know how to react to the series of events that have transpired in his wake. He looked back to the entrance of the underground tomb, his sisters were waiting for him to choose what was going to happen now, if he leaves they will all be free, if he returns to the tomb then they are forced to stay. Letting out a soft sigh, as his eyes begin to adjust to the sunlight, his ears perked at the sounds of the forest around him, he did not expect the call for freedom. Finally coming to his final conclusion he walks away from his past, into the this case a forest...a dark spooky forest.

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An introduction to madness, Alzherik
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