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 Princess Cadance Application

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PostSubject: Princess Cadance Application   Princess Cadance Application Icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 3:05 am

Princess Cadance Application Tumblr_m2ygy1BLy81rpjckco1_400

Canon Name:  Princess Mi Amore Cadenza [Princess Cadance]

Furcadia Name:  Princess Mi Amore Cadenza

Name of alts we may know you as: Lotus Blossom

Why do you want this character?: I would like this character because I feel me and her have traits in common. Having these common traits makes it easier for me to portray her. I also adore her design and consider her one of my favorite characters. Aside from my love for her, I feel that my knowledge on her is well expanded enough to where me roleplaying as her would be successful.

How often are you online?: [School Days: 3-6 Hours] [Summer/Weekend Days: 8+ hours]

Gender:  Female

Species: Alicorn

Cutie Mark: a Crystal Heart Princess Cadance Application Princess_cadence_cutie_mark_by_tdreyer1-d4y7800

Generation: g4

Special Somepony: Shining Armor

Pet: N/A

Residence: The Crystal Empire

Workplace: The Crystal Empire

Occupation: Co-ruler of the Crystal Empire

Short Introduction: Princess Cadance's full name is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, but she often goes by Princess Cadance of even just Cadance. She is married to the stallion of her dreams, Shining Armor, and they both rule the Crystal Empire together. Her cutie mark of a Crystal Heart represents her ability to spread love wherever she goes.

Backstory: Cadance was born as a pegasus pony who had been taken and raised in a village by earth ponies. An antagonist of the name Prismia wore a necklace that magnified her evil and jealousy. When Cadance confronted Prismia and reversed her spell things had changed for the better and Prismia was no longer considered evil despite her misbehavior. This dilemma led to Cadance being taken in as Celestia's adopted niece. And later became the alicorn princess she is recognized as now. Another major event that took place later in her life was the marriage of her and Shining Armor and all the complications that came along with that involving the Changelings. After their marriage Cadance and her husband ended up taking over the Crystal Empire after King Sombra was defeated and love and unity was restored to the empire.

Appearance: Princess Cadance's overall appearance consists of mainly warm colors that give off a very friendly vibe. Her main body color that her coat flaunts is a light pink, but her wings are tipped with a purple that ends up blending right into the pink part of her distinct alicorn-sized wings. Her partially curly mane and tail  contain a very light yellow, a pinkish-purple, and darker purple color to them. Cadance's eyes are a very dark, yet inviting purple that acts as a guide to her face. And upon her flank is her cutie mark of a Crystal Heart that perfectly represents her talent of spreading love and bringing ponies together. Lastly, her accessories are a fairly bright yellow; with the exception of her crown that shares both yellow and dark purple due to the jewels on it.

Personality: Princess Cadance is a very calm and gentle pony. She connects well with other ponies and for a princess relates to them really well and often takes the time to appreciate everypony. Cadance believes everypony is special, and that is possible reasoning to support why she likes getting to know them and carrying on conversations with them. She is widely known for her great compassion towards others, and for how helpful she can be; sometimes putting others needs before he own well-being.

Job: Princess Cadance has the responsibility of ruling the Crystal Empire with her husband. She finds this duty to be somewhat challenging, but very rewarding in the end.

Equestria RP Alts: N/A

Ref Image: Princess Cadance Application Cadance_by_inuhoshi_to_darkpen-d5xh9im

Sample Post:  Princess Cadance had a hoof propped up onto the balcony's railing. She admired Luna's beautiful night and quietly sat in the serene environment. Her gaze shifted down from the stars unique arrangement and to the breath-taking sight of the Crystal Empire at night. Little noise was present, and the street lights provided comfort to the homes hidden in the dark. Her eyes lit up as she stared at the homes of the crystal ponies. Once able to break eye contact from the beauty of it all she leaned over to her nearby candle and blew out the luminous flame to help the dark continue to thrive. She stood up and stretched her purple-tipped wings outward. It was then when she jumped from the balcony and flew freely. She glided somewhat close to the ground and followed the desolate roadways. Not a crystal pony in sight, it seemed everypony was getting well rested for sunrise and the new day that followed the stunning night. Seeing the lack of life persuaded her that it would probably be a favorable decision to retire for the night. With that now in her head she turned around from her current place in the sky and headed to the balcony where she had originally flown from. Reaching her destination she landed gracefully and pulled her wings back to her pink coat. Cadance disappeared into the castle and headed towards her bedroom. She made sure on the way to greet any guards that crossed her path. She enjoyed seeing them since they gave her a reassuring feeling of protection and security; and they also served as good company to her. Finally reaching her room she quietly opened the door aware that her husband was probably already resting. Cadance stumbled through the dark and as quietly as possible made her way towards her bedside. Eventually her eyes adjusted and the room and its belongings were able to be identified. Before stepping into bed she unequipped her shiny princess apparel and placed it on a nearby nightstand. When she was in bed and under the blankets she could tell that Shining Armor was already there in bed as well. Facing in his direction she had quickly fallen asleep to prepare herself for another exciting day of ruling the Crystal Empire with the love of her life.

**I apologize in advance for any present typos.**
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PostSubject: Re: Princess Cadance Application   Princess Cadance Application Icon_minitimeWed May 28, 2014 4:21 pm

This Princess has been approved by:

Princess Cadance Application New_lunar_republic_by_vexx3-d5459k8

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Princess Cadance Application
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