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 Braeburn Application

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Prince Eclipse

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PostSubject: Braeburn Application   Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:51 pm

Canon Name: Braeburn

Furcaida Name: Braeburn Applebucker

Name of alts we may know you as: King S0mbra, Prince Eclipse, Tea Leaves

Why do you want this character?: Well, as far as background characters go, or well the ones listed, Braeburn is probably my favorite. Due to his rather outgoing and excitable personality, he actually copies how I act in real life. Also, like myself, I can have a bit of trouble butting into an argument, sometimes just letting it play out quietly in the background.

How often are you online?: Fridays and Saturdays always, every other day random. Which shouldn't be a problem for a character whose only in... 2 episodes tops?

Gender:  Male

Species: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: One Big red apple

Generation: 4th Gen, Season 1 Episode 21

Special Somepony: Single?

Pet: No?

Residence: Appleloosa

Workplace: In the Apple Orchards of Appleloosa

Occupation: Apple Farmer/Pie Maker?/Tour Guide?

Short Introduction: That I am a handsome pony, with an incredibly outgoing personality. I'm very enthusiastic about seeing old and new friends, and can be stubborn in the way of doing something and ignoring others around me while I do what I do such as when giving a tour of my home.

Backstory: I'm one of the original settlers of Appleloosa, I helped turn it into what everypony sees now. I am a member of the Apple Family, and Applejack is a cousin of mine. Although I've had discourse and arguments with the neighboring buffalo tribes after we planted our trees. I was willing to compromise and settle the dispute, though AJ sort of made it worse during her visit. Everything was resolved, however, so now we have a stampede path leading through the orchard, along with a pie stand for our new Buffalo friends. Some time later, I visited ponyville for the annual Apple Family Reunion.

Apearance: I'm a sunny yellow furred pony, with a long, seemingly well groomed orange-yellow mane and tail. I wear a cowboy hat and leather vest. My eyes are bright emerald green.

Personality: Outgoing and highly enthusiastic, everytime jumping onto my hindlegs and kicking my front hooves into the air as I excitedly yell "AAAPPLELOOSA.~" When showing others around town, I wear my pride of it on my sleeve, and can be a bit stubborn about it until I'm done saying everything there is to be said. Although I'm willing to work out my differences with others in a civil manner, I have some trouble ending rising conflicts when someone else butts in, like my stubborn cousin Applejack.

Job: I'm an Apple farmer, whose assisted Appleloosa's growing apple orchard and town development. I'll also on occasion assist with the agreement between my fellow citizens and the buffalo when they stampede down the path paved through our orchard.

Equestria RP Alts: King S0mbra in UNofficial RP

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Braeburn shuddered, as he shook about, head twisting this way and that as tail whipped about, beridding himself of the dust that suddenly picked up from the arrival of two new ponies and their newfangled contraption. They looked a rather cheery bunch as they were about to sing aboard their supersqueezycider7000. Alas for them, Braeburn was one step ahead as he jumped before them. "Well howdy their boys! Welcome to AAAAAAAAAPPLELOOSA" he'd say as he reared back. Dropping back down, as he'd wait but a moment for them to introduce themselves before he began to rapidly push them along in a tour. "Now let me show you around! This here is...." and of course, unless they did something drastic, they were going to see it all first!

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Braeburn Application
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