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 Rainbow Dash Application

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DJ Rainbow Dash

DJ Rainbow Dash

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PostSubject: Rainbow Dash Application   Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:24 am

Canon Name:
Rainbow Dash

Furcaida Name:
DJ Rainbow Dash (So many possible variations were taken xD)

Name of alts we may know you as:
Pastel Artistique
Daylily Rosé

Why do you want this character?: Explain to us why you are choosing this character. 3-5 line preferred.
I adore Rainbow Dash! When the Social Network "Cutie Marks" Still existed, I was the official Rainbow Dash. I can pull off her mentality and attitude rather well. I follow how she's suppose to be, I don't pull away from canon unless the RP really calls for it. But I will ALWAYS stay in RD mode unless OOC. She's just rooted a spot in my heart as the most awesome pony to ever exist in my book, and I would love to continue to play as her on furcadia.. since Cutie Marks is gone.

How often are you online?: Being a canon can be a lot of responsibility. In many ways it's like being staff.
Usually, I'm on everyday during the day. I do work a full time job that has me from 3pm EST to 12am EST Sunday through Thursday. But on my days off, I could be on all day or randomly during the day.

Gender:  Are you a Male or Female

Species: What Species are you?

Cutie Mark: What is your Cutie Mark?
A white cloud with a rainbow lightening bolt coming out of it.

Generation: What Gen Are you?
4th Generation

Special Somepony: Do you have a Special Somepony if so who?
Rainbow Dash has been shipped with so many.. but no special somepony to speak of.

Pet: Do you have a pet if so what is there name?
Tank! The most amazing turtle ever!

Residence: Where do you live?
In a cloud house above Ponyville

Workplace: Do you have a job if so where do you work?

Occupation: If you have a job what is your Job Title?
Weather Control Pony for Ponyville

Short Introduction: If you where to met me randomly what would you want me to know about your pony the most?
I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equestria! I rig up and perform all my own stunts and have a blast doing so! ..That is when I'm not helping maintain the weather around Ponyville that is.

Backstory: Where does your pony come from what was there past like?
Rainbow Dash was born in Cloudsdale, a city in the sky for only pegasi. As a young filly, she joined flight school, as all you pegasus do, to better herself in her flying. One day, Rainbow Dash had to defend the honor of her best friend, Fluttershy and challenged the two were picking on her. Rainbow realized she love the thrill of flying and racing and performed the first Sonic Rainboom. Rainbow Dash eventually dropped out of flight school because it had too many rules for the dare-devil filly who want thrills and stunts. After a time, she became the weather pony in Ponyville after moving there and has lived in Ponyville ever since. While she's not performing her duties, Rainbow Dash constantly trains her mind and body with new stunts and death defying feats in hopes of one day becoming part of the most fantastic fliers in all of Equestria, The Wonderbolts. Even when though she's good enough to be part of the team with her speed an agility, the fact that rules would apply is what has held her back from perusing her dream.. that nad the wonderful group of friends she has in Ponyville.

Appearance: What does your pony look like?
A pegasus pony with a very light cerulean coat, moderate cerise eyes, and a rainbow mane and tail. She's the ROYGBIV pony of of Equestria

Personality: Show us your knowledge of the character.
Rainbow Dash is brash, boastful, and some times down right annoying with her "I can do that better attitude". Always wanting to push herself to the limit as well as her friends with anything they're either to afraid to try, or that she know they can do, but refuse to do it. She often boasts that she's the fastest flyer in all of Equestria and relishes in the fact that she's right. She has a hard time being humble in accepting praise, even when her friends tried to teach her a lesson on such. But while she's a show-boating dare-devil, she the most loyal friend a pony could have. When facing odds against her, she'll do everything she can to help her friends, even if it means putting herself in harms way. Or even faking an injury to get out of a situation she was too caught up in to realize the trouble it would eventually cause in the end.

Job: Tell me all about your ponies job?
Like a good number of pegasi that come from Cloadsdale, Rainbow Dash is a weather pony and is in charge of overseeing the weather around Ponyville. This means that whatever the weather condition called for, her and the other pegasi in Ponyville make it happen.

Equestria RP Alts: Do you RP other ponies in the dream please list there names here.
Pastel Artistique
Daylily Rosé

Ref Image: A pic of your pony

Sample Post: This better be your best work, as it's the most important part of the application. 4 line Min in Furc main chat screen

The rainbow maned mare stood upon a lone cloud they strayed from the group she and the rest of the weather ponies were bringing in over Ponyville. There was a slight chill in the air from the breaking of winter. It had been a long, cold season and the ponies were working as fast as they could to wrap it up. Wind whipped through her mane, her lifting her head to feel the chill, making her shutter. They were bringing in the first rain of the season to get the starting crops watered and to help melt the snow that still lingered in some places. Behind her, the new weather pegasi were trying to coral the lower hanging clouds while others worked to break up those above to let in the sun to warm the air. Rainbow Dash gave a small sigh and smile in the direction of the others. It pleased her to see the progress was moving much smoother then it had been the day before. The new recruits were getting the hang of their tasks and some even looked like they enjoyed it. With a roll of the shoulders and a good stretch of her wings and legs, Rainbow Dash thrust her wings downward and kicked off the cloud like a rocket into the open air. The wind always felt good in her mane. She sailed up high above the clouds, rolled and dipped to level herself before heading back toward her crew.
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Rainbow Dash Application
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