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 King Sombra Application

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Prince Eclipse

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PostSubject: King Sombra Application   Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:48 pm

Canon Name: King Sombra

Furcaida Name: King S0mbra (the o is a zero)

Name of alts we may know you as: Prince Eclipse, Tea Leaves

Why do you want this character?: I have chosen this character, due to a deep respect for the character and personality he possesses. Of all the villains shown throughout the history of the show, and maybe the comics, Nightmare Rarity anyone? I find him to be the most evil, but most underplayed in his debut. I want to shine a better light on him, despite the fact he's been reduced to a tangible shadow creature. I suppose you can say, I want him to get the respect he truly deserves. The respect deserved for a pony who looked ready to kill any and enslave all to get his way. That and it's fun... I hope that doesn't make me sound sadistic...

How often are you online?: I'm online quite a bit, especially if those I consider my RP partners are online. Though due to work it can be limited, but I'll always pop on Fridays and Saturdays.

Gender:  I'm a stallion!

Species: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: Unknown, covered by armor. If I were to guess, a black crystal, or maybe a villain worthy crown on that flank. Though with all his magic, maybe some kind of vile looking book like the necronomicon... I'm a spaz...

Generation: 4th Gen(FIM Season 3)

Special Somepony: Unknown and unlikely

Pet: But of course... all my loyal sla-.. I mean subjects, but that's far to many to name....

Residence: Northern Wastes of the Crystal Empire

Workplace: Yes, The Crystal Empire

Occupation: At one point it was Tyranical King, now it's probably Plague.... though I've always been one, hehe

Short Introduction: That I am dangerous, my body is that of a deathly shadow, and I only seek to conqueror you. I probably have no friends.... I'M A VILLAIN

Backstory: My background is sketchy, I once ruled the Crystal Empire, as for how long, I couldn't tell you. How I came to power, once more another mystery. What I can tell you, is that I enslaved all the denizens, likely disposed of any resisters with a sinister laughter accompanying, and it was all in a goal to gain more power from the magic steeped crystals that I forced the ponies to mine. I stole, and hid the Crystal Heart, a gem which was key to my rule. If those foolish ponies I ruled over had it in their grimy hooves I'd have probably been dethroned a long time ago.... Instead those goody-two-shoe sisters who defeated Discord set their sights on me. In their efforts, I lost my physical form, becoming a specter, a shadow being. Of course, before I was banished to this form, I used my dark magic to wipe the Empire from the face of Equestria for over a millennium, while locking away the memories of all it's inhabitants. Despite eventually breaking free, I was constantly thwarted by a shield they erected to keep me from returning.

          Eventually, I had my chance. I repeatedly assaulted them, their new leader Princess Cadence, becoming drained of her magic to keep me out. I even put her protector, champion, and husband out of commission with some of my dark magic. That fight resulted in my horn being broken off, and also a key to my triumph, corrupting the outlying area within her shield until I was finally able to invade. I was so close too, that new princess, Twilight Sparkle, before she earned her wings, became trapped by my security measures to keep the Heart out of their hooves. To think I was thwarted by her foolish dragon companion.... The pain I felt when the crystal heart was returned to it's..... undeserved podium. My entire form was seemingly obliterated, my horn flying off into the distance....

Appearance: Originally a powerful unicorn stallion. Coloration was a startling monochrome, of black fur and mane. What's more, his magical power was likely enough to rival the sisters of Canterlot, despite not being an alicorn, his mane and tail billowed with mana. Eyes are a strange coloring, where its normally white, lime green with red iris, with strange purple smoke. The smoke is likely a side-effect from constant use of corruptible, dark-magics. Upon his forehead, is the most unusual feature. To date there is no other pony with such a horn, like a short curved spike, starting at a dark crimson to a bright scarlet red.
        He dawns a powerful set of silver armor, regal and elegant, with a grey-spiked crown perched upon his head. Along his back, the classic king's red cape.

Personality: His personality is hard to pin-point with his limited speaking role, so one must pay consideration more to his actions. He seems to be a rather sadistic-type, enjoying other's misery. Egomaniacal, and a bit simple-minded, though maybe goal-oriented. He refers to others as slaves, which shows a superiority-complex, and desire to dominate. An apparent love of crystals, likely due to them being a source of power, and something he could use to control others. Given the chance, it's feasible he'd kill if it suits him... or.. amuses him. In the end, he's likely power-mad, and cares little for friendship. If he has any good-points, they're likely long gone.

Job: He's the Tyrannical king of the Crystal Empire, or was, now he's a shadowy figure, desiring to regain his lost power, physical form, and dominion.

Equestria RP Alts: I've yet to RP as others

Ref Image: Hoping it works

Sample Post: A spectral smoke crept silently about the edge of ponyville. It was small, pathetic, barely noticeable, as it seemed to choke the life out of plant-life, growing larger, but not much. It needed... something more potent, an unsuspecting unicorn perhaps? Fortunately for the citizens, none were about to be turned into a meal, except one, a vigilant night guard, who quickly flew off to get help. That help came in the form of Princess Twilight, the mare who had once helped foil this shadowy being. Her magic wrapped and choked at the smoke, covering it in a dome, before enclosing it into a sphere. The shadows wrapping about as they soon formed a solid form.... Sombra, the fearful being who once nearly destroyed the Crystal Empire with his savagery was so easily caught. His fang like teeth trying to bite at the sphere, as he crashed his head into it, to no avail. His voice, resounded, "Release me at ONCE... I... I AM KING SOMBRA.....!" he'd wheeze, his power fleeting. The once flowing mane no longer flickered, the dark-magic that permeated his form had diminished. The dark smoke no longer being expelled and the green of his eyes was becoming brighter, turning to the normal white. (This post is set-up in a manner that hopefully shows a plausible outcome for Sombra after his crushing defeat)
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King Sombra Application
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