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 Equestria Seeking Volunteer Patchers

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Equestria Seeking Volunteer Patchers Empty
PostSubject: Equestria Seeking Volunteer Patchers   Equestria Seeking Volunteer Patchers Icon_minitimeFri Mar 14, 2014 2:05 pm

Basically, what we're looking for are people who like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and who are confident in their pixel art skills, who would like to help us make a fully patched MLP role play dream a reality on Furcadia. We're aiming to recreate the world of the show from the ground up.

This is a volunteer situation. We're hoping you'll do it for the love of pony!  That said, we understand that real life and paying the bills come first. We're only asking that you use a little of your free time to lend us a hoof, if you're interested.

Our preferred method for dividing up the workload is to assign an entire building, inside and out, to one patcher. That way, the style will be consistent throughout the area and we can easily keep track of who is working on what. We will help you collect references for your current assignment and if you have any difficulty with it I will gladly step in and help you with the patching itself. Communication is key. While there are no set in stone deadlines, we want to know how things are going, if you're feeling stuck, or if you're just plain busy.

If you're interested in joining our patch team, please whisper Kono in-game. Please have some examples of your patchwork ready to show us.

Main character: Kono
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Equestria Seeking Volunteer Patchers
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