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 Shadling's Application

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PostSubject: Shadling's Application   Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:20 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Shadling

Alias/Nickname: Shade, Smoke Flare[Unicorn form], [Goes by many others too many to list.]

Name of alts we may know you as: Glacial Mist, Flutterdash, Discord Lord of Chaos

Why do you want this character?: Because I think changelings are the best species in My little pony and it would be fun to role play them with many different situations

How often are you online?: Depends on work, but I can be on pretty much any time of the day.

Gender:  Male

Species: Changeling

Age: 23

Cutie Mark: What ever cutie mark he generates depending on the form of pony he takes.

Generation: Gen 4

Special Somepony: Nopony yet

Pet: None

Residence: A hut inside the Everfree Forest

Workplace: Poniville

Occupation: Sending intelligence back to his queen about the residence in Poniville

Short Introduction: Hello, every pony. Please to meet ya, I am Shadling and I like to cause havoc it's the best source of food around

Backstory: When Shade was born he was always different from other changelings and this often led to fights that none of the other broke up. Shade would always win the fight though no matter how many were against him and eventually this led to Shade being noticed by the current Queen and she personally choose him to be one of her guards. Shade at the time was honored to be chosen; how ever this did not last. Shade was sent on a mission one day away from the hive and it so happens that was the day the Queen decided to evade Canterlot. The Queen was injured in her defeat and when Shade got back to found out the news he was hurt, not only did he fail in his duties to protect the Queen, but he was hurt that she had this planned and sent him away. Shade thought his queen did so, because she thought he wasn't worth helping her. Shade made his decision there to run away from the hive and go to Poniville in order to hide from the hive and his queen. Apon arriving at Poniville he found that things would be very difficult, but in the end it was easy...once he took out a Smokey black unicorn with crimson tips in his mane...before the Unicorn lost all of his powers he did reveal his name to be Smoke Flare. Shade smirked as he took the form of Smoke Flare and walked into the town with out any pony being aware of who he was, "Smoke Flare...I could get used to this..."

Appearance:He looks mostly like a normal changeling does when hes not in another form. He has black scales, blue eyes, long fangs, he has transparent red wings along with a matching set of crimson armor to cover his body and his head.

Personality:His personality changes depending on the form he takes, but he is mischievous and likes pulling pranks...his favorite thing to do is to transform into a dragon and terrorize Poniville

Job: He sends intelligence back to his Queen so she can better prepare to take over Poniville.

Equestria RP Alts: Glacial Mist

Ref Image:

This was before he changed he got crimson wings and a crimson aura around his whole body shortly after becoming a guard for his queen.

RP Sample Post: Shadling was around his hut regaining more of his strength as he was about to leave for the night to report an urgent matter to his queen, but he stopped shortly of the door as he walked under where the dent is in his roof and a drop of water splashed him on the top of his head. Shadling growled as he remembered that one clumbsy pegasus from a few weeks ago and muttered something about taking care of him later. Shadling again made his way across the room after shaking his head free of the little water that splattered against his scales. Shadling reached out for the knob on his door just as a knock happened against his door. A everfree? That was strange he strange infact that it never would happen. Shadling growled slightly as a crimson glow over took his body. Soon his body began to change and he began to take a new form.

Shadling's scales began to fade as a soft coat of fur began to grow in it's place. The fur that coated his body was a light black smoke like color as he grew a mane in replace of his spines the mane became spikey some what at the tips as his tail grew and sorta looks like a flail as his mane changed to a pitch black onyx color with red tips along the tips of the spikes. His horn spiraled and grew more round instead of the flat one he had before as his blue eyes soon was replaced by a black hue. The last thing to change was his wings as they faded and merged into his new fur. This form he takes now is known as (Smoke Flare) it was one of the first ponies he captured and drained all of their power from, but he still likes to be it every now and again. (Smoke Flare) cleared his throat as his horn lit up with red magic and wrapped around the door knob pushing it opened, "Yes...what is it?" (Smoke Flare) asked.
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Shadling's Application
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