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 Valaine OC Application

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PostSubject: Valaine OC Application   Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:50 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Valaine

Alias/Nickname:    Val

Name of alts we may know you as: Pinkamena, Rin

Why do you want this character?: Valaine may be brand new but I already have quite a few big ideas for her!

How often are you online?: all the time!

Gender:  Valaine is a girl

Species: Alicorn (but not a princess, explained later in the app)

Age: A filly, but not too old and not too young. She was/is raised by her pegasus father for the most part due to her unicorn mother being an important  businessmare.

Cutie Mark: She has none yet.

Generation: 4

Special Somepony: ew cooties! Val is too young for that!

Pet: none

Residence: She moves a lot due to her mother's job. Currently lives in Ponyville.

Workplace: too young!

Occupation: too young!

Short Introduction: Valaine is an oddity. She's albino, remarkably an alicorn, and to top it off, she has four wings instead of two! She's tiny even for a filly, a bit sickly, and can't go in the sun for too long or she gets sunburnt quickly and badly. Now aren't all alicorns supposed to be noble, powerful, and tower over their subjects? Not little Valaine! She's incapable of anything but levitation magic and she can't fly well due to being clumsy with an extra set of wings.

Backstory: Valaine was born a unicorn, unplanned, to a pegasus stallion and a unicorn mare. However, she didn't stay one for long. Discord was in the area at the time of her birth and of course he wanted to create discord, so he did. When the little unicorn was brought to the very excited mother, wrapped in blanket, and that blanket was removed - little Valaine had two sets of wings in addition to her horn, making her an alicorn, and a weird one at that. But it wasn't seen as some blessing - no, her parents argued for ages, right there, about just WHO caused their daughter to be a mutant. Already an albino, now she had FOUR WINGS and a horn? What would their families think of their freakish daughter? The neighbors? I wish I could say that resentment lasted only a little while out of panic, but it never left either parent entirely.
Her mother soon went back to work and kept her daughter a secret, which was just as hard as one would expect. She didn't take photos with her newborn. She didn't keep a foalbook. She didn't do anything. Everyone asked. Raising Valaine was entirely left to hers father, who liked her a little bit more. However, her father was of course pegasus, and so she had to learn about magic on her own, with public schooling not being an option.  He tried to teach her how to fly, but she was very clumsy with her extra pair of wings, and so can only fly short distances before losing her balance. Her development was very slowed and she took a very long time to learn how to do simple things like levitation.

Apearance: Valaine is an albino, so she has pink eyes and a snow white pelt and mane. Her mane and tail are very long and somewhat curly, but very very well taken care of, something both she and her father take pride in (remember, she couldn't brush her own mane until she was pretty old). She's tiny, even for her age.

Personality: Valaine is quiet and shy to a fault. She has severe social anxiety and can't stand crowds. She's insecure and fragile. Very sheltered, too. Almost no social skills as her only friend growing up was her father and she was never allowed out of the house due to both her condition and her parents not wanting her to be seen. She's not the brightest filly, either, and can be slow to understand simple things.

Job: doesn't have one

Equestria RP Alts: Pinkamena

Ref Image:

Sample Post: Valaine sat on her pillow and looked at the ray of sun coming in from the window with pure hatred. She hated the sun. She hated the blue sky. She hated the clouds. She even hated the princess Celestia to an extent, because it was her smelly face that brought the sun up each day. But only because she was taught to. She didn't know why she had to hate the sun or the sky or the clouds or smelly-face Celestia, but her father always seemed so serious when he told her to stay away. Speaking of her father, he had left, and locked the door to her room. He always did, but she didn't understand why. If the sun was so bad, why would she even WANT to go outside? Pfft, he's so silly, she thought. Valaine was proud of what a good little filly she was because she always listened to her daddy...but of course, there was always that little tiny thought that never went away - what if the sun wasn't so bad? What if "Outside" wasn't scary? Valaine pondered this as hard as her stupid little head could... and she decided she would touch that sunbeam. Uh, eventually.
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Valaine OC Application
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