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 Shadow Dart - OC Application

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PostSubject: Shadow Dart - OC Application   Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:09 pm

Full (furcadia) Name:
Shadow Dart

Shadow, Sha


Bat-winged Pegasus

Adult; 20 years

Cutie Mark:
A single dark gray cloud with rain falling from it.

Gen 4

Special Somepony:


Cloudesdale, visits Ponyville on occasion.

Cloudesdale/the sky!

Shadow's specific skill lies in storms and making it rain, however she does help with weather (such as moving clouds) like all other pegasi.

Short Introduction:
Shadow is mostly a friendly pony, although somewhat shy and sometimes has a difficult time of thinking of what to say. She rejoices in solitude, in creating storms, rainy days and holds a love for nighttime where there is no harsh light to offend her sensitive eyes. She's also got quite a sweet tooth and enjoys visiting SugarCube Corner on occasion.

I haven't come up with much of a backstory for Shadow, yet, and I've yet to work out/ask for the details from a friend who plays Shadow's sister, Amethyst Bloom.

Her coat was a dull black that gradually changes to a faded purple along her legs and sea-blue just above her hooves. Her snout sported the same faded purple coloration, as did her wavy mane and hair; unusually long for a creature of flight. Small motes of the same faded sea-blue that marked her hooves flowed over her coat in swirling lines; whether natural or painted on, it was hard to discern. In the place of the usual feathered wings commonly found on pegasi, were large black bat wings. The cutie mark on her flank resembled a dark cloud with rain falling from it.

This particular pony had a carefree nature, although such had its flaws. She was often distant and aloof, uncaring of any situations or dangers that presented themselves to her. It was only when it had something to do with her, did she give anything or anyone her attention. Despite this, however, she had a friendly enough disposition and could be willing to help out others, but usually only those she knew or had a good opinion of. Angering her would result in a lengthy grudge and the occasional insult. She also has a knack for causing trouble when it suits her.

Ref Image:

Sample Post:

The summer's warmth faded from the land as the seasons changed, the trees shedding their emerald brilliance as the leaves took on the fiery hues of autumn. The grass retained its usual array of green until winter came calling with its sheets of cold white snow. Winter was still months away, however, and the grass remained as soft and springy as ever.

On this, Shadow rested, rather than bother with the wispy clouds that floated serenely overhead. She'd had enough of flying today, and while the wind was cool and refreshing on her face as opposed to summer's warmth, it had grown colder in the past few hours. The sun was already on its steady, downward arch to the horizon and the temperature had been dropping steadily since then. It was a little too chilly to keep flying.

The bat-winged pegasus cast the nearby trees, in all their autumn splendor, a glance as she considered the fallen leaves to play in in the little time she had, but ultimately, she rose to turn her back on them. She was off to Ponyville instead, where the thatched roofs were a familiar sight from any distance. Shadow trotted through the well-worn layout of the streets to the one shop she cared to visit the most above all the others: SugarCube Corner. On a chilly night like this, a cup of hot chocolate sounded like it would hit the spot!

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Shadow Dart - OC Application
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