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 Bronze Shield - OC Application

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PostSubject: Bronze Shield - OC Application   Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:09 pm

Full (furcadia) Name:
Bronze Shield

Bronze, Broken Shield, Defiant Sword (used as a fake name, rather than giving away his real one).

Name of alts we may know you as:
Princess Night, c:


Earth Pony; Gypsy horse (paint horse x clydesdale)

Adult; 24 years.

Cutie Mark:
A simple bronze shield

Gen 4

Special Somepony:

No pets.

No particular place as Bronze is a traveler; he never stays in one place for long.

No particular workplace for this pony.

A thief, if that could count as a job.

Short Introduction:
Bronze is, above everything else, a thief. He's a bit greedy, sure, but all he wants is enough money to be happy with. He's also got quite the silver tongue! He could easily play the part of a prankster and cause a bit of mischief, or easily charm a few ladies, if only to gain their sympathy (and their money).

Bronze has lived most of his life in an outlying barony, where he worked as a guard for the wealthy family that governed the town. He was not content with his job, however well he performed it, and further disliked the meager wage he received for it. After a while, he eventually tired of it and deserted his post, instead choosing to gather his few belongings to travel the countryside. Along the way, he has taught himself to be an expert pickpocket and a thief, but because of this new profession, he spends as little time as possible in populated areas, choosing to stay on the road to avoid getting caught.

The stallion sports a somewhat stocky build of a clydesdale, complete with long feathering at the lower half of his legs. His short, rough coat is an earthy brown, but it was interrupted by white splotches. They are reminiscent of a paint horse's markings, with a small white stripe along his muzzle to complete the look. A lengthening, and somewhat messy, mane and tail are two-toned: black at the roots and fading to a reddish-brown. His eyes are a vivid green with yellow accents, bright against the duller colors of his body. A final touch to his appearance would be the bronze shield cutiemark that sits upon his flanks, giving him his name.

The days of being a composed, stuffy guard is over for Bronze; letting him be who he truly is. He is an overly confident- almost cocky- stallion, as well as quite a prankster. He takes delight in teasing and mocking to the point of being chased; but of course, that would be his aim after all, because nothing delights him more in making somepony angry. On the flip side, he has the tendency to be very close-mouthed when asked any personal questions and will most likely avoid these questions by asking a query of his own, or simply changing the subject with a joke. You'll rarely get a straight answer out of this pony.

Ref Image:

Sample Post:

It was another lovely, sunny day in Equestria. The grass alongside the worn dirt road shone a soft gold-green from the sun's gentle rays. The warmth of them stirred up the fragrance of wild flowers that bloomed nearby, something that a stallion traveling the beaten road relished as he inhaled. Yep, it was another pleasant day, made even more so by the fact that he could see another town up ahead. He'd consulted his map plenty enough on his way to know that this had to be Ponyville, a nice, small country village. There would be a place for him to rest, plenty of food to pick from, and of course, bits to swipe from unsuspecting ponies.

He approached the town casually, hoping that his status as a complete stranger wouldn't draw too many eyes. And, he supposed as he finally passed the first few buildings, it wouldn't. He mostly got curious glances, as well as a few questioning, lingering looks, but all in all he was left well enough alone. That suited him just fine.

As Bronze ventured further into the town, he passed by what appeared to be a standard market place. There were plenty of stalls full of various things, from food to cloth and other wares being advertised by sharp eyed shopkeepers. He looked them and their stalls over, studying them in the way a thoughtful passersby considering to buy something would, until he passed by a stall laden with bright red, juicy apples. His interest, and his hunger, perked immediately at the sight. Food! Bronze began the approach, a half formed thought of 'Surely they won't notice a few apples missing..' just beginning to cross his mind before he realized what he was doing. He made an effort to reign himself in and stopped, mentally chiding himself. Now, now. You can't just go charging blindly in! You gotta look this place over first, get a feel for it or you'll get caught, remember?

Of course. As he always had to avoid gaining any suspicion, he drew out a few coins from his saved stash and made a casual purchase, receiving a few, nice apples in return. He moved off with them to find a quiet spot at which he would sit, rest and chow down.

Sorry about these long sample posts of mine. I can't stop. Very Happy;
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Bronze Shield - OC Application
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