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 [Jan. 12th 2014] The Queen and the runaway (Unfinished)

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[Jan. 12th 2014] The Queen and the runaway (Unfinished) Empty
PostSubject: [Jan. 12th 2014] The Queen and the runaway (Unfinished)   [Jan. 12th 2014] The Queen and the runaway (Unfinished) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 12:39 am

Queen Chrysalis walked into everfree forest the changeling queen had a sense that one of her underlings had been hurt. The feeling was not telling her it was someone from her current hive but it was someone who was at one point a part of her hive. Whatever the case she was a forgiveing queen and ether way the other needed to be helped. She walked into everfree and changed from her pony form into her changeling form so not to scare the hurt changeling and hopeful so it whould give her the respect she was due being the queen and all. In a bag on her side she carryed candy the candy was made of the feelings of ponies she had trapped in her hive and was made to keep her from haveing to feed in the open when she was out she had more then enofe to feed herself and the hurt changeling also to help it in healing

Shadling was up around his hut and scavaged around inside his energy faded fast as he couldn't no longer feed due to his lack of changing he couldn't risk going out in the open any more. Shadling walked to his door and opened it up even though this was a normal trivial task in his weakend and injured position it proved quite to ordeal in order to just budge the door open enough for him to pass through. Dry bits of blood soaked his scales and he quivered and heaved with each step he made. Shadling didn't bother to shut the door behind him as it would take up too much energy and he didn't have that much left. Surely there must be some sort of food sorce around that wouldn't require a lot of effort to obtain if only those little fillies came by again he could grab them and use them as a food source till he recovered besides they wouldn't remember after he released them. Shadling shaked slightly as he felt week and his legs buckled.  Shadling collasped to the ground as his vision began to fade slightly. Shadling shook his head and forced his self up again, "No...g-got to keep going..." Shadling muttered to his self as he held his self up by placing a hoof on a near by tree and began walking slowly along it, before once again his vision began to fade. Shadling groaned slightly as he felt yet another prescence one he attempted to avoid, but he didn't have the energy to get away at the moment so he decided to just give in for the moment. Shadling gulped slightly as his vision left him and his hoof slide down the tree as his body fell limp and he collasped to the ground entering an unconcious state.

4-Speed wanders around still following the odd pony, looking at the surroundings he had been here before he was trying to remember how and when... He knows he is in a forest the view is dark and gloomy, his hooves are starting to get tired as he had been walking for hours trying to mourn on his own, It was then that he found this odd pony and had began to follow it, a little shooken up now he spotted a tree in the distance deciding it may be time to take a rest he planted himself right down by the tree to take a rest and try to save his strength.

Queen Chrysalis walked up on the changeling as it lay on the ground unconcious. She shakes her head softly as she drops the bag of emocandy near him. She almost looked motherly laying there like that. She shakes her head softly " Oh little Shadling what have to got yourself into? " she asks the unconcious changeling in front of her. Moveing to look at the bag she can see he needed food fast. " Now what candy will give you enofe to wake up but not try and run away before I can talk to you " She lifts candys from the bag with her magic " Lets see Anger " she shakes her head softly " Rage " again her head shakes " Love " she puts it back also " How about Fear " she uses her magic to force open the unconcious changelings muzzle as places the round yellow cady in then allows it to close useing her magic to be sure it does not open and the changeling gets the food it needs from the candy. If a pony was to see her now. Everypony belives the queen is heartless as do the most of her hive but yet here she lay trying to nurse this wounded changeling. It showed she was not only a queen but she was also a mother.

Shadling swallows the small candy being forced in his mouth; unwillingly at first, but the flavor of fear which was his favorite emotion to feed on made him want more. Shadling quivered slightly as finally got his feeling sense back and could feel the magic around his body. Even though he was one of the stronger changlings he couldn't break free of the magic atleast not in his current condition. Shadling stopped struggling after learning that he couldn't break free and soon opened his eyes slowly as there was a slight moment of fear in them, but soon his eyes hardened agian and he felt the magic slowly lift from his body as he sat up and rubbed his eyes with his two front hooves. Shadling placed his hooves back down and pushed his self up as he backed into his near by hut as he didn't get very far from it. He searched behind him for the door handle so he could push it open and enter knowing he couldn't escape that way, but wasn't just going to sit there no matter how she acted towards him he stopped slightly and looked around as he gulped again and smiled faintly to his queen, "H-hi...y-your majesty." He sputtered out as he found the door handle and opened it as he rushed inside and closed the door behind him. Shadling slid down and blocked the door as he held his back to it and panted slightly.

4-Speed lay by the tree his hooves were on fire from the constant walking, watching the odd pony as she stuffed something in his mouth he watched in awe as the shadling got up and regained enough strength to make it into the hut, at first he was kinda skeptical of this pony but seeing this made him feel a little bit more at ease as she had revived this Shadeling versus leaving it for dead, he sit there trying to gain enough strength and courage to approach this pony but his courage was gone, he was skeptical of many things at this time he had been let down before so his guard was up he lay there contemplating if he should try to talk to her but he didn't want to statle her, afterall he had just got done following her to the forest.

Queen Chrysalis smiles as Shadling swollowed the candy. She leaves the magic on him until he stops fighting the removes it slowly. But once removed she watches as he back to the near by hut. Lifting to her feet once again she takes a step toward him. She nods he he greets her but then sighs as he slips into the hut. Knowing he will be aginst the door she sits out side it " Shadling I'm only here due to you calling for me. I have always known where you where and if I wanted to catch you could have at any time " she shakes her head " You may have ran away but I still learn from you. When you learn something new it is still sent back to me in your sleep. Awake you may not want to be a part of the hive but asleep your mind still is " she lifts her bag of candy to her " If you had came back to the hive you'd know about the candy I have developed. The same candy I just gave you. It allows you to live in the pony world and not have to feed from them " she taps the door with her hoof " Open the door some and I will send you a few more in. What do you want Hate, Anger, Rage, Fear, Love, Envy, Greed, the list goes on anything you can think of I have a candy for now " she opens the bag with her magic and waits for a answer.

Shadling eyes grew wide slightly as he listened to her queen talk, " it out here..." He finally said after awhile. Shadling trmbled slightly as he stomach rumbled and his eyes grew heavy it was obvious he was still hungry he hadn't fed for a couple weeks till that candy was given to him. Shadling sighed as he held firm to the door, "I c-can't let you in...not after what I done....I-I'm scared..." He stammered, before collasping in a groan of pain. Shadling is unable to move now as he was too famished. And closed his eyes hoping that when he opened them again he would be better.

4-Speed sat there watching the odd pony convice this shadling to open the door, he thought to himself this pony must be someone very important to be able to convince a shadling to open the door like that was a shock to him, he was a very skeptical and cautious pony, the only reason he had followed her to the forest was because he was out walking and had gotten himself lost, he never knew he would be stuck in a dark forest watching this happen as he lay there his hooves were starting to heal and he didn't feel so tired anymore he thought about getting up and wandering off but the conversation and this shadling had kept him seated and he didn't want to miss anything if it had happened so he stayed there sitting quietly wondering what would happen next praying it would be something good and he didn't have to witness something tragic.

Queen Chrysalis sighs softly as Shadling talks " I know you like it here. The stuff you send back to me is very helpful. I will not remove you. But you need help " she replys. As he tells her he can't open the door the Queen huffs " Others have left the hive and returned. I'm not here to hurt you. If I wanted you to return I would have just took you back and then revived you " she responds. Hearing the him collasping again she stand stomping a hoof " Foolish child you are going to get yourself killed! " she shouts at him. Looking around she sees a open window she uses it to move her bag in and with a glow of bright neon green she poofs herself into the hut " I really didn't want to have to invade like this but I had little choose in the matter" she tell him as she again places a candy in his muzzle as she holds it there she moves him away from the door and opens it. " We need some air in this place " she replys. The door lay in view of the stallion who had followed her opening it allowed him to see into the hut where she and shadling where " Now please don't run again this is getting tireing" she replys

Shadling Swallowed the candy and sat up as he gulped and nodded to her, "Theres no point...any ways..." He bowed slightly, before adding, "...My Queen." He sat back up and licked his hooves slightly and looked back to Chrys, "I am sorry about before...I just got used to being on my own...then those three pegasai's attacked me and did this to me, before I faught them off..." Sighed as he looked over his wounds the caked of blood seem to fade slightly as he growled in his moment of weekness, "I was careless...and...I let my guard down I shouldn't of been ambushed that easily." Shadlings ears perk up slightly as he heard rustling near his hut and he stood up and growled out side, "Whose there!?!" He growled as he could now feel another prescence since his powers some what returned from those candies he took already. Shadling turned to Chrys and tilted his head at her as she seemed to smile at him as if not worried about it which made him worry more.

4-Speed perked up and skurried around the other side of the tree, he knew he had been spotted now, a bit of fear fell over him as the odd pony had opened the door so she could look at him he knew she had seen him he didn't think nothing of it at first if she wanted to harm him she would have already done it, but the male shadling knew he was here, his heart beating faster and faster his voice trembling "'s 4-Speed.... I bring no harm.. to you or your home... I was lost... and followed... this pony here" his back towards the tree not sure what would happen next his hooves had finally stopped hurting so if he needed to he could run off and risk being lost or he could stay in hopes that he would be welcomed and not attacked.

Queen Chrysalis looks at Shadling a grin on her face and in a flash she changes. As she knew the male seen her as a black alicorn with a blue mane and tail. She picks the only black alicorn with a blue mane and tail that everypony loves... Luna.. the fake Luna steps from the hut being sure to keep the changleing who she was sure was not able to change yet behide her " You followed me for sometime Stallion may I ask why " she stands tall and proud as Luna does. Useing her mind she links to Shadling (4 you can't hear this) " Shadling the candy you like the one that will help you the most is the yellow candy. It is fear. Get Three or Four more from my bag it should be enofe for you to be able to change. Use a pony thats not really knewn to the ponies here when you do " (ok you can hear and see again) she stands and waits for 4 to talk

Shadling nods as he grabs the bag and fumbles around inside it till he found four of the yellow candies and started to eat them as his strength began to grow with each one he ate. He didn't pay much attention to what was going on out side, but he could hear bits and peaces of the conversation. After swalloing the last candy he could feel most of his inner wounds heal mostly the ones that caused him or prevented him from changing. Shadling closed his eyes as he remembered his mistress words to not transform into a commonly used form so he closed his eyes and concetrated on a new form and soon he began to glow with a crimson aura which was his magic color. Soon Shadling wings faded away and merged into his body becoming solid as his scales turned into fur and the color changed from black to a dark blue color which in the forest was close enough to resemble black.  Shadling's eye remained their blue color, but they turned sharper and smaller built as his size grew a tad bit as well and his main grew long and wavy. His flank grew a cutie mark that resembled a kite that was red in color and had a white string that dangled down from it. Shadling finished the transformation as his ears was the last to form and perk out slightly and he stretched out as he has not transformed for two weeks since he been injured. Shadling walked out the door and struts up to the fake Luna and bows, "My princess, thank you for your aid." He said before turning his attention to 4 and incling his head slightly as a greeting to him hoping he hadn't heard or seen much.

4-Speed hears the odd pony talking to him, his legs are shaking tremendously, he looks to the left and to the right trying to see who is around him, this was what he had feared the whole time sitting here, He knew he should have left but now there was no time to run off now it was all or nothing he stood up trying to be fierce "I'm.... 4-Speed... I was out walking and clearing.... my mind.... I got lost.... that's when I noticed you walking... I followed you in hopes I could find my way back...." he stood there trying to be strong but deep down inside he knew he was frightened for his life, he had no clue who they were or what they wanted.

Gerolkae was up inthe clouds Hopping from cloud to cloud... Unknowing what he would find he Dove under a tree. He crashed and gog caught in a tree.. Leaves falling down to theforest floor beneath Possibly around those present. "TYeoch.. Not again..." The pegasis grunted to him self and started to climb out of the stree.. Hoofs slipping on the branches and falling onto the roof of the hut... Looking over the Edge he blinks and Shyed back embarrassed and speechless

Queen Chrysalis (Princess Luna) nods to Shadling " I was happy to be of help. Are you feeling better. If you need a few more you are welcome to them " she nods toward her bag. She then snorts at the disrespted from the earth stallion " Do you know know who I am. I am your Princess. I am Luna princess of the night. I rase and draw down the moon for your everynight and you ask as if I am just a common pony " she stomps her hoof loudly. Just then the pegasi lands on the roof of the hut and fast duck was gave by her at the sound as she looks up " Are you ok up there? " she shouts out. She maybe a fake but to pull this off she had to act like she was real

Shadling blinks as he watches "Luna" shout at the other pony and grinned slightly, before it fading as a loud thump was heard and he turns quickly to his hut, "My house!" He yelled out as he runs up to his hut and growled, "Hey you...get down here quit trying to destroy my hut you clumbsy oaf!" Shadling was indeed ticked off as it was his hut it took those ponies he enslaved a couple days to build it for him and he didn't want to enslave them again in order to fix his hut. Shadling whimpered slightly as he sat down and pounded his hooves to geather in a sheepish way, "Um...sorry for my rudeness, my princess." He finally said as he looked to the ground, "I am just concerned about my house." He said as his mind trailed to the thought of using the oaf that landed on his roof as the slave to fix his house.

4-Speed jumps back his back now pressed against the tree as the Queen stamped her hooves, he felt like a complete idiot he didn't realize it was the queen after all it was dark and the lighting was off so he had no clue.... "My Queen I am sorry, I didn't realize it was you before me, Forgive me" he bowed his head towards the Queen, his attention shiftly quickly as he seen the Shadling outside shouting towards his roof of the hut that housed him, he heard a loud thump but didn't know what exactly it was at first but seeing the shadling outside shouting up top he knew it must have been serious.

Gerolkae Had Landed Softly at least... There was no noticable damage to the roof... "I'm fine" He called to the voice below. He Got up and Glided down to the Forest floor where he Could see who was there in the dark lighting of the Forest.. His Ears Flattened down when he heard the earth Pony yelling at him "I.I'm Sorry... I couldn't stop" Saddened eyes looked around and caught the glimpse of the Princess "Good to see you Princess Luna" He bowed his hear to the other pny "hello"

Queen Chrysalis (Princess Luna) watches as Shad comes running from the hut and yells at the stallion on his roof. She giggles and shakes her head softly " Its ok if he did any damage I'd say if you asked him he'd be happy to fix it " she looks over to the other stallion who had disrepected the fake princess and nods " Thats fine just do not do it again. " she gives a stomp of her hoof. She then watches as the other makes his way to the forest floor from the roof " Was there any damage done to this young colts home? " she asks him as he makes him way down she nods to him " Good to see you also " she replys to him

Shadling Sighs and looks up at his roof and the scruffs slightly, "Doesn't appear to be much damage...atleast by what I can see down here..." Shadling sighed, "The names Buster by the way." He made up a name on the spot he was very good at coming up with names for each of his forms. Shadling turned to face "Luna" and a faint blush formed, but it slowly faded as he faught his emotions back again and could hear a pesky little humming bird near by and growled, "You...I know that Mist's humming bird! Get away from my hut!" Shadling rushed at the tree to cause the humming bird to fly up and chirp angrilly before flying away all mad.

4-Speed uses the tree as cover, watching as the Earth Pony comes from the hut, and watched as the Pegasus came down from the roof of the hut he still felt bad for disrespecting the princess. He looked down at the ground shuffling his hooves from left to right, he was a bit frightened now being in the Precense of Princess Luna he felt like his prior mistake of calling her out of name was not the greatest he could have done, He was lost and all he wanted to do was find his way back to his hut, he didn't seek this but he was glad he had wandered this far... standing there looking toward the princess and the Earth Pony "My apologies Princess, It seems the lighting here is a little out of tune for me, I'm lost and lookin to find my way back." he would approach her but had seen the Earth Pony get upset at the pegasus who landed on the roof of the hut he didn't want the Pony to go off on him for being close to the hut so he decided it would be best to stay right by the tree where he knew it was safe.

Gerolkae's frown turning to a small polite smile and he Looked towards the Princess. He was hiliated by his clumbsy display and felt relieved she was nice about it. Unknowing she was the Queen of the changling hive He responded " No Theres no damage from I what I can ell... the Tree took most of the fall." The begasis cleared his throat with a cough and spoke up bowing his head "I Am Gerolkae My Princess" He turned and watched the Earth pony and nodded his head "I'm sorry for crashing onto your home... It's such a wonderful hut"

Queen Chrysalis (Princess Luna) watches Shad as he turns to her. She sees the blush but is unsure of the reason so she just lets it go. But as the colt who was now going by Buster runs after the humming bird she calls after him " Buster I'm not sure in your state running around like that is a good idea. Maybe its best if you return to your hut now that we know there was no damage and rest some " [Once again only Shad can hear this] " Let me try and get those two ponies to leave. I don't feel right leaveing you here in this state with them wondering around " [Ok You can see now lol] She then turns to the stallion and nods softly " Gerolkae do you think you can help this stallion here find his way back home. He followed me into the forest and I am needed here to be sure that Buster recovers " she turns to look at Gero

Shadling stops as he heard his queen call out to him and then nodded to her with an incline of his head, "Yes my q...princess." He said as he walked towards his hut again, before getting the mental message and he replied to her "very well, my lovely queen." He opened his way back to his hut and walked inside as he made it to his bed and plopped down and left his door opened so she could enter it without poofing back into his house again. Shadling shut his eyes as he wondered when he could get out of this form again.

4-Speed still standing by the tree heard the princess asking the Pegasus if he would lead him home, delighted to hear those words he let out a sigh of relief as he hoped he would be back home soon after all he had been out for a long time and the other ponies would start to worry, he watched as the Earth pony went back into his hut looking toward the pegasus with a hopeful look on his face "Thank you Princess, I would love that as I have been out a very long time and it's time I head home" he would bow before her awaiting to see if the Pegasus would lead him home.

Gerolkae nodded towards the princess and then looks towards 4-speed "Lets Get goining" He would lead 4 out[Sorry I'm not feeling well I'm taking off]

Queen Chrysalis sighs softly as she watches the two disapper into the fog of the forest changeing back to her changeling form she enters the door that was left open for her " You can change back now they are gone " she looks out the door to be sure before she closes it. Sitting on a pillow she seen on the floor she looks to Shad " How are you feeling " she asks him. She knew when she got her he was at deaths door and she wanted to be sure first off that he was ok now " I know the change has taken alot out of you " she pushes her bag toward him " Here had a few more " she removes a few light pink candies from the bag to eat herself

Shadling a crimson light flows over Shadling as his normal changling form returns and he sighed slightly as he dug his muzzle into the bag and chewed on a few candies, before pulling it out and nodded, "better...thanks." He replied to her as he layed his head on a pillow and stared at her, "Hows the hive doing?" He asked curriously, before sticking another candy into his mouth and sucking on it slowly.

Queen Chrysalis srugs softly to his question " Same as always. Catching ponies and makeing candy mostly now a days " she sighs softly " I spend the most of my time finding the run aways and the one who are posted in places and giveing out candy for them to live off of " she shakes her head softly " It's not been the same sense the Cadance problom it was a huge set back " she looks at him " Want are your emoitions the ones your feed off the best " she needed to leave him with a supply of candy before she went back to the hive to sleep.

Shadling titled his head slightly and nodded, "The emotions I feed on the most is fear, Pride, and Envy." He said as he looked up to her, "Did ya wish for me to return?" He bowed to her and blushed again slightly as he looked up and didn't realise his blackness was covered by much redness from the blush. He looked up and grinned, "I will if ya want me to any time I am sorry for disobeying you, my queen." He said and sighed as he looked around to make sure nopony was around as he felt strange, but didn't realize where it came from.

Queen Chrysalis blinks at him as he asks if she wants him to return to the hive " You have lived outside the hive for a long time now. You fit into the outside and you send me alot of useful things about the world out here. " she smiles at him " I only ask that you pick a pony form and work your way into the world out here. The best way to help the hive right now is to help us learn what to do so we are not found off guard again. " she smiles as he blushes at her then turns her attion to the bag. Her green magic removes four bags of colored candy from the bag " Here you are each bag is set to last a month. I will give you one bag of each of the emotions you like the best Fear is the yellow, Pride is the purple, and envy is the green. This last bag is greed its the dark green. This bag is extra incase you have to use alot of energy at any point and need extra. You can still feed on ponies but this will help you fit into the world out there with out being found out. " she then removes two bags of white candy " This candy I have found very useful in catching ponies. This is infused with the spell we use to control a pony. Each bag has 50 candies. Each candy lasts for two days. After that you will have to feed them another to keep them under the spell it is useful when your weak and need to feed fast and easy. No pony can turn down candy it seems " she yawns softly and looks at him "

Shadling nods and smiles, "Ya seem sleepy my queen, perhaps ya shall go back to the hive." He said as he took the bags she gave him and nuzzle her slightly, before laying back down and looking to her, "And I think I should recover my strength as well so I can help ya out tomorrow." He said as he let out a small yawn his self.

Queen Chrysalis nods softly " I will be back in the next few days to check on you " she yawns again " Until then be safe. Use your candies. Try not to take any risks. " she stands useing her magic she places her bag back on her back then walks to the door looking back at Shadling before opening it and flying off into the night her magic closes the door behind her as she goes
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[Jan. 12th 2014] The Queen and the runaway (Unfinished)
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