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All Hail the Queen of the Changelings
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Lauren Faust
Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Queen Chrysalis App   Queen Chrysalis App Icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 12:14 am

Canon Name: Queen Chrysalis

Furcaida Name:  Queen Chrysalis

Name of alts we may know you as: Lauren Faust ,Puzzlemint, Heart Throb

Why do you want this character?: I have been RPing Chrys in the dream a few times. I seem to have a good feel for her Char and I have a ongoing RP with Shadling

How often are you online?: A lot I'm the dream owner lol

Gender:  Female

Species: Changeling

Cutie Mark: In her Truth Form she has none

Generation: 4

Special Somepony: No Pony

Pet: None

Residence: The Castle of the Changeling Empire. Right now its in The Badlands

Workplace: Changeling Empire Castle

Occupation: Queen

Short Introduction: You never know who I am. Today I maybe Pinkie Pie. Tomorrow I maybe Rainbow Dash. I can even take the shape of you beloved Celestia. So be weary little ponies you never know if they are them or they are me. For I am Changeling.

Backstory: Not much is Known about Chrys. All we really know is she is Queen of the Changelings. For some reason they where long on food and so she tried to take over Equestria by takeing the form of Princess Cadence and feeding off Shining Armors love for her. But Twilight figgered her out and she was defeted by the main 6 and the elements of harmony. Her and her hive was blown to the bad lands and they have found a castle there and set up a new hive. Chrys has made a Candy that is infused with emotion for her changelings to eat allowing them to fit into Equestria better. Currently she is working on a drink and a type of "Salt" or mix they can add to normal pony food to allow them to blend in even more.

Apearance: Chrys is I guess is tecanicly a Alicorn she has Wings and a Horn or whould be if she was a pony however she is exsplained as looking like a pony-like creature with a twisted unicorn horn, a pair of tattered insectoid wings, and stands as tall as Princess Celestia. In addition, she has a sharp pair of fangs and dark green eyes with elongated oval pupils. She has a teal mane and tail, blue-green chitinous plating over her midsection, and she wears a small, black crown tipped with blue orbs. Her voice has a distorted echoed quality, as if two voices are speaking slightly out of sync. Her legs, mane, and tail are full of holes, and her limbs and torso are very slender. Like other non-pony characters, she has no cutie mark. Her wings, full of holes like her other body parts, end in sharp points rather then curves (like those of actual insects); when they flap, they generate a buzzing sound.

Personality: Chrys is seen as evil in the show and to ponies. However to her hive she is seen almost like a loveing mother. As most of her hive are her off spring. She only wants what is best for them and will go to great links to feed of hive and be sure it is safe and has everything it needs.  

Job: She is the Queen she rules the Changeling Empire, Lays Eggs for new off spring, makes sure they are feed, and all that good stuff lol

Equestria RP Alts: Heart Throb & Finger Paints

Ref Image:Queen Chrysalis App Mlp_beautiful_queen_chrysalis_by_pmo0908-d4xqivt

Sample Post:
Queen Chrysalis looks at Shadling a grin on her face and in a flash she changes. As she knew the male seen her as a black alicorn with a blue mane and tail. She picks the only black alicorn with a blue mane and tail that everypony loves... Luna.. the fake Luna steps from the hut being sure to keep the changleing who she was sure was not able to change yet behide her " You followed me for sometime Stallion may I ask why " she stands tall and proud as Luna does. Useing her mind she links to Shadling (4 you can't hear this) " Shadling the candy you like the one that will help you the most is the yellow candy. It is fear. Get Three or Four more from my bag it should be enofe for you to be able to change. Use a pony thats not really knewn to the ponies here when you do " (ok you can hear and see again) she stands and waits for 4 to talk

Shadling nods as he grabs the bag and fumbles around inside it till he found four of the yellow candies and started to eat them as his strength began to grow with each one he ate. He didn't pay much attention to what was going on out side, but he could hear bits and peaces of the conversation. After swalloing the last candy he could feel most of his inner wounds heal mostly the ones that caused him or prevented him from changing. Shadling closed his eyes as he remembered his mistress words to not transform into a commonly used form so he closed his eyes and concetrated on a new form and soon he began to glow with a crimson aura which was his magic color. Soon Shadling wings faded away and merged into his body becoming solid as his scales turned into fur and the color changed from black to a dark blue color which in the forest was close enough to resemble black. His  eye remained their blue color, but they turned sharper and smaller built as his size grew a tad bit as well and his main grew long and wavy. His flank grew a cutie mark that resembled a kite that was red in color and had a white string that dangled down from it. Shadling finished the transformation as his ears was the last to form and perk out slightly and he stretched out as he has not transformed for two weeks since he been injured. Shadling walked out the door and struts up to the fake Luna and bows, "My princess, thank you for your aid." He said before turning his attention to 4 and incling his head slightly as a greeting to him hoping he hadn't heard or seen much.

4-Speed hears the odd pony talking to him, his legs are shaking tremendously, he looks to the left and to the right trying to see who is around him, this was what he had feared the whole time sitting here, He knew he should have left but now there was no time to run off now it was all or nothing he stood up trying to be fierce "I'm.... 4-Speed... I was out walking and clearing.... my mind.... I got lost....that's when I noticed you walking... I followed you in hopes I could find my way back...." he stood there trying to be strong but deep down inside he knew he was frightened for his life, he had no clue who they were or what they wanted.
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PostSubject: Approved! ;o   Queen Chrysalis App Icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 12:30 am

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Chrysalis App   Queen Chrysalis App Icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2014 1:09 am

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PostSubject: Re: Queen Chrysalis App   Queen Chrysalis App Icon_minitime

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Queen Chrysalis App
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