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 ShyHeart's Application

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PostSubject: ShyHeart's Application   Sun Nov 10, 2013 2:16 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: ShyHeart

Alias/Nickname: Shy

Name of alts we may know you as: Radiant Flame

Why do you want this character?: I am not choosing her, I created her. She is one of my OC's because I adore albinism.

How often are you online?: Quite often. Unless busy with work or other such means.

Gender:  Female.

Species: Pegasus.

Age: Foal/ young filly.
If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background: Orphan.

Cutie Mark: Blank flank as of now, but later on will be a soul orb/spirit of some kind.

Generation: The newest.

Special Somepony: Too young.

Pet: Albino, Siamese Dumbo rat, male. Named Ghost. He likes to ride on her shoulder and give her directions and help guide her.

Residence: No where concrete as of yet.

Workplace: Too young.

Occupation: Too young.

Short Introduction: ShyHeart is very young, has barely learned to fly, she is blind, albino, and always wears a very thick, cozy, over-sized pink sweater with a white bunny face on the front. It makes her feel safe. Her senses, save for her sight, are all heightened. Her hearing and smell are a big part of how she identifies with things, but she also has another ability to 'see'. In her blackness of vision, she can sense souls. She can 'see' these souls from living ponies nearby, and the deceased. She can also tell if a soul is good or bad. A good soul appears to be nice and warm colored. It's texture almost fuzzy-like. They are very rounded in shade and they have a sort of bobbing motion that they do. Bad, twisted, evil souls are more cooler colored, and they are very static-like. They act as if they are charged up with negative energies and are quite frightening. The souls of ponies that have passed are very similar to the living all save for the fact that they are just more transparent than a living soul.

Backstory: When she was born she was blind at birth. She can't truly recall her parents at all. Her story for their absence is that they just did not want her due to her blindness. She was born in Cloudsdale.  She remembers never being taught how to fly and one day she went too far and stmbled from a cloud and proceeded to keep falling all the way to the Equestria ground, where she now roams and wanders freely. This is where she discovered her pet, Ghost.


Personality: ShyHeart, well of is, very shy. She is timid, but kind and gentle. Her nature is innocent but adventurous. She enjoys her explorations with Ghost as her aid. Although sometimes it can be very frightening. She is an open heart as well as an open minded foal.

Job: Too young.

Equestria RP Alts: Radiant Flame

Ref Image:

Sample Post: ShyHeart's unseeing, clouded red orbs looked on-wards ahead of her. A small, soft smile was placed on her pale white lips. She was quite content being here in the forest with her rat companion Ghost on her shoulder. The two of them just felt safer, and more themselves here rather than being in town where everypony looks to them with disdain or sympathy. ShyHeart never wanted anyponies pity on her for being blind and untrained in flight. She instead had attempted to make friends with the other foals and colts in the towns, but alas they were all just so odd around her. So she would always end up shying away into the forest, where she felt at home and not judged. Where she lay with her limbs tucked neatly underneath her small body and her tail draped at her side, she was at ease. She was lounging in a grassy spot under a very large tree from what she has felt of it before she retired. The shade from its bushy, thick canopy was comforting to the young filly. Her ears perked and moved to every sound around her, listening in to forests conversations and inhabitants. Although it being fall time, and the chilling winds blowing at her, ShyHeart was keeping warm by her thick, over-sized, cozy pink sweater that always adorned her. Her nose inhaled the scents of the fallen, dead leaves at her hooves and the scents of the greenery beginning their cycles of sleep preparations for the winter to come. The little forest creatures scuttered about underneath the burying leaves in a hurried search for food to stash and consume before it was their time to sleep as well. Ghost was among them, although not one of them. He had left his blind companion in her cozy spot to go and search for their daily meal opportunity Whatever he could find would always have to do. Some days he could manage berries and wheat, or some twigs and vegetation amongst other tid-bit delights. Sometimes some ponyfolk would leave treats out for him to snatch up and bring back to his friend. This is the only time Ghost would ever leave Shy alone on his will. Otherwise, he is with her like glue. Ghost quickly had gathered some fallen apples and carried them as best as he could back to his foal friend. She thanked him as always and the two ate together alone in the forest, safe and quiet. Shy may not be able to see whatsoever, but having the ability to sense souls has its advantages. From where the two were nestled, Shy could sense very distant souls that were around the edges of the nearby town. Ponies that were simply wandering about or on their way to do something. These particular souls were good souls, so she could see. So they frightened her not. As the sky began to grow darker as the two Princesses exchanged their duties of the moon and sun, Shy began to yawn. Night was quickly approaching and the pair were exhausted from their trek. As the stars came out to play and and moon to light up the night, the two fell asleep together underneath the cozy tree. At least in her dreams Shy could attempt to picture and see the world around her to enjoy..

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ShyHeart's Application
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