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 Application: Elysia the Dragon

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Elysia Astres


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PostSubject: Application: Elysia the Dragon   Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:01 am

Full (furcadia) Name: Elysia Astres

Alias/Nickname: Ely

Name of alts we may know you as: Cael Pearce is my main alt

Why do you want this character?: I have a Pony character but for some reason, I wanted to come up with another. A dragon seemed like an interesting species, especially since they're rarely seen since they mostly live among their own in harsher locations. The idea of a baby dragon living mostly on its own until possibly finding a permanent home - that sort of character concept could adapt to almost any plot setting.

How often are you online?: I'm usually most active anytime after 5pm central time and try to visit the dream every three days unless specifically needed.

Gender:  Female

Species: Dragon

Age: Baby Dragon

Cutie Mark: N/A

Generation: Gen 4

Special Somepony: N/A

Pet: N/A

Residence: Ponyville outskirts

Workplace: N/A

Occupation: N/A

Short Introduction: Initial impressions vary with each individual. With such a limited vocabulary, she only communicates through body language and facial expressions. Elysia is more comfortable speaking in draconic tongue which sounds like standard feral noises to any creature other than a dragon. On occasion, she may invade another's personal space by attempting to climb on them or mess with loose clothing and additional appendages such as tails, wings, etc. Unfortunately, such behavior rarely receives a positive response but her lack of being much of a conversationalist allows her to be a good listener and fast learner.

Backstory: Her days as a hatching are pretty much a blur but she was born in the mountain region, possibly close to the location where the dragon migration takes place. A few years after her birth, Elysia's parents moved her from the safety of their cave to the coastline below the cliffs. They never came back for her. She waited a few hours before wandering towards the main shoreline, crossing paths with a silver Pegasus. For whatever reason, the adolescent stallion took care of her until she grew big enough to learn flight. Having tried his best to teach her how to talk and about Equestria in general, he let the baby dragon go knowing he couldn't take care of her forever. Unable to find any information on the whereabouts of her parent or what happened the day they left, Elysia took to traveling in hopes of finding them or even other dragons.

Appearance: A young golden dragon with chocolate colored plates from her neck to the base of her stomach. Two brown stripes cover her nose and continue from the back of her head to the tip of her tail. Blue spines cascade from the top of her head to her tail, ending in a three-point shape - the skin inside her wings are the same color. Her grey horns curve like a branch and her eyes are a bright brown shade. Elysia hasn't grown much since she was a hatchling and is still quite young in terms of dragon years.

Personality: Highly curious, reserved, and somewhat mischievous. Doesn't mind being in civilized locations but prefers being in the wilderness. Often forgetful in terms of respecting things that don't belong to her. She has little to no tolerance for loud, unnatural sounds and a tendency to shock others when incapable of controlling her emotions or thinking of something as a threat.

Job: N/A

Equestria RP Alts: N/A

Ref Image: N/A

Sample Post: Staring up into the sky, the young reptile's gaze seemed fixed on the moon. She couldn't remember the last time it was this faint in luminosity or so oddly shaped. It was probably the first time she noticed it in crescent form as well. After a few minutes, the small creature returned her attention to the unmarked path ahead. With a rushed but steady motion of her fluttering wings, Elysia lifts herself a couple of feet off the ground before flying deeper into the meadow. Unsure of an overall destination, the dragon just hoped to find something to keep her wandering mind occupied. As for how she remained attentive and awake at this hour, it was nothing short of a mystery. Hours of aimless travel resulted in a long needed rest. Moving towards the very next tree she passed, Ely climbed into the hallowed bark and made herself comfortable. Glancing back to the sky, she stared at the crescent moon until she fell asleep.
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Application: Elysia the Dragon
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