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 Fireburst Application

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PostSubject: Fireburst Application   Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:44 pm

My old application was retired long ago. Here is a much needed update.

Full (Furcadia) Name: Fireburst

Alias/Nickname: Fireburst  

Name of alts we may know you as: Fireburst is my alt for the dream, but my main is Mags.

Why do you want this character?: This is currently my only pony OC. I only plan on keeping one at a time. If I am to develop a new OC, then this one will be replaced. I've done quite a lot of drawing and arts based off of her, and to involve her in pony related RP in a dream dedicated to the show would be great. I understand that pegasi are the most popular pick for OCs, so if there is a high number of them, then I will happily develop a different species to participate.

How often are you online?: I'm pretty much online everyday, though timing varies based on my ever changing schedule. Senior year is pretty tumultuous, but I'll try to be on as frequently as I can to be involved in roleplay and activities.

Gender:  Female

Species: Pegasi

Age: 17

Cutie Mark: A single sun

Generation: G4

Special Somepony: N/A

Pet: N/A

Residence: Based out of Cloudsdale, though resides wherever her work takes her.

Workplace: Travels with assigned weather team wherever they're needed.

Occupation: Cloud clearer extraordinaire.

Short Introduction: A generally friendly mare, once introductions are made and you get over her critical nature. Fire often speaks with ironic and wry comments, and her attitude is pretty blunt and sarcastic. She's rather soft spoken, and it can be difficult to hear, which frustrates her. Not to say she is unpleasant to talk to. For first introductions, you may find yourself doing most of the speaking, with her mirroring your words.

Backstory: Born to a unicorn mother and pegasi father, Fire was born and raised in Cloudsdale. Her mother, a Canterlot School for Gifted Unicorns graduate, conducted the wing spell so she could live among the clouds with her mate. Fire's father was a minor instructor at the Wonderbolts Academy, and retired when his first foal was born.
Fire discovered her special talent in time as all foals do, and grew up in fascination for the affects of the sunlight upon the crops grown by the earth ponies. (Here I've developed a program to make the pony world more personal.) During cloud clearing exercises for Cloudsdale's EJROTC (Equestria Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.), she earned her sun.
Now, while she aspires to join the Royal Guard when she comes of age, she makes her living with the various weather teams, traveling from the rural towns to bring sunlight to the crops, as well as more official nationwide events to regulate the weather for the masses.

Apearance: Fireburst has a vivid red coat, with messy, long mane of black and yellow. Her eyes are yellow as well, and she wears a weathered pair of goggles either upon her head or around her neck. Upon her flank is a yellow and red sun.

Personality: Soft spoken to unfamiliars. Blunt, and mildly militaristic. She likes uniformity despite her mane style. Dislikes large crowds, though her current occupation forces them upon her frequently. Often too prideful to admit if she needs assistance from others who would do things differently from herself.

Job: Weather Team Cloud Clearer. I imagine there are various teams spread throughout Equestria to take care of certain weather needs when the locals cannot handle the task. Fire travels with her assigned team to take care of business.

Equestria RP Alts: Nope. I try to limit myself to one OC per fandom to avoid Mary Sues.

Ref Image:

Sample Post: A plush-looking group of clouds hung innocently over the acres of barley fields along the outskirts of Mare Haven, blocking the life-giving sun from the earth. 'Not for long' huffed the crimson splashed mare, speaking to nopony in particular as her team had retired for the afternoon. They had left this last bit to her, as she was new to the occupation. That didn't mean she was a clutz at it. Wings furled out as she lifted herself to the air, fore hooves lifting worn specks to those golden eyes, while hind hooves kicked off the fallow earth of the adjacent field. Messy black and yellow mane whipped back as a gust challenged her ascent, but she powered through it, wings beating against the breeze and propelling her forward and up. Reaching the altitude of the lazy clouds, she readied herself for series of kicks, having turned away from them. Within moments her small task was complete, and she turned her nose downward, dropping to a plummet. Wings flared out once more, catching her just in time as she touched hooves to the ground once more, giving a toss of her mane and trotting off to the village inn down the road, folding up wings along her back as the sun warmed her feathers.
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Fireburst Application
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