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 Cherry Tart Application

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Cherry Tart

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PostSubject: Cherry Tart Application   Mon May 20, 2013 4:27 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Cherry Tart

Alias/Nickname: Cher, Sherry.

Name of alts we may know you as: Hot Chocolate.

Why do you want this character?: I've been wanting to join a mlp community for sometime now so I had a pony designed for me, I think she'd do nicely in this rp group. As long as folks are friendly, she'll do well.

How often are you online?: Almost every day.

Gender: IC: Female / OOC: Male

Species: Earthpony

Age: 17
If Under 13 or Foal age we need a mom and dad background:

Cutie Mark: A pair of cherries with a green bow around the top of the stems.

Generation: FiM, not sure what gen number that is though.

Special Somepony: N/A

Pet: A grey Satin Rabbit named Smokey.

Residence: Poneyville

Workplace: Self Employed at Cherrytastic Bakery.

Occupation: Baker specializing in cherry flavored sweets and treats, this includes beverages also.

Short Introduction: Cherry Tart is a very social little mare, she tries to spend as much time making friends as she does baking in her kitchen. She also loves to shop for cherry printed clothing and nicknacks, cherries are her absolute favorite thing in the world, well, besides her rabbit. She can be a tad shy when meeting stallions, she's never had a special somepony but she'd like to have one someday. Overall, Cherry Tart is outgoing, friendly, energetic, and social.

Backstory: Cherry Tart was born on a cherry orchard somewhere outside of ponyville, her family's farm was locally known for its cherry cakes, candies, and other confections. Much like the Apple family, the Cherry family grew and sold the cherries and related crops to feed their family and pay for other things. When Cherry Tart was old enough, she started joining her mother, Cherry Tea, and her sister, Cherrysickle in the baking. She excelled in baking and earned her cutie mark not long after her first year in the kitchen. Her treats became a local favorite and she earned enough bits to move to ponyville after finishing school. She opened her own little shop out of her ponyville home and serves up her cherry treats there along with the ones her mom and sister make back home.

Cherry Tart personality possitives: Friendly, outgoing, generous, selfless.
Negatives: Picky, perfectionist, judgmental towards strangers, uneasy around pegusi, sometimes jealous of unicorns and their magic.

Job: Cherry Tart is a baker, her little shop often shoves out a dozen dozed of cherry cookies, pies, tarts, and other treats a day depending on orders. She also caters for special events like weddings or birthday parties.

Ref Image: A pic of your pony

Sample Post: "Can't be late, can't be late!" Cherry chanted to herself as she frosted the last of the cherry cupcakes, carefully placing each in the box and closing it. Today's order was especially large, a surprise birthday party for somepony in Los Pegasus would have her out of ponyville for at least 2 days! With the help of two other mares, she packed up everything she needed including party attire, then raced off to the train station! And not a moment too soon, the train was boarding! Once in her seat and luggage stowed, she relaxed. Now to enjoy the trainride... "I sure hope they enjoy these, never had such a big order before..." The mare uttered to herself, glancing out the window as the train started to pull away from the station. Next stop, Los Pegasus!
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Cherry Tart Application
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