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PostSubject: Spooky Gloom's App   Spooky Gloom's App Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2013 9:59 pm

Full (furcadia) Name: Spooky Gloom

Alias/Nickname: "The Ghost of Gloom Hill", "Schwartzgeist" in Germaneigh

Name of alts we may know you as: None.

Why do you want this character?: Well, I've always had a thing for the occult, the dark and dreary, and I'm kind of a fan of J-horror. I don't see many necromancer ponies around, thankfully, and I like the idea of being a different sort of pony with the nightmare; a nocturnal sort of horse that's not entirely benevolent and feeds off of fear.

How often are you online?: Fairly often. About, at least, 3 times a week.

Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn (Nightmare)

Age: Adult; unknown to many, believed to be a few years older than Twilight Sparkle.

Cutie Mark: A creepy, learing eye staring back at you.

Generation: Gen 4: FiM

Special Somepony: None; though does worship Nightmare Moon, and is physically attracted to Zecora.

Pet: A raven named Poe.

Residence: In a decrepit Victorian mansion (stereotypical haunted house) on Gloom Hill, bordering the edge of Ponyville and the Everfree Forest.

Workplace: Could work as a medium, if she wasn't too busy scaring ponies away from her house.

Occupation: Necromancer, "ghost"

Short Introduction: Spooky is very off-putting; a black coat that seemed to just draw in the sunlight like a great void, with a single large white eye, pale as the moon, milky and glazed as if she were the living dead, piercing point to stare into your soul; the other hidden away in a veil of her ghostly white mane. Just be thankful that you saw her; usually, she sees you first.

Backstory: Spooky (then Shady Bloom) was born in Canterlot to Petal and Nova Bloom, two well-off unicorns of brick red and magenta who were surprised, and appalled, to see a pitch black daughter, causing initial arguments had started over if Petal had been canoodling during the Nightmare Night party they "hooked up" in. She would have been put up for adoption had it not been for them wanting to save face in their embarrassment, choosing instead to tuck her away and try once more to save their relationship. This produced Shady's little sister, Shiny, who was more appropriately scarlet/pink and whom they immediately loved, and favored, over Shady. Growing up, she was largely ignored, and when she wasn't, she was often in trouble for upsetting her sister, many reasons often being set up by said sister. Shady kept herself together with the stories she read of Nightmare Moon, and fell in love with her, staying awake at night and talking to the moon in the sky as if the nightmare would listen to her. One day, Shiny was auditioned by her parents to be enrolled in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, to which she was swiftly turned away for her lack of magic potential. Surprising everypony was Shady herself, who showed exceptional magic focus and aptitude, and was accepted into the school. The parents were quietly thankful to be rid of such a "bad pony" anyways.

In the school, Shady impressed the tutors, but found that her own aptitude was earning her the ire of her fellow students; mainly because Shady practiced so diligently with her spells that she was able to cast them without the chance to backlash. Bullying became commonplace for Shady, citing everything from her appearance, to the fact that she was "showing up" the rest of the ponies and being a "teacher's pet". Over time, she became introverted, having been cemented that taking troubles to authority figures simply caused more trouble, and withdrew from the rest of her peers, practicing the lessons by herself at night. One heated exchange with another student ended up with that student being hurt by Shady's magic when she fumbled a spell do to the other's interference; this led to detention during a most fateful day. On this day, Princess Celestia was in the garden of the school itself, and Shady had wanted to hurry her punishment to rush down to the princess to show her stuff, if for nothing else than to gain some recognition and praise from Celestia. Perhaps that would stop the other ponies from ragging on her so much! Then the explosion happened. The explosion was none other than the Sonic Rainboom, and a large purple dragon towered up through the floor and out the ceiling of the room Shady was cleaning! Fearing that something had gone horribly wrong, she hurried downstairs to see if anypony was hurt. After all, the staff was attending new tryouts for the school. She arrived to find everyone safe and sound, and to discover this new filly, Twilight Sparkle, was personally named Celestia's new apprentice.

Heartbroken, enraged and seething at her lost opportunity, Shady retreated to find solitude to vent her frustrations. It was during this that she discovered something different; a strange tome that had been sealed away within the stone structure of the tower, supposedly to be entombed forever to nopony's knowledge. The seal was broken by the sudden growth of the dragon, and the outburst of magic power that the new filly had let out. Despite its morbid appearance, Shady took the tome away to be read in secret, discovering its dark contents and awakening her to magic unseen in Equestria for centuries: necromancy. She practiced in hiding, learning a few spells, most especially incorporeality; a spell that allowed her to fade through physical barriers by slipping into the Ether. However, she knew it was a terribly foreboding tome, and some of the chapters later on had... rather perverse, negative rituals, and so she wished to return it to the staff. This went worse than she had expected. Rumors by the students had been going around that she was studying black magic in secret, making hexes that many students believed to be capable by the creepy-looking pony. Indeed, dark magic was sensed in the school, and Shady had caused trouble in the school before, including harming another student. The black pony, fearing for herself, retreated far away from the academy with the black book in tow, fleeing to a broken down ruin of an ancient, condemned mansion bordering the Everfree Forest. Alone, unloved, and frightfully desperate, she invoked a spell within the tome known as Forget-Me-Now,
a spell to remove herself from the world's memory, but she had botched it in her desperation, causing the spell page to dissolve. Ponies who knew her to forget her name and appearance, yet certainly remembered that such a filly DID exist; though no one knew what happened to her. One day, she just seemed to disappear.

Shady, now calling herself Spooky Gloom, tucked away within that mansion, learning the forbidden magic from the book and frightening away any who came near with summoned spirits of the lost and using horrible glamours. A ghost story had spread about this "Ghost of Gloom Hill", told over the years by young foals who came to fear the mansion's haunt, saying that any who drew near would be cursed with unending fright for the rest of their days. So much told was this story that even pegasi refused to fly over the house for fear of the curse, causing it to constantly be beset by churning black clouds and storms (and providing some wonderful backdrop to the haunted house appearance, I may add). Spooky didn't seem to mind the stories; they perpetuated the fear of her. A fear she relished bringing to the ponies of the nearby village. A fear she nursed like a new sort of hunger and grew stronger from. Now she had some respect and recognition, at the cost of a bitter and seemingly endless loneliness...

Apearance: Pitch black coat, white mane styled in an emo/industrial style which remains over the right eye at all times (scarred from a magical backlash), white curtain-like tail, pale white "dead-looking" eyes.

Personality: Melancholy, bitter, though a bit shy and somewhat lonely.

Job: She's a necromancer; Equestria's sole practitioner since Princess Celestia forbade the practice of that school of magic, citing it as "evil, black magic." She's kept it in secret, ever since she got "that tome".

Equestria RP Alts: None.

Ref Image: Spooky Gloom's App Amycom1

Sample Post: A creaky door leads into this dark and foreboding mansion, the wind battering the window shutters against the glass outside. With every creaking step, the frightened filly, chosen by her friends' dare, strode forward inside, looking down the dark hallways that spidered out of the foyer. A harsh slam of the door comes from behind, making the pony jump in surprise. The wind..! Of course, it was just the wind... The walls flicker with the occasional flash of lightning, and for a moment, the wind sounds like voices that echo through the halls. Another flash of light, and the walls in front of the young filly read in scratched out letters: GET OUT. Now, the whimpering foal was almost crying, but she just had to stay in here a whole 10 minutes! Surely there would be nothing else to startle her. Then a voice is heard, just over her shoulder, a whisper in the dark as a single white eye glares back at her... "Boo." The filly couldn't have left the mansion fast enough, looking behind her and seeing a ghostly mare, watching her flee in terror before disappearing from sight.
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Spooky Gloom's App
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