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 Java Bean Re-Application

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Java Bean

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PostSubject: Java Bean Re-Application   Thu Jan 31, 2013 4:41 am

(I'm reapplying for an Alicorn position in the dream. Java was to be an Alicorn in the beginning of her creating; but another dream forced Javas design to change. )

Full (furcadia) Name: Java Bean

Alias/Nickname: Java, JB

Gender: Mare

Age: 23

Generation: Gen 4

Species: Unicorn (Changed to Alicorn by Celestia and Luna)

Location: Fillydelphia

Status: Taken

Reference: (To come)

Personality: I love coffee, all forms, and enjoy doing art! I'm the pony anyone can come to, I will help anypony in need, or needing a shoulder to lean on; if you just want to chat I'm here! I enjoy being friendly to others, and kind. I can be quite a character at times, and cut up like the rest; there are days I have my moody moments, and my bad side is hard to get on..

Sample Post: The smells, the atmosphere, this is why Java loved to spend a lot of time in the coffee shop. The two toned mare walked to the cashier, chit chatting a moment before the stallion at the register took her order; the usual. Pumpkin spice latte today, instead of the Frappe, blueberry muffin on the side. Others placed their order as she stood at the end of the counter, finally receiving her beverage and snack. A deep inhale, breathing in the sweet aroma of pumpkin, coffee, spices, and delicious whipped cream; melting into the hot brew. The rod atop her noggin illuminated a blue aura, levitating the food over to a table to get off her hooves and relax. Reaching her destination Java plopped down in a chair, her edibles setting on a side table; how relaxing to kick back in a recliner, do some reading of a magazine or two; and listen to music playing over the speakers while other ponies who shared her love of coffee came in; and went. Java drank, ate, and smiled.... life was good....

Biography: Java was unable to recall her past, foalhood was a large blur and a mass of jumbled images. Her parents she could no recall, and has never met them. This long legged mare grew up in a foal's home with others, a little abused and made fun of for her lanky appearance and oddly colored eyes. Once old enough Java set out on her own, and worked in a small shop as a young filly, still with no cutie mark. While waiting a table a customer left a cup of coffee on the table, Java being hungry, not making much to keep herself fed and hydrated enough took the cup and sipped it. The moment the brew hit her lips she was in love, and her taste buds sang. The tri colored mare found her love, and passion in that cup. As she finished cleaning up, and walked by a ceiling to floor mirror that was behind the cash register she noticed something odd on her flank; a cutie mark! It blended so well with her spots, so exciting! From that day the filly saved and saved, until she had enough for a down payment on a space to start a coffee and pastry shop. Business was slow, but in time, more and more visited once word of muzzle spread at how amazing her 'java' was, not to mention the delectable sides made from scratch. Word traveled all the way from Fillydelphia to Canterlot where the royal sisters lived; their interest was peaked. A letter appeared one morning in her mail, a formal invitation to be seen by the royal sisters; they wished to partake in a one on one get together to sample her wonderful goods. This made her day, her year, her life! What a boost in reputation this would be for her and her business; it would be amazing! Java prepared herself, and on the date set awaited the carriage to Canterlot by the outskirts of the bustling city; it would be much more rural, and easier to escort her. The ride was nerve wracking, but for some odd reason she felt it had been long time coming. Stepping off of the coach the mare looked around and admired the beautiful outer shell of the castle, the decor that adorned the walk ways and the flourishing flora. A very formal looking unicorn approached Java and showed her into the castle, it was large and their hooves echoed on the floor as they walked past many halls and rooms; finally up a flight of stairs that lead into a large hall. Javas heart fluttered in her chest a little as she laid her eyes upon the two rulers of Equestria; Night and Day sat before her in all their beauty and glory. Celestia greeted Java, welcoming her to sit at her side as if she were a close friend. The sister of night spoke, a little brash as she was still a sometimes stuck on addressing others in her royal tone and volume. After greeting the two mares formally she watched some servant ponies bring in china and the goods that had been left in the coach. They were laid onto a platter for the taking, and, now eyes were upon her to fix the warm beverage that had been told of far and wide. A small blue light flickered at the peak of her horn, forming an aura. With a little embarrassment Java brought the cups to her with the use of a levitation spell then tipped her head; steaming black liquid spilled from the little aura that had been created. Once filled the mare placed the china back in front of her kind hosts. After a little mingling and chatting; laughs and playful taunting given a good bit of time passed before Celestia cleared her throat. " Miss Java... it's not only your exquisite coffee and treats that brings you here; though might I add, were delightful and gave me a wonderful feeling when I partook of them..but I have more matters to address." Java sat on the edge of her seat and listened well, " Yes, your highness?"; " me Celestia, and I am sure that my dear sister agrees to have you call her as Luna.." the dark mare nodded in agreement. "We agree." Celestia spoke, and told the story of a village of ponies close to the Crystal Mountains; they dwelled deep inside the Neighagra Falls. This band was driven from the mountains; decedents of the rulers and founding ponies of the Crystal Empire when Sombra attacked. These few took refuge inside the falls; turning it into a suitable and homey place. As time passed, and generations were born their DNA changed to adapt; it was much more dark inside the cave than in normal light; thus, they became 'pupil-less', and could almost see in the dark; generally all the residence had blue eyes; and are sensitive to light. Celestia smiled, Java gave a confused look, " What does this have to do with me?"; " I will finish, and tell you how.." The rulers of the Crystal Empire did have other offspring; and in fact were gifted with alicorn magic, though, only the female of the pair were alicorn. There was another, whom others know about, now in the seat with her husband at the empire who is a born alicorn. Java just nodded, listening intently. "Which brings me to my point..Java. You are able to use more than one type of magic at a time, and I noticed, you have unusual eyes...very uncommon around here; I've only seen them in one other part of Equestria...Do you know your parents by chance?" Celestia asked, Java gave a small and meek reply, " No your hi-- Celestia.. I do not..I grew up in a foal home; my younger years are lost to me." A nod was given, and a look passed between night and day. "That explains many things.. please, stand?" Java stood, as did the two she had become, what she figured, friends. Following them away from the table to a more open area Celestia raised her head as did Luna, their eyes illuminated to match the celestial bodies they controlled, and after a moment leaned their heads in; horns touching. Java watched in awe as crackling and popping occurred, streams of white hot light twirling from the tips of their horn; dissipating into thin air with a burst. An unnatural gust twirled about them, and a gentle voice beckoned her to step forth and place her horn into the mix; thus, as if in a trance, did as told. White hot pain shot through her for a split second, feeding her nerves. Her mind felt clear, and the fog slowly lifted in her subconscious. Flashes of her foalhood flashed before her eyes, the faces of her parents, how slender and beautiful her mother looked; solid white mane that flowed to her shoulders, a tail to match; almost silver in the light. Her coat was as white as snow, with patches of black adorning it; those eyes...those blue eyes. Her father; jet black short hair; a brown coat that was as brown as a coffee bean. His eyes were not as blue as her mothers; more a deep sapphire. All she could hear was screams, yelling next; her body being jerked and tossed about; crying and fighting even at such a young age. Then blackness shrouded her, then silence; as if she were deaf. The ceiling was above her, Luna helped the mare to her feet. Her body was on fire, raging with what felt like an uncontrolled power from the two celestial beings coursing through every fiber. A haze surrounded her gaze, soft and blue; looking to the two mares. Celestia stepped forward, as did Luna, coming to attempt contact with her once more; but not before Celestia spoke in a soothing voice; " Relax, young one.. That power, do you feel it? That has been locked within you for ages.. " Ages? What did she mean?. Java looked deep into the crystal clear orbs of her princess, staring back was a radiating hue of blue from her own occulars, her horn surging with the same electrical force as the two sisters. Night and day spread their wings, coming together once more; creating part of a triangle with their wings; horns as a tip. Java was drawn like a magnet. The rods jutting from their craniums came together in a triad, a crack echoed through the room; a small rumble surging through the floor, a small tremor. An invisible wind lifted their manes; lunas and celestias mixed into a swirling whirl of dark and light; colors of beauty; stars shimmering like dusk fighting with the day; trying to make them as one. Sparks and bursts of light erupted from the three mares and pain shot through Java; almost bringing the poor form to it's knees. No, she wouldn't fall, she wanted to know, she needed to know what was held for her future; she had no past; untill now, where would be be headed? The two bodies wrapping her in celestial light and night would be her key. From their mouths spouted a language that Java was unfamiliar with, it had to be an old language that was spoken hundreds of years ago; the tongues in sync. A warm sensation grew from her shoulders; then, without warning an unimaginable pain terrorized the area. Just as it began, it stopped. Her backside was covered in a cerulean hue, illuminating her lithe form. Magic, looking like surges of electricity would glide down from her horn, to her tail tip. Almost as quick as it had started, everything went silent. Standing over her, Java now in the floor having collapsed from extreme exhaustion; were the two celestials, both panting in unison. " How do you feel?" Celestia asked, always concerned about others, as per usual. " I... can't explain it.. I feel whole.." the tri colored mare breathed with a heavy sigh. "She is who we though she would be.." projected the darker alicorn, " Who am I?" Java asked, worried, and scared; had she done something wrong. Being helped up by the princess of the dark, Java stood to her lanky legs with a wobble, still being held up; having always been Lunas height, she noticed no change.. She was helped to a mirror, conjured by the sungodess; and peered in. What she beheld put her in utter awe and silence. Words couldn't be found. Beautiful white wings with tips of soft brown stuck out to the sides; looking rather stiff " You have alicorn blood in your veins, and royal heritage. Your mother was an alicorn; a decendent of the Crystal empires ruler eons were born as a unicorn, but the powers your mother possessed were passed to you. This occurrence is rare, and doesn't happen often, you were blessed. Sadly, her child was stolen when raiders came, looking for the royals and other residence who had were taken.." Java knew it all now; everything was clear; the sounds and voices; the picture she heard.. " But, of my family?" Celestias eyes softened and dipped her head in respect, " Fighting to protect you and their people was all they could do, I am sorry.." Saddened that her parents were gone she felt tears well in her eyes, " I understand... but where do I go from here?" The sun and moon beamed at her, " Well, now we teach you how to hone your magic, get you some attire to suit, and..." chuckling, " Loosen up your wings and teach you to fly. " A blush came over her face, and smiled, looking to the side sheepishly. Where will Java go from here? What is in store for her in the future? She will have to find out.

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PostSubject: Re: Java Bean Re-Application   Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:04 pm

I approve this Application!
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Lauren Faust

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PostSubject: Re: Java Bean Re-Application   Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Java Bean Re-Application   

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Java Bean Re-Application
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