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 Staff Meeting For (1/28/2013)

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Staff Meeting For (1/28/2013) Empty
PostSubject: Staff Meeting For (1/28/2013)   Staff Meeting For (1/28/2013) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2013 2:14 am

4-Speed: I'd like to start tonight's meeting off on the note we are hoping to have a Dream Upload on the First of February and hope to have a vast majority of the Updates done :-D

4-Speed: I would also like to thank everyone for the awesome Job everyone has been doing here, We are keeping an eye on the ones who are on staff and not doing their jobs and will be taking disciplinary actions for them.

4-Speed: Puzzlemint has been working constantly day and in and day out on creating the new Avi's for us, Our Bot Maker Gerolkae has been working just as hard, And Squirrely here is hard at work making us our Wikipedia :-)

4-Speed: So far I've been bringing up good news but I do have some bad news to announce.

4-Speed: The Bad news I have to announce today is, It seems as the days roll foward to our new update, New people are entering the dream, We had a Incident the other night where it seems we may have been spied on.

4-Speed: So with that being said we have to be more cautious, These people are slick they aren't going to come in and say "Hey Everybody I'm a Spy :-D" As easy as that is it won't happen. So let's be proactive and look for people entering and acting suspicious.

4-Speed: Another thing I am happy to announce is that during the new upload we will have some new additions, The IC area will no longer be freely accesible, The Meeting area is getting a makeover and we will be aquiring a new Staff Lounge.

Puzzlemint: well the meeting area will be the same for now til i can get the meeting code worked out and add and yes we are geting a new Staff area for meetings however It is layed out like this one and will work the same as this one will once it is done

4-Speed: Nightmare Luna is having some IRL problems currently so we have to play Double Time. Applications......Applications... I cannot stress this enough we need to be actively on forums and accepting or denying them, Polls are on the forums so we can make new changes.

BloodStar: And as for applications i'm not full staff yet so i'm unsure if i should post if approved or not

4-Speed: Your opinion counts as well Blood, You are temp staff the only thing you don't have access to at this time is the Bannishing or Promoting Temp to Full Staff.

BloodStar: Oh okay

4-Speed: Once a Poll is on the Boards we will have a 7 day vote on it, A lot of the Applications were neglected this time around so let's try to stay on top of that and not allow it to happen again, If you talk to a Staff Member wether they be Perm or Temp and they haven't voted kindly remind them so we don't end up behind again o.O

Squirrely raises hand.

4-Speed: Yes Squirrely.

Squirrely: Who here actually even has voting power on those apps? O.o

4-Speed: Staff Applications or Character Applications?

Squirrely: Either. Because by the looks of things, its only you and Puzz.

4-Speed: Squirrely, You and Blood should have Access to them.

Squirrely was never told he was staff, or had to vote on things.

Puzzlemint: Well if you look at your staff app the voteing is over and you passed and are now Trial Staff Congrads

Squirrely: Thanks? o.o

4-Speed: Congrats Squirrely.

Squirrely: Anyways.. Go on. Didn't mean to drag this. Was just mentioning it.

Puzzlemint: lol your welcome

4-Speed: Now you have Powers ;-P

4-Speed: And when you post on the Forums wether it be a Application to RP or Applyinh for Staff in the Future always check in around the 6-7 day because we will be announcing the results on the 7th day :-D

4-Speed: All of the results from the Recent Polls have been updated on the Forum and are available to be seen, Doctor Manehattan and Doctor Stables are on during the night so if you see them be friendly :-D

4-Speed: If you do not have Equestria Staff on your Skype it's a good thing to Add Puzzle or Myself as if we are not online or active in the Dream we can usually always be contacted on there :-)

4-Speed: Do we have any Questions concerns, Comments or Suggestion?

Puzzlemint: I have a few comments

4-Speed nods "I'll hand the Floor over to Puzzle now, She will take it from here I'll be on after" :-D

Puzzlemint: Ok so as everypony & Squirrel here was just told by 4 we are updateing the dream the 1st of Feb. This update will add a lot of new things. A lock in the IC area that only allows Approved RPers in, A IC OOC Room that mimics the current one sorta, A cover Local for the Current OOC room that nopony can remove unless in the IC or IC OOC areas

Puzzlemint: A new Staff Meeting Area so this area can be opened for public meetings, The ablity to Lock and Unlock the IC area for events like the Group Guild Day we are in Feb. 2nd. With that said I need all staff to try and be online on the 2nd.

Puzzlemint: Also if you have not done so already please join Equestria's Facebook Page, Group, Wiki, & Ibrony accounts.

Puzzlemint: as for now that is all i have to say 4 had to run and do something and will be back in a few I am giveing the floor back to him so he can open it back up when he gets back

4-Speed: I'm back, Do we have any other Questions,Concerns or Comments?

Gerolkae: I have one.. Just that the current Bot project I'm working on is nearing comletion.. It should be ready for the update on the first

Puzzlemint: Thats great it will help alot with the dream and running it can you grab the codeing from Kuger that is interlinks with and send all the to me to add when I update the files

4-Speed: Woot! I would like to take a moment to Thanks Gerolkae for all the Hard work he has added into making the Bot Possible for us :-)

Puzzlemint nods " Thank you so so much its one bot of many and I'm so glad we are able to have it and use your system to show everypony just want it can do"

4-Speed: Any more Comments, Concerns or Questions?

4-Speed: If we don't have any more I'll close the Meeting, I'll give it a 5 minute delay for people typing currently, If no one responds in 5 minutes we will close and Adjourn the meeting :-D

Puzzlemint: Also will every pony get with me so I can set up your Wiki Pages please

4-Speed: On a side note, Let's be friendly courteous and always keep our eyes open for Supicious furres, Also please get with Puzzle at your earliest convience to get the Wiki page set-up.

4-Speed: Other than that, I'm going to close the meeting if you had Questions that weren't answered, Whisper me or Puzzle and we'll answer them for you this meeting is now closed.

4-Speed: Everypony can now say !ooc to get back to the OOC area and we will have next meeting next Monday :-)

All Staff who was not there for the meeting is welcome to comment on the bottom of this post your questions and things.
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Staff Meeting For (1/28/2013)
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