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 1000 Years being Banished to the Moon

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1000 Years being Banished to the Moon Empty
PostSubject: 1000 Years being Banished to the Moon   1000 Years being Banished to the Moon Icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2013 3:33 am


But really, I'm sorry I'm not on as much as I wish I could be. During, usually midday, to pretty late into the night, work has me tied. I can be on early mornings (Though it's hard to wake up so early after staying up so late. T.T) I PROMISE I'll keep trying to be on, I just wanted to let you all know what's up. Worst times for me (Basically when I usually work) Most days: Around 3:00 pm FST - about 12:00 am FST. Thursdays, I'll usually be gone from all morning until around 5/6:00 pm FST. So if anything happens during then, I won't be here. And I have no days that I don't work even a little.
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1000 Years being Banished to the Moon
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