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 Staff Meeting For (1/8/2013)

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Staff Meeting For (1/8/2013) Empty
PostSubject: Staff Meeting For (1/8/2013)   Staff Meeting For (1/8/2013) Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 4:52 pm

Ideas Voteing

Idea 1
You say, "Ok so we have loging rpes but its not a have to and each day in a rp counts as one not the whole rp incase there is somepony who has something come up IRL and they have to go"
You say, "all who agree say agree"
Puzzlemint: Nightmare Luna: Agree.
Puzzlemint: Pinkie Pie: agree
Rainbow Dash: agree
4-Speed: Agree
Doctor Manehattan: Agree
Vote Passed

Idea 2 {Pinkie pies idea}
You say, "Ok here is something pinkie came up with about the cussing in the day we want to dream E8 but from the times of 11pm to 7am FST we will relax that rule and allow cussing as long as its not posts of nothing but cussing"
You say, "say agree or not agree"
Nightmare Luna: Agree.
4-Speed: Agree
Rainbow Dash: but agree
4-Speed: agree
SweetieBelle: may we use pony cussing?
SweetieBelle: ^_^ bucking motherbucker, and ponyfeathers
You say, "not motherbucker"
Nightmare Luna: Agree.
Doctor Manehattan: Enable the swear filter, to help with that. Relaxing it at those later times, works.
Doctor Manehattan: I agree with Idea 2
Vote Passed

Idea 5 Alicorn
You say, "the Alicorn Open a few spots or No"
Nightmare Luna: No. I feel they're for royals only.
WTRPipsqueak: I say we keep the Alicorn thing for canons only.
Pinkie Pie: hmmm... i say leave those positions for the royals. unless somehow there is a very well written backstory for someone having a unipeg character
Rainbow Dash: I agree with Pinkie, for royals only undercertian circumstands can people be Unipegs
Pinkie Pie: i say someone can have it IF they have a very well written backstory on how their character is a unipeg
Pinkie Pie: and i also say this is subject to approval
Pinkie Pie: i say spots can be like i said, if the backstory is really well written and subject to approval.
4-Speed nods
Doctor Manehattan: I'd say no, leave it unopen unless under good conditions. Elsewise, we'll have alicorns everywhere
Vote for: i say leave those positions for the royals. unless somehow there is a very well written backstory for someone having a unipeg character

Idea 6
You say, "ok how about Tec Ponies"
Nightmare Luna: I don't think we want Cyborg-ponies.
Pinkie Pie: i think it's ok so long as it's within reason.
Rainbow Dash: yeah
4-Speed agrees
Rainbow Dash: a full mechanical pony wouldnt be allowed
Rainbow Dash: agree
Doctor Manehattan: I think Tec ponies are fine, even fully mechanical. Weapons are...questional. Forexample: I could easily see Vinyl going mechanical if given the chance, and even adding her bass cannon. has to have a pony brain.
Doctor Manehattan: So, yes to tec. Not fully mechanical, there has to be a pony brain in there.
Vote Passed but can not be fully mechanical and can not have a weapon
Weapons are: Weapons with intent to cause mortal harm IE: I will kill you using this.

Idea 7
Dr. Stable: I would not mind it, he did propose to not be a threat.
BloodStar: I would say agree in the everfree
4-Speed: agree as well
Pinkie Pie: anything that really doesn't fit in ponyville 100 percent can reside in everfree
You say, "there was a app for him there is only one of him "
Pinkie Pie: so agree
Rainbow Dash: agree
Doctor Manehattan: I am torn on them. I am saying yes, because I love me some creepy pony types (Hell, I love pestilence) Just as long as it doesn't get out of hand. cause it opens the door for allllll types. Slendermans, Cthuluponies, Were-Ponies, the whole lot.
Doctor Manehattan: Works for me. Allowed, but only in this designated area.
Doctor Manehattan: Agreed
Vote Passed but "Creepy" ponies within reason are allowed in Everfree Forest & no godmoding of anysort

Idea 8 This also applies to the Changelings
(12:42:29) Princess SkyIa: From what I have heard, there is the issue of needing to buy digos in order to RP certain things here. Now, from most dreams I have entered, this isn't necessary. Usually you would choose an avatar of the next closest resembling avatar and then RP as said desired creature. I understand that it would be easier to distinguish who is what, but I find that very exclusive. What about people who don't have the money to spend on said items? That keeps them from RPing what they want, and I know that I don't have a lot of spare money to use to purchase said digos.
Puzzlemint: Nightmare Luna votes the limit too~
Doctor Manehattan: I am disagreed on that. I think we should try and leave all species open for all ponies. I'd say, unless we have room for it in locals, don't make it custom.
Doctor Manehattan: Also, it annoys people if you bought a bear digo...then it getss changed to somthing else when you enter the dream
Puzzlemint: Pinkie Pie: i don't think it's necessary to have a digo to rp
Pinkie Pie: not everyone can afford digos
BloodStar: Like me
Rainbow Dash: same.
BloodStar: I limited myself recently
Rainbow Dash: not everyone can buy stuff
4-Speed: Same
Rainbow Dash: if people really are 11
Pinkie Pie: i don't blame you. not everyone has cash or scales
Rainbow Dash: most parents wont buy them things
Doctor Manehattan: That works.
Vote Passed with the mod of 5 local spaces for dragons and griffs that are open for players with no digos. The digo players can apply for one even if spaces are full. Codeing will be added to give approved players the abilty to use the locals

Rainbow Dash: For RPing. No humans - gree or disagree?
Rainbow Dash: 'agree*
Pinkie Pie: i agree
4-Speed: grree
Doctor Manehattan: Yea, I am totally agreed on no humans. Now, I do have a compromise...
Vote Passed with the rules all Creatures can rp in the OOC

Rainbow Dash: For RPing - No Anthromorphics/Neko or anything related
You say, "agree "
4-Speed: gree
BloodStar agrees
Rainbow Dash: anthromorphic is full animal walking on two legs ext
Rainy Daze: Agreed. Plenty of dreams for that already.
Rainbow Dash: neko is part human part animal
Doctor Manehattan: Yea, it falls under the people clause more or less.
Rainbow Dash: Agree
Pinkie Pie: Agree
Vote Passed with the rules all Creatures can rp in the OOC

Staff Voteing on Staff

Nightmare Luna = Full Staff
Doctor Manehattan = Full Staff
Pinkie Pie = Full Staff
Rainbow Dash = Full Staff
Twilight#SYSparkle = Removed from staff

Bloodstar = Temp Staff
Dr. Stables = Temp Staff
Doctor Whooves = Denied at this time for reason we need to get to know him better

Staff Voteing on RP Apps

#SfPipsqueak = Approved
Sweetie#SuBelle = Denied for reason alt is already approved for rp in another dream
Princes Celestia = Denied for reason we need to get to know her better

We did not have time to get to Custom apps in this meeting and will review them next meeting
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Staff Meeting For (1/8/2013)
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